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If you are well-prepared for a range of possible disasters, from storms and power outages to civil unrest, a disease pandemic, and nuclear fallout, you can face these difficulties with a calm confidence.
If some severe disaster occurs, or if a set of disasters combines to an overwhelming effect, there may be civil unrest. In order to celebrate this very important time where we recognize that we need to prepare for disasters not only for our family, but for our pets as well, I am working with Lisa Wagner. In the wake of a record breaking winter on the East Coast, and disastrous tornados that struck the South, we need to reassess our disaster preparedness plan.
We thought it would be fun to do an interview in order to share what Disaster Preparedness looks like from an emergency professional. The best way to prepare for a pet emergency is to accept that it can in fact happen.  Once you come to this realization then you are ready to formulate a plan. 3.  Ensure you have labelled crates and photos of each of your pets for safe transport and care if needed. Preparations for multiple pets are almost the same as for single pet households.  The tricky part is the event that some of your pets do not get along.  Do you have more than one location that you can safely house your animals in the event that you have to leave your home?  Do you have adequate supplies for each species?
In terms of mobility when you don’t have time, what is the best way to get cats out of the house?
Don’t forget to plan for yourself too!  While planning for your pets is very important, your own health and safety also need to be attended to.
May 9 is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, a great day to check on and freshen up your peta€™s emergency kit. Remember to check the contents of the kit every six months to make sure the supplies are fresh and up to date.
We all hope that wea€™ll never need our disaster kits, but being prepared is so important a€“ so dona€™t forget your pets!

They even prepare for nuclear fallout from a nuclear power plant disaster, dirty bomb, or nuclear explosion. You didn’t know that fallout from a nuclear power plant disaster has many of the same radioactive isotopes as nuclear bomb fallout?
Not many preppers will be among those causing the unrest, because they will be well-prepared with intangibles, like knowledge and skills, as well as tangible supplies. And when they fail to give you all that you need, protesting is your next best (by which I mean worst) option. For that, I thought it would be great to consult my friend Lisa Wagner who is the Operations Director for Walks n Wags Pet First Aid. Store your items in a place where they are easily accessible on the way out of your home (hall closet) or in your garage. I started this blog because I love animals, and I want to help improve their lives through pet parent education and animal rescue awareness. Even if you dona€™t have to evacuate in the case of a disaster, you may not have power or water.
Put a note on the outside to remind you to grab anything you dona€™t have a back-up supply of, such as current medications. Why spend money on food and supplies, when you can depend on FEMA to provide you with food and water? You never heard that you should store antacids (Gaviscon, Tums, sodium bicarbonate) for treatment of internal contamination with radioactive isotopes?
I mean what are the odds that, on any particular day, an earthquake, or hurricane, or superstorm, or power outage, or something much worse will strike?
You’ll be spending a lot of time trying to find copies of sold-out books on prepping and survival.

If you find yourself unprepared for a disaster, especially one that is severe and long-term, just find yourself a nice Prepping family nearby and go begging at their doorstep.
How can persons, who know nothing of prepping and have made no preparations, handle the disasters that will certainly, sooner or later, fall upon us? So, fingers-crossed, maybe you’ll get the supplies you need before you are glowing-in-the-dark. But you can always search the internet for information — if you have power and the internet is still up and running. Most preppers have a mindset that allows for helping neighbors in need during any disaster.
But isn’t waiting and hoping way better than learning, buying, storing, growing, and then using your own supplies of food and water? They have a Radiation Emergencies Kit, including antacids as a treatment for exposure to nuclear fallout. Just wait until FEMA realizes that people need food and water to survive, then wait for them to find food and water. Next, wait for these supplies to arrive, and finally wait in long lines for your rations of food and water. We will not be giving away all our preps to the Unprepared, leaving our own families bereft of the necessities for survival.

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