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Apply rescue alert stickers on front/back doors and high visibility areas outside your home. Keep a list of friends and relatives, who live outside your county, willing to care for your animals in an emergency.
Always collar, ID tag, and microchip animals so separation doesn't lead to permanent loss. Companies like Home Again let you renew or discontinue microchipping yearly and offer more emergency services.
If you live in a region prone to natural trauma such as tornadoes, floods, hurricanes wildfires, or earthquakes — have your animal disaster plan in place. For floods, stay in the highest point of your home or a room with counters or high shelves to let animals survive. When electricity loss is imminent, always fill bathtubs and sinks BEFORE the disaster, to assure your access to water during a power outage or other crisis. IF ANIMALS ARE MISSING AFTER A DISASTER: Contact animal control, humane societies and rescue groups to learn where displaced animals are held. If the carrier does not have a perch, line it with paper towels that you can change frequently. A snake can be transported in a pillowcase, but you must have secure housing for him when you reach a safe place. Transport hamsters, gerbils, mice, guinea pigs and any small animals in secure carriers with bedding, food and bowls. National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day 2016 is on Sunday, May 8, 2016: Just wanted to share with you all?
National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day - What should be done to improve foster care and adoption? In honor of National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day on May 8th, we thought we'd take a few moments to share our top tips, so you can be ready and able to protect your pet in a disaster.
Keep a pet travel bag ready including pet dishes, plastic bags for clean-up, food and water for several days, and extra leashes and harnesses.
Having the same person every month is a big help, because that person knows the kinds of things we need for our dog. Three other things I love are: your friendliness toward us and Misty, familiarity with Misty, and how delighted she is when she preens for us afterward!

What I like best about Awesome Doggies is the convenience, less stress on Bobcat, having the same groomer for him over the past few years and a groomer who is great with cats and has cats of her own. According to Pet Search, whilst microchips are very helpful in reuniting lost animals with their owners, we should not rely on them as not everyone who finds an animal has a microchip scanner. If there are severe weather warnings, you live in a disaster prone area or disaster looms, consider the following tips.
Write your phone number on your pet's body in permanent marker - you can do this with dogs, cats, horses, cattle, alpacas, chickens, rabbits, ferrets, snakes, turtles, rats, larger birds, ducks and other similar type pets.
If the emergency is close and you cannot safely evacuate your pets, let them out of their enclosure. If disaster strikes, the best thing to do is take your animals with you if at all possible. Anne Fawcett is a Sydney-based small animal veterinarian and journalist who also lectures in veterinary science at the University of Sydney. All images and content on this site is copyright Anne Fawcett (2008-2016) unless stated otherwise and should not be reproduced without written permission. Make sure that you list all valuable household items on an inventory by brand name, serial number, and if possible a digital picture of each item.
Left behind animals drown, starve, burn or escape into a chaotic landscape of disease, injury and death.
If you need to leave your bird unexpectedly, the feeder will ensure his daily feeding schedule. It's also a good idea to bring along a heating pad or other warming device, such as a hot water bottle. Earthquakes, wildfires, and severe weather are all possible dangers faced in this area of the United States. This will help reunite you with your pet if they become lost or separated from you in the course of a disaster or emergency.
Just like people, pets can become afraid and even panic in a crisis, making even usually calm animals difficult to control.
Remember, by law, Red Cross shelters do not accept house pets unless they are Service Animals. We had taken the corgies to three different groomers and weren't happy with any of them, even the service provided by our vet.

After having experienced all the pampering you provide, our minds are at ease and we're thrilled with the experience. Cost became no problem because my pets seemed comfortable with the service, haircuts were fabulous and my time saved with less stress to my pets was immeasurable. These machines are also not totally foolproof - the animal must be scanned thoroughly, the chip details must be updated on the database, and the person with the scanner needs access to the database. For more info about how pet detectives find missing pets, check out our interview with Lee from Pet Search.
And if you find someone else's pet, give them a call or take the animal to the nearest vet or shelter. If animals grow anxious during in-house confinement, consider crating them for safety and comfort. Moreover, downed power lines, reptiles or other critters swept in with high waters, and debris can threaten animals post-disaster. When disaster strikes, you want to be prepared for all members of your family, including your pets. But pets don't have mobile phones, they may not be familiar with the area outside of your property and they need all the help they can get to find their way back in the event of a disaster.
A microchip is not, as some people believe, a GPS device that allows us to track animals (although you can buy those).
I didn't want to drop him off at a pet grooming store front since he would have been stressed out by the other pets, mainly dogs. At the end of seven years, a severe drought and famine hit that last for the next seven years. Also, Bobcat doesn't like to be in his carrier and taking him to a groomer would require more time in the carrier and a car ride. The church does not set policy, but provides information and assistance for evacuations or shelter in place.
Information in this packet may change from time to time as information changes in the public sources from which it is derived.

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