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Keep insurance, important documents (such as copies of driver’s license and credit cards), and other valuable items in a safe deposit box. Assemble a disaster supplies kit and ensure it includes prescription medications, food and water.
Refer to Red Cross or Federal Emergency Management Agency websites for ideas and examples of disaster plans and disaster kits. The American Red Cross Emergency Smart Pack with Backpack puts five key components of emergency preparedness into one convenient package.

Five packs contain essential supplies to protect against the weather, maintain hydration and nutrition, treat minor injuries, and signal for help.
Includes tear-resistant, nylon backpack for grab-and-go access to all supplies, plus extra room for personal items. Our Premium Kits have been designed using advice from experts within the industry including FEMA, Military Officials, Survival Experts & Red Cross. According to the 30-year average, 99 deaths occur each year across the United States as a result of flooding.

Good preparation and understanding before flood events occur will increase your safety and possibly your chance for survival.

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