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Because of being raised in this culture of preparedness, I adapted fairly well to life in Tornado Alley.
Just this last shopping trip I finally marked the last item off my list (thanks Dollar Tree!). That might be how long you are without utilities or how long it takes emergency response workers to reach your area.
If we want to learn more about helping first-responders, I encourage every able-bodied Oklahoman to join the Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps. Whereas there are more involved and deeper levels to preparedness for worse situations, the following list of preparedness supply categories will set you up for success with a short term mild to moderate disaster encounter (which occur much more frequently than the potential for a severe or SHTF event).
Municipal water supplies rarely go offline during a typical (small to moderate) short-lived disaster. Many typical disaster situations will result in a temporary power outage which may last hours, days or a week or more. You don’t want to be dealing with having to clean dishes during a disaster situation at home.
Surprisingly, not everyone has one (or several!) readily accessible fire extinguishers in their home.
During a regional power outage, it will be difficult at best to purchase items in your area. It does not matter how short an emergency situation is ( or how long), never forget to have a firearm, ammo and the knowledge of how to use it. Since most power outages occur during storms, I think it is important to have a gas chainsaw, gas and oil for it on hand.
I read alot of lists ,and I am curious if there is a reason that I am not aware of , but I keep a defibrillator and an O2 tank in my first aid supplies and I never see it listed on anyone else`s list? I was trained in CPR defib, and I think defibrillator or oxygen should be a part of one’s personal preparedness if you have a heart condition or COPD with someone trained to know how to use them. Should have added that after the oxygen take ASPIRIN, 4 81 mg tablets chewed and swallowed or 1 regular strength Aspirin (325 mg).
The moral of the story is: technology glitches happen all the time and it’s best to be prepared before they strike! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Individual, family, and community recovery from a disaster is often expensive and can take months or even years. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Whether you live in an earthquake zone, tornado zone, or another region that is susceptible to natural disasters, you already know the importance of being prepared.  You know that food, water, and first aid supplies for your family should be collected and stored in advance – but t are you prepared for your pets? Make sure all pets are wearing identification tags with full contact details including your name, address, and phone numbers. Photocopy veterinary records so they can be safely stored in case of a disaster; these records should include a medical history, a list of vaccinations, a list of medications, and other important medical information. We’re social! Do you have a comment, question, or concern about disaster preparedness for pets? Since the kitten will become part of your family, it is important to inform everyone in your home about your new furry friend. No cat owner enjoys the site of seeing their poor kitty vomiting up foam and moist balls of hair. Hairballs are created due to activities like grooming, where hair enters the digestive system. Now this may seem all fine – a hairball will be vomited out, cats are known for this; so what’s the big deal? Though these are common symptoms for many pet related illnesses, they are particularly linked with Cushing’s disease in dogs.
There are surprisingly only two known causes of the overproduction of hormones by the adrenal glands. To treat the disease, there are conventional options where a veterinarian will prescribe medication.
It is important to know that there is no singular way to prevent Cushing’s disease in dogs. If you’ve ever wondered what your canine friend was thinking and feeling, you could always turn to Cher for the answer. And while it might seem hard to recreate Mal’s emotions for photographs, researchers were actually very clever about it. This belief comes from the fact that the study showed that inexperienced volunteers (those that had limited experience with dogs) could sometimes predict Mal’s expressions more accurately than experienced volunteers. The research also showed that humans were better at identifying happiness and anger, rather than surprise and disgust. Meanwhile, sadness was recognized around 37 percent of the time, while fear was identified 45 percent of the time. The Perro De Presa Canario (aka: Canary Dog of Prey, Presa Canario, Canary Dog, Dogo Canario, and Canary Island Mastiff) originates from the Canary Islands.
It is important that a Presa Canario has a mixture of early socialization and obedience training.
With the sunshine now peeking out from behind winter clouds, the birds chirping happily and baby animals coming out to play, now is the perfect time to experience the joy of spring and maybe even shed some of those winter pounds too.
And let’s face it: you’re not the only one who gained some extra hibernation weight over winter – your pet could use the exercise too! But if you’re sick of the same old walk in the park, why not mix it up a little and try some of our unique ways to keep your pet fit this spring?
Just like a quick journey up and down stairs can leave you huffing and puffing, it can increase the cardiovascular health of your pet too. We have all seen the movies where the Golden Retriever leaps gracefully into the air and catches a Frisbee. After all, according to the experts, over 35 percent of pets are overweight, which puts them at risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and breathing problems.
So this spring, make a pact with your pet to help them become the fittest pet in the neighborhood. One of the saddest aspects of pet ownership is coming to terms with the death of a beloved pet. While some (mostly those who don’t own a pet themselves) scoff at the idea of mourning a pet, it’s actually a perfectly normal and natural response. Stage one: Denial – Typically, this stage lasts the shortest and occurs when the owner hasn’t yet accepted, or come to terms, with the loss. Stage two: Anger – In the next stage, many pet owners channel their anger towards a third party for the loss of their pet.

Stage three: Guilt – There will always be the ‘what if’ component of any loss and it’s normal for a pet owner to feel guilt over what they could have done, even if there were no other options. Stage four: Depression – The final stage of grieving is typically personified by a deep sadness that permeates the pet owner’s life and reduces their motivation.
Thankfully though, there are coping mechanisms that you can put in place to help deal with the death of a pet, the first of which is to allow yourself to grieve.
Disclaimer: CritterCures is an educational resource, and all information herein is strictly for educational purposes. Because when youa€™re 11 years old and go to bed without a care in the world and are jolted from sleep by a violently shaking world a€“ you tend to a get a little gun-shy about when the next disaster will strike (thanks 1994 Northridge quake).
We know what to do with our animals, and ourselves, if we are in a severe weather situation or other potential disaster situation.
And it also happens that FEMA has designated April 22-28 as National Severe Weather Preparedness Week. What is important following a disaster is that we stay calm, and not add to the chaos by venturing out to locate food, water, and supplies.
Created after the Oklahoma City bombing, it is a group of medical and non-medical volunteers working together to supplement first-responder emergency systems. During National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, please take the time to make a plan, prepare a kit, and stay informed. A quality drinking water filter will enable purifying thousands of gallons and is a lifetime investment that can be used anywhere and anytime – even for ordinary concerns regarding your existing tap water.
A quality LED flashlight for each member of the household along with an LED lantern or two will keep you functioning after dark. If you’ve lost heat in the house, a cold-weather sleeping bag will be much more efficient to keep warm. While every household (hopefully!) already has a supply of TP, the question is do you have enough to last a week or more?
Although stores may be closed or damaged, having a supply of cash at home will enable some transacting where needed. It only requires thinking through the requirements of your daily life and having alternative methods in place to provide the basics (without electricity, for example). I had to use mine several times when my power went out in order to cut the many trees blocking my driveway and take out the trees that landed on my roof, twice.
These are added supplies and one should know what personal conditions require such supplies on hand.
You would be surprised to find that most people do not have in the least a one month supply of their medicine . I had two linky parties going that I needed to get posted and visit the links plus a guest post I promised to do for a blogging friend. But, an hour or so of Disaster Preparedness for Bloggers now can save you heartache and hours of work in the future.
Fortunately, planning in advance for recovery can help better to cope with these challenges and get back to normal faster. This will help you to not only better understand your cat, but it will help you take care of your cat. Your vet will check the kitten’s overall health while also offering you advice on how to care for your new friend.
Though hairballs are a notorious cat trademark, they have the potential to cause serious health problems.
Although the feline digestive system is unable to digest hair, a diet with a good amount of fiber, fat, and oil will allow some hair to pass through. Cushing’s s the overproduction of a hormone called glucocorticosteroids, by the adrenal glands. One cause is that the pituitary gland, a gland in the brain that is directly related to the adrenal gland, triggers the overproduction. There are also natural options where a license practitioner will alter a pet’s diet, provide herbal supplements, or administer homeopathic drugs. Often, health practitioners recommend feeding your pet a nutritious diet, while also ensuring that your pet does not feel psychological or physical stress. Nonetheless, if you suspect that your cat or dog has Cushing’s Disease, request your veterinarian to perform a blood test in order to check your pet’s hormone levels and adrenal functioning. The crooner, who always claimed that the truth wasn’t in his eyes, could have been closer to reality the first time around.
Because as a study published in the Behavioural Processes journal reported, us humans are pretty darn close to our pets. Tina Bloom, involved asking participants to guess the emotions of a dog based off photos that they were shown. The photographs of Mal’s expressions were shown to 50 volunteers and what researchers discovered was incredible. Bloom believes, that we are far closer to our furry friends in terms of emotional communication than we had originally thought.
Eight-eight percent of volunteers could identify happiness and 70 percent could identify anger, but only 20 percent recognized surprise, and 13 percent placed disgust. Bloom and her team hope to reveal whether our natural empathy with dogs could potentially be something we share with other animals. While you’re doing your own workout (or even making dinner, doing the chores or anything else around the house) you can entice your cat into exercise by turning on a mini flashlight and shining it against the wall and the floor. Let us know by leaving a comment below or by clicking the following links to our social media pages: Facebook and Twitter. Our pets are part of the family and as such, it’s only natural that we mourn and grieve their loss.
The stages of grief for those who have lost a pet are in fact very similar to those who have lost a family member or loved one. The American Veterinary Medical Association also has pet loss support hotlines available for your use. You must be emotionally up to the demands of a new pet and able to dedicate yourself to their upbringing.
It is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure diseases, nor is it meant to replace the (prescribed) treatment or recommendations of your veterinarian or healthcare provider. And living in Oklahoma, the land of tornadoes, I always get asked which I prefer a€“ earthquakes or tornadoes?
And you always wanted to be the kid who was selected to have the a€?broken arma€? or was slipped a note by the principal and told to a€?go crazy.a€? The alarm went off, we did our duck-and-cover routine, and when the all-clear sounded a€“ we got to spend the entire day in the schoola€™s wide-open field. According to the American Red Cross and FEMA, your disaster supplies should include enough essential food, water, and other supplies to last your family 3 days (and dona€™t forget your fur-family too!). This is also why they tell you NOT to self-deploy to a disaster area in order to help others.

I also supplement my kit with additional supplies (things like antibacterial ointment and any other such item which might not be in the original kit). Useful following a disaster which causes infrastructure damage and potentially has damaged gas lines, water lines, etc..
If you rely on electricity for your furnace (regardless of its fuel source) then you will be SOL without a house-wired generator. Additionally, there are other circumstances where a sleeping bag might be a very good preparedness item to have on hand.
A purpose-made solar charger (with USB ports) will charge your electronic communication devices (e.g.
So having paper plates, paper cups, and plastic utensils will enable you to simply throw them in your heavy duty garbage bags for trash. Ideal rooms include the kitchen, every bedroom, utility room… I keep several around the house in strategic locations. Keep small bills (ones, tens) while avoiding large bills which may make it difficult to make change. I opened the door every day to get food, and it got up to 90 degrees inside(no fans) during the 4th of July. People in town hand chainsaws or had to wait weeks to get trees out of the way to get out or to stop leaks in their roofs to put plastic sheeting down. Ken’s article mentions emergency supplies for short term power outages, not when SHTF, but you never know when someone has their first heart attack. Depending on where you live, you should definitely prepare for the natural disasters most likely to occur in your area. Our 10-year-old internet equipment died on a Friday night leaving us with no access except our cell phone wireless plan. It will also give a chance for others to lend a helping hand, to prepare for your kitten’s arrival. You should also “cat-proof” the space by making sure that objects, like plants that are poisonous to cats and cable wires, are out of the kitten’s reach. When there is too much hair that enters the digestive system, or if a cat has a lack of fiber, fat, and oil in his diet, this is when hair is vomited out of the system in the form of a hairball.
Many animal health practitioners believe that this could be related to psychological and physical stress. Leaving Cushing’s disease untreated in your pet can lead to further health problems that may be severe. Although, we’d stay away from your dog’s kiss, that probably won’t reveal too much about his mood. According to the study results, humans can accurately determine a dog’s mood based solely off the dog’s facial expression.
She also believes that the results showed that interpreting the emotion of dogs is an innate skill, rather than a learned one. Having a dominant nature, the Presa Canario requires an experienced dog owner who understands the alpha nature that may exist in dogs. Though the breed appears to be intimidating, they are known to be sweet, gentle, loyal, and very protective of their families. Plenty of pet stores have leashes and collars specifically developed for cats, so why not pick one up and try it out?
Whether you choose to create a burial in your backyard, or plant a tree in your pet’s honor, the final resting place of your pet is a special and important decision. Let us know by leaving a comment below or by clicking the following links to our social media pages: Facebook and Twitter. Always inform your veterinarian or healthcare provider of any products that your pet are taking, including herbal remedies and supplements.
A weatherman doesna€™t stand for hours in front of a green screen telling you about the latest rotation that may or may not cause the right conditions for a funnel cloud.
DUCK AND COVER!a€?), to parent meetings dedicated to how the school would respond in a disaster situation, and my mom painstakingly preparing a Disaster Preparedness Kit for our home a€“ we knew what to do. Ia€™m sure the teachers didna€™t have as much fun as we did a€“ what with practicing releasing students to parents, administering first-aid, clearing classrooms, and managing the chaos of several hundred students roaming the grounds (or trying to coax the a€?go crazya€? kid out of tree).
I compiled a list using resources I found online through the American Red Cross, FEMA, or reading someonea€™s blog about their own familya€™s plan.
You might simply purchase cases of bottled water, or you might consider keeping several water containment vessels filled with drinking water (replace every 6 months for assured cleanliness and purity). Surprisingly many households do not have enough food to supply much longer than a few days or a week. We have a defibrillator at my seasonal workplace, just in case because we have a lot of old farts working with me. I’ve had patients tell me they took an aspirin and when I questioned them it turned out it was an ibuprofen or Tylenol. My web host had a fire in the building (not their office, but a neighboring one) and the entire building was without power, meaning all of their servers were shut down. Your kitten will be entering a new environment and must feel safe, loved, and taken care of.
The second cause, and a less occurring cause, is that a tumor on the adrenal glands causes the over production. They surprised him with a jack-in-the-box, gave him medicine he didn’t like to disgust him, and showed him nail trimmers to make him feel fear. Just take one of their favorite toys and tap their nose gently with it, before lifting the toy up into the air. Test it out in your backyard first as your cat will need to get used to the sensation of a collar and leash.
First-responders need to establish order, and we can help them do their jobs by staying put and taking care of ourselves to the best of our abilities.
Just check your inventory and be in the habit of having plenty of these consumables around in storage. If for some reason your plumbing (toilet) is out of commission, HD trash bags will suffice for a liner of a do-it-yourself toilet (got a 5 gallon bucket?).
Use the following tips to help you prepare for a kitten, in order to ensure that you start your relationship off on the right foot. Finally, to get him to feel anger, one brave researcher dressed up and acted like a criminal. If you have a kitten, try to train them to do this as young as possible and make sure you keep your cat away from parks or areas where dogs regularly frequent.

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