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East Tennessee State University is continually preparing for the possibility of disaster on campus. All students, faculty, staff should familiarize themselves with the university's general emergency procedures. Register for approved East Tennessee State University emergency communications and other important information via text message and email, hosted by Rave Mobile Safety.
We have no control over the future and there are very few ways to ascertain what will happen, so the best thing to do is to be ready for whatever comes our way.
If you are lucky enough to have gotten warnings prior to any natural disaster, take the necessary precautions. Often the ones that first fall prey to disasters of the wet kind, your documents are some of the most important things you’ll need to keep safe.
There’s not much we can do when Mother Nature decides to unleash her wrath but there are ways to help minimize the damage and save lives. Ray Willis is a blogger that shares the latest information on emergency preparedness supplies. ANA has policy, resources, and educational opportunities for nurses on disaster preparedness.
Unresolved issues of legal, ethical, and professional considerations of disaster medical response remain a challenge, and could hamper the ability of nurses to respond.
These days, the world is being hit with more and more natural disasters every year: from tsunamis to earthquakes. Unfortunately, according to this infographic 74% of businesses do not have a recovery plan.
The Disaster Preparedness Guide provides residents with useful information as it relates to the various hazards and threats that might affect Houston.

As an ETSU student, faculty member, or staff member, personal preparedness is necessary at the individual level. They are posted in all ETSU buildings. These procedures give students, faculty, and staff specific information about what to do in the event of fire, severe weather, power outages, and hazardous material releases. We often see stories about people rebuilding their homes and lives after a disaster, emphasizing just how important it is to plan ahead before one strikes.
Disasters tend to rob whole communities of power and other utilities so make sure you and your family have a fighting chance by stocking up on what they’ll need, such as food and water.
Turn your power off, seal the windows if needed, move household items to higher ground if in danger of floods, and do what you must to keep you and your family safe. Passports, social security cards and the like should be placed in a waterproof and fireproof place. With a bit of planning and advanced preparation, you stand a better chance of getting back on your two feet after the worst has happened.
ANA is helping to ensure disaster preparedness and response is robust in this country, and helps you be personally and professionally prepared for a disaster.
When we are a prepared profession, we can cope and help our communities recover from disasters better, faster, and stronger.
How ready are they and what do they need to do to ensure they don't loose everything in the next Hurricane Sandy?
With such volatile weather conditions becoming the norm, it's important small businesses take a few moments to ensure their natural disaster preparedness is optimal. Seventy one percent don't have a back up generator either, which means that if the lights go out, they stay out.
This includes information and a map detailing evacuation routes and zones, as well as what you can do before, during and after a disaster.

The posting also provides specific procedures to follow for building evacuation and response to the GoldAlert emergency notification system.
Disasters are, to put it succinctly, sudden events that interrupt daily life, causing destruction that exceeds the community’s resources for coping. A lot of animals perish during disasters because their owners forgot to plan for them or forget about them in their panic.
Don’t forget to come up with alternate routes should your other choices be rendered useless.
Another thing that should be done to ensure their safety is to keep digital copies in a hard drive that you will keep safe. Having a generator would be a good step for most businesses to ensure they can remain open during bad times. Being handy is very useful after these events but to use your handiness, you’ll have to be one of the survivors. Here are some tips to ensure that you’ll be among the ones standing and thriving after a disaster. Along this note, make sure you’ve listed the kinds of disasters that could befall your family.
Some plans of action cannot be used for particular disasters and you should know what to do for each one.

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