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In the event of a terrorism incident, pandemic flu, natural disaster or other emergency in Montgomery County, our health and public safety officials are prepared to respond quickly to protect you and your family. Whether it’s a severe winter storm or the threat of bioterrorism, residents are encouraged to prepare for emergencies. In the event of an emergency, turn on your radio and listen for information from the Emergency Broadcast System on WTOP (FM-103.5) and WMAL (AM-630). NCDP developed the “5 Action Steps to Personal Preparedness” model for the purpose of providing an easy way to think about preparedness that applies to any emergency or disaster.
Having a personal and family preparedness plan increases your chances of staying safe and helps you to be resilient during and after a disaster.
What risks do you face?  are the risks for you and your family where you live and where you go to school or work? Below you will find a collection of resources which will not only help you bring your plan together, but will help you remain active and thoughtful throughout the process. Emergency or disaster management concept cycle, mitigation preparedness response and recovery phases of emergency planning. If you own a portable TV before this year, it is probably analog and will no longer work – transmission has gone fully digital. Only 57% of people report that they have readiness items set aside in their homes for use for a disaster.
It is imperative you double check all your prescription medications prior to storm arriving. Coastal Reconstruction Group has partnered with Ready.gov, FEMA, Citizen Corps, and the Ad Council to promote National Preparedness Month – September 2010! As an NPM Coalition Member, Coastal has dedicated to be a leader in the field of emergency disaster preparedness through increased awareness and education. History shows that projects requiring comprehensive plan changes are voted on in the city where the project is planned. If the land use change is in a large city of unincorporated area, some voters could live miles from a project.
6.) The public could end up voting on land use changes that were rejected by county officials.
A YouTube video shows the chamber’s legislative counsel discussing support for Amendment 4, but it was filmed in 2008 and refers to a previous Amendment 4.
Members of the Coastal Reconstruction Group team went on a tour in conjunction with the Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) Disaster Council to the Florida Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee, and met with some of the Florida State Emergency Response Team of ESF 8.

We all know the drill: Watch the local weather forecast, listen for the warning sirens and take cover in the safest place we can find — a hallway, an office stairwell, an interior room away from windows. In June, Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas participated in a county-wide disaster drill called “Operation Thunderbolt.” It’s a Dallas County Emergency Management exercise that simulated a tornado touching down in the Dallas County area, creating a theoretical surge in capacity at all local hospitals.
This is a very real scenario, given that North Texas is in the southern region of “Tornado Alley.” The disaster drill reenactment included local volunteers who acted as “mock” patients complete with “moulage,” prosthetic cinema-quality makeup, to simulate injuries. We learned all too well how devastating a tornado can be to a hospital when an EF5 tornado hit Joplin, MO in May 2011.
What they took away confirmed some of the disaster plans already in place at Baylor Scott & White hospitals. As National Preparedness Month comes to a close, we want to share with you some of the tips our emergency management team has learned through these drills and how you can apply an “All Hazards Approach” at your workplace or home. Sloan says to follow the three C’s of disaster planning: Coordinate, collaborate and communicate. Don’t change the channel: keep watching the news, and gather as much information as possible about the location of the storm in relation to where you are. Decide, as the storm is approaching, where the most central room is on the ground floor of your home.
Ashley is the former Director of Digital Communications and Social Media for Baylor Scott & White Health.
The County, in collaboration with state and federal health and public safety agencies, is actively engaged in terrorism surveillance, detection and other safety activities on a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week basis.
Consider how you can reach out and help those neighbors who have special needs, such as the frail elderly or persons with disabilities. To ‘live with resilience’ means that no matter what obstacles you will face, you will survive and get back to normal. These can be very different places and different risks. Your family members, or other key people in your social network, may attend school, work or attend camp in a very different place than your home, even in different cities.
Do you have infants, nursing mothers, children, elderly, anyone with special health care needs or mobility or developmental challenges? To stay, means you will “ride out” the storm or emergency at home or go to a friend or family member’s home and “hunker down”. To go means you may have to evacuate to an emergency shelter if emergency officials determine that your area is at risk for more severe damage or you may leave town entirely. Irwin Redlener speaks on fragility, conflict, and disaster risk pertaining to children in the global migration crisis at the World Bank Group’s Fragility, Conflict, and Violence Forum on March 1.
Pete Beach passed a measure that’s like Amendment 4 and it resulted in litigation and economic stagnation.

Some opponents say that could lead to a public vote even on projects rejected by elected officials. If we’re prepared, we have an emergency kit on hand with the essentials, including flashlights, non-perishable food items and first aid supplies. Medical staff members in the Baylor Dallas emergency department responded as if they were real patients. The tornado leveled most of the town and killed 158 people, with thousands more injured. St. John’s to understand how they mobilized patients while simultaneously responding to the thousands who were injured.
Move boxes, clothes, coats or items that might cause further injury, such as scissors, mirrors, etc. Using this framework of 5 critical action steps will help you think through, plan, and create a family emergency plan.
A well thought out plan also enables you and your family to be as comfortable as possible during and after a disaster. There is a third possibility, one we don’t often think about: if you are at work or school or on the road and a disaster strikes and you have to shelter-in-place, meaning you must stay wherever you  are until it is safe to leave. This could mean meeting your neighbors for the first time, forming or joining informal community groups, speaking to local emergency officials, or volunteering with preparedness organizations such as the American Red Cross or your local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). And, if you are an emergency responder, or you have an emergency role at your work place, you will want to be assured that your family is taken care of before you answer your agency’s call to report to work. Being prepared requires planning based on thinking–thinking about the risks you face, the needs of your household and the way you and your family live and work day-to-day. Your family plan will help you at home and at work and does not have to be long or complex to be effective.
It is best to know your risks now and plan according to your household needs before a disaster strikes.
It also means thinking about how you want to live during the days immediately following a disaster when government and community services may not be available, for days or weeks.

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