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Based on the tragic events in Japan, families everywhere may be thinking about creating a detailed disaster plan. Disaster plans should cover the basics like safe meeting spots and access to stored supplies, but should also address the specific needs of chronically ill children, like having access to electricity that can run a respirator or having plenty of water to clean feeding tubes. Murray also suggests having an emergency information form that contains contact information for medical providers, friends and family, which could be incredibly important if parents and children are separated after a disaster. The Valley Disaster Preparedness Team, in conjunction with the Southern California Preparedness Foundation, is already planning the next Valley Disaster Preparedness Fair, which will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at Fire Station 87 in Granada Hills.
As you know, preparing the community for disasters is key to our survival when an earthquake or other disaster becomes reality. In this year’s Fair we’ll bring back the favorite events and demonstrations, including the Red Cross Shakey-Quakey Schoolhouse and Children’s Safety Puppet Show, sidewalk CPR instruction, safety demonstrations from DWP and the Gas Company, the Speakers Series, and we’ll add new features as well. We sincerely appreciate the support and participation of the Neighborhood Councils and EmpowerLA in helping all our stakeholders get prepared for disasters. The 9th Annual Valley Disaster Preparedness Fair will take place on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at Fire Station 87 in Granada Hills. If you would like to be notified of our meetings and receive the agendas via email, go to L.A. In my previous post, I mentioned there are six keys to disaster preparedness that you should look for in any data center provider: infrastructure design, documented response plans, mock disaster drills, preventative maintenance, clear communication and the right people.
It is critical that your data center provider has well-documented emergency preparedness and disaster response plans.
Documentation should be easily accessible to customers upon request in both soft and hard copy, contain critical contact information including the  provider’s management team and escalation procedures to ensure command and control maintainability throughout the event.
When it comes to your IP network, it is imperative that your data center services provider knows how to react in a disaster scenario, whether a problem is caused by a hardware or network failure. I’ll leave you to ponder these questions, in the meantime check out the full-length version by reading my eBook. About InternapInternap's high-performance Internet infrastructure blends virtual & bare-metal cloud, hosting and colocation services across a global network of data centers. You disaster plan should include insurance, which will protect your equipment, furniture, and office space.

Here’s a link to a great list of 6 tools for preparing your law firm for a disaster (and here). It’s an important safety step, but for families with children who require special medical care, it could make all the difference in the world. To be best prepared, Murray suggests parents call local electricity and water providers, alert them to your family’s specific situation and ask about their emergency support services.
Depending on the child’s needs, detailed information about his condition and care should also be readily available. To help alleviate some of their worry, you might consider involving your children in the creation of your family’s disaster preparedness. Last year, EmpowerLA, Neighborhood Councils, and other supporters came together to host the 8th Annual Valley Disaster Preparedness Fair. While similar, both plans should be specific to the geographic location and type of facility. See ya here next week as I discuss the third item on the list — mock disaster drills. With cloud computing services and cloud storage, there is no excuse for not having adequate data backup methods.
Many law firms and insurance companies offer help to members in creating their disaster plans.
Many of these children require steady access to medication, clean water, electricity and often need significant help getting from place to place, so having a strategy in place to provide those items after a catastrophe can be crucial. This is especially important for electrical devices, as power outages can go on for some time after larger-scale disasters. For instance, instructions on medicine dosage or techniques for managing a breathing tube may be particularly useful if the parent and child are separated after disaster strikes. Engaging them in activates like trips to the grocery store to buy emergency supplies, or showing them how you contacted power companies to alert them to your family’s particular medical situation, can be empowering and help them feel safer. The Fair educated and informed attendees in an enjoyable manner and 1,000 families left with free Emergency Preparedness Starter Kits containing basic items and educational material to jumpstart their preparedness efforts. The report, Nursing Home Emergency Preparedness and Response 20 facilities’ emergency preparedness plans.

These plans identify actions that will prepare the data center operations team in case of an emergency, including the necessary steps that must be taken before, during and after an event. Clio, a cloud-based law practice management provider, is hosting a disaster preparedness webinar.
For example, a prototypical “inclement weather preparedness plan” will specifically address the risks associated with severe weather including tornados, thunderstorms, hurricanes and floods.
The Office of Inspector General (OIG) released a study of nursing home emergency preparedness in the hurricane disasters in August, 2006.
Your provider’s plan should include specific tasks the operations team should perform at predetermined times leading up to the event – such as arrangements for contractor and supplier support, any changes to staffing levels and hotel reservations if an extended event is expected, among other things.
Unlike data center facility or system issues, where the cause of a problem is often more obvious, network failures often require deeper inspection and detection before troubleshooting can begin.
Even a simple water break, roof leak, or break-in, could have catastrophic effects on your own law practice. You’ll need to register online for the event, but this should be a great way to get started. Atlas includes case studies illustrating how nursing homes may be about the realignment of Federal efforts and AHRQ's plans, go to Public Health Emergency Preparedness.
These tasks should be repeated at regular intervals with a final plan in place a minimum of 12 – 24 hours before the event. I hesitated signing up for another marketing gimmick, but after the recent tornadoes, I’m attending. You are here: Home В» Blog В» Disaster Preparedness – A Must for Every Nursing Home and or assisted living facility the disaster plan quiz.

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