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This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. After years of running emergency operations out of a training classroom in the 911 building, city officials now have a stand-alone facility.
The workstations in Portlanda€™s Emergency Coordination Center are arranged to follow the Incident Command System.
In the event of a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake or other natural or man-made disaster, Portland, Ore., is now more equipped than ever to respond to the emergency. The need for the facility was identified in 2007 when Portland’s setup was tested during the federal Top Officials Exercise, a full-scale simulated emergency scenario.
Fast-forward to 2014 and the $19.8 million facility opened in eastern Portland in late January. Managing Editor Elaine Pittman has nearly a decade of experience in writing and editing, having started her career with The Coloradoan daily newspaper in Fort Collins, Colo.
A Portland disaster preparedness fair on Saturday drew volunteers and others driven to help their loved ones and neighbors be ready for the next big emergency. The memory of living through Hurricane Andrew in Florida in 1992 drove Sharon Bart to downtown Portland Saturday for a natural disaster preparedness fair at Portland Fire & Rescue headquarters. The emergency-readiness fair was one of 10 organized around the state to raise awareness and combat public complacency during National Preparedness Month.
City officials recommend disaster kits include one to three gallons of water per person per day as well as non-perishable high-calorie foods, a first aid kit and manual, emergency contact list, blankets, sturdy gloves, can opener, five days of any needed medications, extra cash, duct tape, map for evacuation, large garbage bags, a crescent wrench for utility shutoff, food and water for pets, radio, flashlight and extra batteries. Tina Chee, a consultant and Red Cross volunteer, was on the scene distributing free emergency kits to families. The day's important news, including local and national headlines, delivered every morning.

With a standard bicycle, Willie managed to navigate through 30+ mile route with over 100lbs of disaster supplies.
Dan Douthit, public information officer for the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM), said the after-action review of that exercise made it clear that something needed to change. Three of the key needs were to make the building seismically sound, high tech and sustainable.
The video wall allows everyone working in the center to see the same information, whether it’s a map or other important data.
Among common features like relying on natural light and employing an energy-efficient heating and ventilation system, the building also reuses rainwater — the green roof collects rain and uses it to flush toilets.
But in the event that an emergency or other situation happens that requires public safety responders to run their operations from the building, the ECC would be treated as an emergency operations center.
Though Oregon has largely avoided natural disasters in recent memory, the state faces a one-in-three chance of a mega-earthquake and tsunami in the next 50 years thanks to a massive faultline offshore called the Cascadia Subduction Zone.
Volunteer Debbie Arbeeny, carries the vivid memory of huddling with her dogs, Mackie and Zoey, under a mattress for eight hours in Florida as Hurricane Wilma passed through. The volunteer for Portland's Neighborhood Emergency Teams sat at a table with a red backpack stuffed with tools and emergency gear. Similar ones are slated for later this month in Warrenton, Hood River, Vernonia, Lincoln County, and The Dalles. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Oregon Live LLC.
From there the bureau began identifying what features should be included and how different needs could be met by the ECC.
To prepare for the possibility of a long-duration earthquake, which can be expected from the Cascadia subduction zone, buckling restrained braces run diagonally across the walls to act as shock absorbers.

In addition, the workstations in the area are arranged to follow the Incident Command System, an executive conference room provides space for the mayor and disaster policy council to meet, and the Joint Information Center allows staff to harness social media while also reaching out to the press and public.
Douthit said PBEM has applied for LEED gold certification, one step below the highest rating of platinum. View full sizeVolunteer Margaret Willis of Buxton hands out particulate respirator masks at the Get Ready Portland disaster preparedness fair on Saturday.
The aftermath "was like camping in my house for a month," said Arbeeny, who staffed a table for DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, featuring information about caring for pets in the event of an emergency. Members of the city-organized teams go through extensive training so they can help not only themselves but also neighbors with tasks like turning off natural gas and digging through rubble. A paramedic by training, he worked as a triage coordinator at the New Orleans airport in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, deciding how to allocate scarce medical resources among people driven from their homes. She helped organize people in her Southwest Portland neighborhood so each has a responsibility if an emergency hits – things like tools, water, food and first aid.
Now, he has a series of plans and kits at home for a variety of emergencies, and said the public can help others by being self-sufficient in food, water and other necessities for 72 hours, allowing emergency responders to help those most in need. In addition, the computer servers are on base isolators, which like the braces, absorb shock.

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