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911, City, Fire and medical services will not be available to provide aid, as they have other predefined obligations.
We could lose access to communication, food and water, everyday business transactions, and other necessities that we now take for granted.
MIQA residents and businesses must be self-sufficient in disaster response--which requires being prepared.
The Preparedness Pyramid illustrates that each level of preparedness builds on those below it.
City and regional services will be overwhelmed and unavailable to assist individuals, so you and your family must prepare to be self-sufficient.
Building a “grab-and-go” disaster kit is easy--you have most of what you need in your home already! YOUR CHILD AT SCHOOLIf your child is at school after a major disaster you may have provided a "Comfort Kit" to your child school at the beginning of the school year. Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare (SNAP)* is the City's program to assist neighborhoods in creating preparedness and response plans that are specific to that neighborhood's particular needs and resources. This plan is 100% volunteer-based and essential for support to areas of MIQA unable to respond effectively to a disaster for three or more days. Make a crisis communication plan so that you can maintain contact with employees, customers, and vendors during and immediately after a disaster.

Consider how different types of emergencies may affect your operations and how you will proceed if your building is unusable. Protect your records using antivirus software and external back-up options, including keeping important paper copies offsite.
Disaster Resistant Business (DRB) Toolkit The DRB Toolkit™ provides a comprehensive yet simplified approach for your business and is completely customizable to fit your business' needs. Store enough supplies for at least 3 days for each person and pet:Download a detailed family disaster plan. The Juan de Fuca is the only significant fault line along the Ring of Fire that has not experienced a major earthquake in the last fifty years. Electrical, natural gas, water, and sanitary services may be interrupted for a week--or longer. Phone calls require a direct connection while text messages travel in “bursts” that can be transmitted as bandwidth is available.
Preparing for three days will suffice for many disasters, like most winter storms, but in order to make it through a major earthquake, you'll need to prepare for at least seven to ten days. By State law, each school should have an emergency plan in place that details the caring for children in the event of a disaster.
The continuation or reinstatement of business operations will benefit not only yourself but also your community.

A local neighborhood cannot be prepared without the preparation of its residents; similarly, a district cannot be prepared without the effort of its constituent neighborhoods.
However, schools are individually responsible for what is in their plan and how they will operate. Finally, the preparedness of a city is the result of a combined effort from each of its districts. It is important for every parent to ask their school about their emergency plan, and whether your school’s staff is current and experienced with the plan.
Seattle, MIQA, and your own local neighborood can be prepared, but they all are relying on you. It is important for schools to know about any community “Emergency Communications Hub,“ so they can communicate their needs to the general community and city.

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