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If your prepping is hap hazardous then your readiness for a crisis could be called into question. Staying organized is important and if you cannot determine what you have, when you bought it, how much you have, and how long it is good for, then you may run into problems at some point, problems that could cost you money and have an effect on your preparedness.
Schools in particular will develop plans and stockpile certain supplies, materials, and equipment that must be purchased, inventoried and safeguarded. Your preparedness and record keeping would not be much different from a large corporation except for the scale. In your case you will want to control your supplies and materials so you know if there is theft, loss (misplacement), damage, spoilage, and wastefulness. Children and even some in your Prepper group may decide that emergency supplies are so-called community property. If you are responsible for a Prepper group and if those in the group combine resources to make purchases, you never want to be in a position where something (money) cannot be accounted for.
The problem with record keeping is that others can access those records unless properly safeguarded, and records as simple as a receipt for ammunition and supplies should be protected from prying eyes. Today, most people keep records on computers, smart phones, and tablets which are susceptible to hacking, or susceptible to snoops that simply pick up your device. You as an individual may not find this too alarming, but if you have organized a Prepper group, helped with your company’s disaster plan, or even helped your school with theirs then there is information, records in other words, that have to be safeguarded. Your records are personal and you may want to limit the number of people that know you have a firearm, for example. Inventory sheets are records and the more organized you are the more money you can save in some cases. You need to track what comes in and what goes out just like a financial budget, and less coming in with more going out usually means you end up with nothing.
You need to know what you have, what it is used for, and a record of training with any specialized equipment or gear by all involved. From cloud-based records management systems, index print outs and offsite storage, to offsite electronic data backup, learn about the strategies that protect public government records. The devastation we have witnessed with recent natural disasters demonstrate the large-scale impact on a community, and the government offices that support them.
From cloud-based records management systems, to index print outs and offsite storage, to offsite electronic data backup, we have the services you need to be prepared, just in case. Digitizing historical records not only protects and preserves your key records, but can also provide online access to your constituents, and archiving and search capabilities to others in your office, or even other officeholders. Host your data and images on a server that is housed in an off site, secure data center supplying your server with 24 X 7 access to redundant power and Internet connectivity and 100% supported by Cott. Enhance your disaster preparedness by safely housing an electronic backup of the programs and records you are responsible for. Allows you to maintain a film copy of your important documents that, when stored properly, will last for hundreds of years - a last line of defense against the loss of data. As your partner from the start, Cott offers three options for customized training on our products. Dedicated professionals work with you to minimize stress on your organization when migrating to a new system.
You are not really ready until your emergency preparedness and disaster preparedness plans include the information you will need for survival and recovery in a software program like Record TreeA®.

There are 12 top line information categories in Record TreeA® to record more than 160 items that can be useful in an emergency or disaster.
Record name, address and contact information for your family physicians, specialists and pharmacists in Record TreeA®. In the aftermath of a disaster, there are many organizations, companies and people to contact. No one likes to think about catastrophic loss of information and data due to natural or man-made occurrences. Advanced Records Management provides secure offsite document storage solutions and access, should your business fall victim to earthquake, fire, loss or theft.
ARM can also develop a Disaster Plan Protocol for your business information and storage needs.
Natural and man-made disasters that damage or destroy business records can cripple an organization or put it out of business altogether. While there is little we can do to stop a major disaster like a flood or earthquake, there are many potential filing disasters that are preventable.
The location of the filing area within a building and regular attention to structural issues such as drainage, fire extinguishing systems, alarms, environmental stability and pest control can prevent many disasters from occurring. When a disaster strikes, it’s important to have employees who have been trained to follow predetermined procedures to ensure their safety and to minimize the impact of the disaster on your records.
Disaster prevention and recovery plans must be documented in detail to provide clear direction and minimize confusion during and after a disaster. After salvage procedures have been completed, a final report on destroyed records should be made. This site is protected by copyright under the Universal Copyright and Berne Conventions and trademark. There are certain records that you should keep to ensure, you always know where you are at all times when it comes to being ready for a crisis. Private and public organizations prepare for active shooters, natural disasters, and man-made disasters. You, as well as businesses need a plan, need supplies and need someone that is in charge of various aspects of the operation and above all else the organization needs good record keeping.
You need to keep track of purchases, when and where in most cases, and track usage, when and where and by whom. Your children may think that mom and dad’s gear and supplies would make for a nifty camping expedition. Records will help you do costs comparisons, track what you have and how much you have used, for example. If your information is not safeguarded then anyone that comes into your home could potentially have access.
Have a security plan in place for your records and for the records of all involved when you are helping out, or actually work for an organization that has a crisis plan in place. At some point you may have to prove ownership, and you do not want to rely on the person or business you bought the firearm from to provide the documents. In some states you can purchase a firearm without a license so a public record request may not show that you own any at all, which to some is a good thing, so do not make it easy for anyone to find out by leaving records laying around the house that anyone including your children can access. Some of you may be thinking that your supply stockpile is not large enough to worry about it.

A certain amount has to be set aside to fund your prepping, because if prepping supplies are not accounted for separately and if everything is considered daily use then things may be used without you realizing they are gone, things that you will need during a crisis. You would have to go through and inventory, update, discard and replace to ensure you are ready.
Additional things you may need to know include expected life span of the gear, material, or supplies, and current replacement costs of all supplies. But when experiencing a natural disaster, and regardless of the physical state of your office, Cott can help make sure your office is up and running for your constituents as quickly as possible--or with our hosted searches and systems, like it never happened at all. Be sure to gather, organize and protect your emergency records, store their details and locations in Record TreeA® and create a digital backup on an external drive or the new USB wallet card.
However, making sure your company’s records are safely and securely stored, maintained and backed-up can mean the difference between the loss and survival of your business. Our team will work with you to create a custom Disaster Management Plan, so you can have a plan in place for your documents BEFORE something happens. Disaster planning helps to minimize the risk of losing the valuable information stored in your filing system.
Specific duties should be assigned to individuals ahead of time so they understand their roles and take appropriate action when the need arises. Clear lines of communication keep everyone informed of progress, and reaching established milestones helps maintain morale.
Structural repair and restocking of disaster supplies must be completed, as well as insurance claims finalized.
Please refer to the LEGAL NOTICES page of the site for more information on intellectual property. Often times the businesses do so in cooperation with local authorities, the Red Cross and even FEMA in some cases.
Anytime others are involved in purchases that benefit the group, as a whole, then the records must be in order for those that have a need to know, or a stake in the outcome if you will. They may not have them, or it can take weeks in some cases, for the business or individual to provide the documents, and in the mean time your firearms are confiscated because of a paperwork snafu.
In an emergency, you can take your USB Record Tree wallet card and have all of your vital record information with you! By having a plan in place, steps can be taken to decrease the likelihood of a disaster, and can minimize the impact on your business should one occur.
Recovery and salvage tasks should be spelled out in detail to make sure loss of critical information is prevented. A public relations coordinator should be part of the team to address media coverage of the event. Of course, you cannot have too many cans of this food or that food, but the money you spend to buy something you already have may have been better spent on something you did not have. However, you may not be the only one involved, others in the family may at some point have to do it, and so they need to know the details, and what better way to get up to speed than looking at the records you have kept.

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