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Over the last few months, Ian Abuana, one of the Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital technicians, has organized several meetings for the BHSAH staff with Scott Baker, one of the founders of Safety Net, a Huntington Beach-based company that specializes in disaster preparedness. Coincidentally, just a few days after our last meeting with Scott, the Greater Los Angeles Area was rattled, albeit slightly, by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake. We think this is a good time to encourage our clients to get their earthquake kits and supplies together for themselves and their families, and this of course includes supplies for the furry babies as well.
Making an emergency plan for your pets is crucial, as they are often the casualties of emergencies, left behind in the last minute scramble to get out of difficult situations. Experts say that the minimum amount of food, water, and safety supplies that should be included in an earthquake kit should be enough for 3 days, per household member.
Copies of vital documents such as insurance policies, medical consent forms, list of emergency contact numbers, doctor’s name and contact information, prescription lists, personal identification (drivers license, work ID card, etc.) all stored in a water-resistant folder. Work gloves for each adult: Scott warns that in most disasters, the most common injuries are cut hands and cut feet, so we would say that strong gloves and are essentials in a disaster kit.
This is a very thorough pamphlet you can print out about disaster preparation for your pets from FEMA.
You should also place safety decals in your front home windows to alert any firefighters or police that you have pets inside.
The ASPCA gives free safety alert stickers HERE, and they have disaster preparedness tips with special considerations for birds, reptiles, and rodents.
Familiar items: toys, treats, and bedding help to reduce stress and keep your pet calm in the case of an emergency. Know where the closest 24 hour emergency pet treatment facilities are, and keep a list of them handy.
Being prepared in the event of a large earthquake or other unforseeable disaster is the best gift you can give to your family, human or otherwise. The National Incident Management Systems and Advanced Technologies (NIMSAT) Institute at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette recently released a press release advising that they have partnered with the U.S. 5 Creative Ideas to Spice Up Your Next Networking EventIf you’re in business, you already understand the importance of networking. How Knokal is Connecting B2B Small BusinessesThe power of Smart Hustle Magazine is that we are creating a community of small business owners.
The most critical step in being able to recover from a disaster is being prepared for one in the first place. Anyone who has actually managed a business' recovery from a disaster knows that the most critical factor when it comes to business and operation continuity is having a plan in place before the disaster strikes. In an emergency, the most wasteful use of workers' time (and sometimes their safety), is in setting up makeshift IT triage—that is, on-the-fly access to data and applications after a disaster. Disaster preparedness means having, at the very least, the data and apps that are required to keep day-to-day operations already running in a remote location and ready to access. Also it's practically guaranteed that, after experiencing a disaster, a company will not be running with its full staff. In short, IT contingency in wake of emergencies should be as seamless, as compliant with corporate security policies, and as easy for end-users to access as possible. Easier Than Ever Such disaster preparedness is easier than ever for companies to deploy because of changing trends in technology.
So, why are many organizations still not on-board with creating strong disaster preparedness plans? On May 15th-16th IEDC and partners hosted a day-long, interactive workshop in Caguas, Puerto Rico to teach how to successfully engage small businesses so they are better prepared for future disasters and crisis. Designed to “train the trainer,” this comprehensive workshop provided participants with tactical knowledge on how to facilitate high quality business continuity workshops in their communities. Led by business preparedness experts and chamber executives, attendees discovered how their organization can deliver this workshop to their network of businesses as a value-added service and effectively engage small business owners in critical crisis preparedness efforts. Step-by-step instructions for delivering “Open for Business” curriculum through an interactive training format. In her current role, Lynn Knight manages a team of professional researchers, project managers and content developers who are tasked with staying on top of the latest trends in economic development.
Carrie Mulcaire is the Director of Federal Grants and Technical Assistance in the Knowledge Management and Development Department at IEDC in Washington, DC.

Do you have a Church Emergency Response Action and Recovery Plan?Click Here for the free 28 page Church Emergency Response Action and Recovery Plan packed full of Emergency Response Forms.Disasters happen suddenly and frequently without warning. You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer in order to save or open these forms. You can get Adobe Reader free here (a new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page). Church Offering Envelope TemplatesVery easy to download, modify and print on your blank envelopes. Does your church do any fundraisers?If so, click on the link above to discover the Secrets to Earning Thousands of Dollars with Virtually ANY Fundraising Event!
I searched last year for something less costly for them and came across your database (Shepherdbase). I am very thankful for this product and I recommend it to anybody wanting to exit the cost and complexity rat race of Church databases.
Pin ItEmergency planning can seem overwhelming, so why not set aside just one hour each month to get prepared? In this series of blog posts, Deborah Tauscher, emergency preparedness coordinator at Mills-Peninsula, and Jim Schweikhard, Sutter Health Peninsula Coastal Region environmental health and safety manger, will share tips to help you prepare for disasters in easily manageable steps. Make signs that say “OK” and “HELP.” These can be placed in your window to quickly communicate with outside organizations responding to an emergency. Designate two emergency meeting places: One right outside your home and one outside your neighborhood, in case you cannot return home or are asked to evacuate your neighborhood. Designate an out-of area contact for all members of the family to call in case of an emergency. Deborah Tauscher, emergency preparedness coordinator at Mills-Peninsula, and Jim Schweikhard, Sutter Health Peninsula Coastal Region environmental health and safety manger, contributed this blog post. About This BlogThis blog offers articles & general health tips from our medical experts to promote wellness.
Preparing a kit and a plan ahead of time  will make it less likely that your pets will be left behind, hurt or lost in the event of an emergency.
In a disaster, you will thank yourself for having them all assembled and together in one place. Hundreds of pets escaped and were lost during the 1994 Northridge earthquake, and were never reunited with their owners.
FEMA suggests talking to neighbors and friends about helping to evacuate pets if you are unable to do so yourself.
Council of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM-USA) to launch the Big Business – Small Business Emergency Management Mentorship program to strengthen small business disaster preparedness by engaging big businesses as mentors.
This effort will help improve disaster resiliency of the registrant’s company, their supply chain, the community, as well as the nation. Have contingency plans established with key vendors – like your bank, lawyer and etc. What’s interesting is that while SMBs have traditionally been slower than enterprises to adopt new technologies like virtualization, cloud computing and mobility, those that do are seeing improved disaster preparedness whether by design or not, according Symantec’s latest SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey. While disaster recovery will always involve some on-fly decision making and adapting to realities on the ground, both of these can be made orders of magnitude easier by having contingency plans and systems already in place, and staff who are already trained how to implement them. Disaster recovery (without proper preparedness) may mean IT scrambling to find a place to set up a replacement server, take a copy of the data and applications from the damaged server, and then restore that data and re-install mission-critical apps to give end-users the alternative access they need to continue key operations. Often, such implementations in the wake of an emergency, are not properly configured, may be insecure, and may not meet required corporate compliances, such as HIPAA.
It also means having trained end-users how to access that in-place, contingent data so they can continue to get to the systems they need, whether they are working on company-issued machines or their own mobile devices. IT employees, who would setup these temporary disaster recovery fixes, may not be available or present to implement them, so redundancies need to be built in, and plans clearly documented, so that whoever needs to step in can do so. Cloud computing, virtualization, and the continuing increase of always-connected and relatively powerful mobile devices in the hands of end-users are all key ingredients in deploying a strong and effective disaster preparedness solution. In a recent survey conducted by Symantec of IT decision-makers in small- to-mid-sized businesses, only 26 percent have a disaster preparedness plan in place.

This hands-on workshop taught the basics of how to deliver business continuity training for small businesses in your local community.
He is a Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP) from Disaster Recovery Institute International (US) and is designated as a MBCI with the Business Continuity Institute. With their location in tornado alley, the Chamber has pro-actively developed a business continuity workshop for local businesses and works to engage small businesses in preparedness activities. She has more than 25 years of experience in domestic and international business management and economic development.
With over 16 years of broad experience in local and regional economic development, her management duties include overseeing technical assistance and federal grants focused on post-disaster economic recovery and preparedness. Economic Development Administration, this workshop is produced by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). IEDC would like to thank the  PRTEC and INTECO for their support on this project. You can convert this Adobe file into a Word document free of charge and make the necessary changes.
However, if you want to download the file to view later, then right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save File As".
You will also receive access to my free 14 Page eBook - "Top Ten Tips on How to Organize Your Office" as a Thank You Gift for signing up.
Plus 5 Free Bonuses such as Attendance Record in Excel that will automatically calculate church attendance! I recommend this website to any church, ministry or agency that is supporting or ministering to people. You're heart for giving free resources and making things so affordable is truly a blessing. I took over as secretary of our small church a few months ago, and I am having to create a lot of forms. Include your meeting places on your emergency contact card and keep this with you for reference.
Let this person know that he or she is the central contact for information gathering, so he or she can let you know where other family members are and how they are. Use a managed phone service so that you can re-establish phone service quickly, from any where and using a cell phone, computer or traditional office phone. For example, if we look at the case of server virtualization – 71 percent reported that their disaster preparedness improved with virtualization. He has worked as a FEMA Reservist serving in the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) Community Recovery Assistance section supporting CT, ND, NJ, PA, SC and VT. Prior to joining IEDC, she served as the Director of Economic Development Programs for Management Analysis, Incorporated, providing economic development and tourism consulting for local and federal government clients in six states. Prior to joining IEDC, she worked as an Associate at Economics Research Associates (ERA) in Washington, D.C.
My Pastor always says: "What you make happen for someone else, God will make happen for you!" May God richly bless you and your ministry to us and so many others, enlarge your territory and bring financial blessings with good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over!!! Remember in a disaster it may be difficult to get a call through initially, be patient and persevere.
Store them with the batteries separately in a bag, so the batteries don’t sit in the head lamp and corrode.
In this first of four articles on disaster preparedness, we tell you how to start thinking about disaster preparedness and how to gather the information you will need to create an effective, efficient plan for recovering from whatever fate throws at you.
Howard is the Board Chair for the International Association for Disaster Preparedness and Response (DERA) as also serves as the Director of International Programs for the DERA Preparedness Institute. Remember your cell phone might not work in a disaster, so don’t rely on storing all your emergency numbers there. She obtained a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor of Sciences in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

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