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I am a UK Prepper and know that being prepared for a Doomsday situation is on the increase in Great Britain.More and more people are becoming aware of just how fragile our society is really becoming. Regardless of the reason for a total meltdown there’s one simple prepping rule that that we all stick to……..
The Prepper’s Complete Guide to Disaster Readiness by Author Jim Cobb is the quintessential preparedness introduction textbook.
Jim informs the reader on areas usually avoided, such as how Disaster Readiness affects relationships (Children, Pets and Elderly). This is a book that we highly suggest is added to your Preparedness Library, regardless how long you have lived the lifestyle. Gathering food storage for your familya€™s emergency needs can be an overwhelming task, especially with the huge variety of food storage types currently on the market.
Because Legacy Food Storage has such a wide variety of options for mealtime, we guarantee youa€™ll find something that everyone in your family will love.
When you buy your food storage from other companies, you either pay exorbitant prices or get food thata€™s made up of cheap filler ingredients.
Make the wise food storage choice and purchase emergency food that will nourish your body in the toughest of times. When emergency situations occur and people are forced to live off of their food storage, convenience becomes a precious commodity.

Take Legacy Food Storage meals with you on outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, and climbing for quick and lightweight meals. You can take part and learn new survival skills or just sit back and watch - it's up to you..
With the minor affiliate income from your purchase we can continue testing, reviewing, sharing and blogging – and ultimately we hope – encouraging YOU. As a result, we know how many different taste preferences and health needs can make up one family. With no cooking sources, running water, or refrigeration, making meals can quickly become a gargantuan task. A very friendly, informal 4 days of pure bushcraft and all the various skills that go along with surviving off the land. Almost every subject is covered in this book yet it still it goes into great detail without diverting from the principal focus of laying a strong basis. And with a shelf life of 25 years, your food storage will stay fresh until you need to use it, whether ita€™s next month, next year, or 15 years down the road. Thata€™s why Legacy Premium has created food storage meals that are extremely easy to make.

Or save your Legacy meals for an emergency situation and feed your family gourmet food even in times of survival.
The weekend meet event takes place over four days in the beautiful countryside of Kent, from Friday, April 29th  to Monday, May 2nd.
Disaster Readiness is a widespread topic but author, Jim Cobb knows his topic well and has done a wonderful job of dissecting it into clearly distinguished chapters and sections to help the reader understand the extent of being well prepared. Unlike day to day life, this book is tightly segmented in its strategy so that you are able to locate a distinct area on which you need to focus and review to it regularly. There's plenty of room for families to pitch your tent or 'go wild' and bushwhack in the forest under the stars or in your hammock.

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