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This 12-page family-friendly Alaska Edition guide prepares families for house fires, volcanoes, tsunamis, winter storms, earthquakes, and volcano ash falls.
This 12-page guide prepares families for house fires, volcanoes, tsunamis, winter storms, earthquakes, and volcano ash falls. The Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission issued a state report, which found that Connecticut's Spanish-speaking populations, particularly those located in Bridgeport and Danbury, are under-informed about emergency protocols and procedures when it comes to natural disaster response. The fact-finding report, "The Role of State Government and Latino Media in Natural Disasters & Statewide Emergencies," found that Spanish-language news outlets can't necessary be depended on to reach those who are in primary need of vital information about disaster readiness.
Super Storm Sandy's substandard Spanish-language weather advisements and disaster preparation prompted the development of the 32-page report, prepared for the governor and the General Assembly.
Communicating in the native language of a population during an emergency situation can be life-saving, said LPRAC, which also prepared the report in an effort to advise policymakers on keeping the Latino population safe. Additionally, "generational, cultural and geographic differences" should be considered when Spanish-language media conveys information to Spanish-speakers.
A Department of Health and Human Services study found 22,798 unaccompanied children were housed with parents, aunts, uncles, or other close relatives between September 2015 and February 2016, nearly equaling the total of the previous 12-month period.
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MANILA, Philippines – The government is throwing its support behind the development of applications and online platforms for disaster preparedness and governance.
Two events in April and May will encourage developers, data geeks and information technology professionals to create apps and programs that can help communities identify disaster risks and prepare for natural calamities. The event is part of the World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) project which aims to build community resilience against natural disasters through innovative uses of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Another event, the first "Philippine Tech Camp: Disaster Risk Reduction and Response for Resilience," will be held on May 5 to 6. Both manifest "a shared commitment to explore all avenues in providing solutions to the risks and dangers posed by calamities," she said over radio station dzRB on Saturday, April 26. The Aquino administration is also supportive of an event that will gather advocates, experts and the academe in brainstorming how technology can be used to promote good governance and citizen engagement.
The Knowledge for Development Centers forum held from April 23 to 25 in Taguig City explored how online platforms can help citizens monitor the implementation of major government programs like the conditional cash transfer (CCT) program.
The government is trying to catch up with technology too to live up to its promise of transparency and good governance.
The new platform will allow citizens to contribute to policy-making and monitor the implementation of government programs.
Since 2011, the government has launched several online portals, including the Official Gazette by the Office of the Press Secretary, Budget ng Bayan by the Department of Budget and Management, and Open Data to make public documents and information affecting people’s lives available to the general public.
Jody Siegler lost her 13-year-old daughter—and found, “in the midst of all this pain and despair,” a path to action. On Thursday morning, that path will lead her back to the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Cliffwood Drive in Brentwood—back to where her daughter Julia, an 8th-grader at Harvard-Westlake, was run over as she crossed the street to board her school bus.
There, Jody Cukier Seigler will step into her own as an activist, determined to make the world a safer place, one intersection at a time. Siegler, who had just dropped Julia off and was there when she was struck by two cars, will join police and elected officials for the kickoff of a safety campaign called “Slow Down for Julia.” She’ll honor and thank the young people who jumped into action within hours of Julia’s death and set in motion the safety campaign.
The horrific accident that claimed Julia’s life occurred after she stepped out into traffic against a red light and was struck by two cars, one after the other. Despite all Jody Siegler has had to endure, she is deeply focused on what others have done to honor her daughter. Her ongoing relationship with her daughter’s classmates and friends has been a revelation—and cause for hope about perhaps helping to spawn a new generation of activism around the tragedy of Julia’s death.
Along with her husband, Scott Siegler, a media investor, she’s continually struck by the connections their daughter forged during her short life.
Donations, including those raised by Julia’s classmates’ sale of $3 purple bracelets reading “Slow Down for Julia,” could ripple out in an ever-widening circle—resulting in improvements not just at Sunset and Cliffwood but beyond. A one-time movie marketing executive, Siegler, now an interior design and remodeling consultant, knows what it is to find that “relatable crumb” that hooks the public’s interest in a project. And like the Little Red Hen in the nursery tale, who industriously makes bread while trying to recruit helpers, she’s going out into the world looking for those willing to do the work that will make a difference. The Board of Supervisors made a down payment Tuesday on an ambitious plan to link all of the region’s police, fire and emergency workers under a single, shared digital communications umbrella. The Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communication System—LA-RICS for short—aims to become the crucial communications infrastructure that connects more than 34,000 first responders and allied personnel in the Los Angeles region. LA-RICS is a Joint Powers Authority set up in 2009 by the county and city of Los Angeles and 81 other local cities.
The system, to be designed and built over the next three to six years, may eventually cost more than $500 million, according to a consultants’ report. Antonovich added an amendment to the measure instructing Fujioka to question Los Angeles officials in the next 30 days whether it plans to contribute funding for staffing and report back to the board. The big rains of winter mean a big explosion of vegetation come spring—which can mean big trouble when the inevitable wildfires hit Southern California. They arrived at a staggering clip of 250 an hour, hauling tons of dirt that had cascaded down hillsides scorched by the Station Fire and into rapidly filling debris basins.
Then they headed back 20 miles across town for more loads—day after day, week after week, from 7 a.m. The goal was to make sure no lives or homes were lost to mudslides that could result from overflowing debris basins in La Crescenta and La Canada Flintridge, the communities most impacted by last year’s blaze. And more relief is on the way, thanks to a plan created by Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky’s office and the Department of Public Works, which orchestrates the massive movement of earth from the county’s debris basins to its sediment sites (landfills, of sorts, for dirt).
This week, work began on a dirt road that will wind through vacant land mostly owned by the county and which skirts the small residential neighborhood. The road’s completion also won’t come a day too soon for Paul Melillo, construction superintendent for the public works department.
Melillo said he certainly empathizes with the homeowners who’ve endured weeks of noise, fumes and inconvenience. Melillo recalled, for example, a woman who justifiably complained that she couldn’t get out of her garage in the morning because lines of trucks were always blocking her driveway. Public works department officials do acknowledge that they could have done a better job of letting the community know upfront what was headed their way—and why. Spencer said the department was most focused on exploiting lulls between the storms to get debris basins in the burn areas quickly cleaned before more muck flowed into them. Although the storm season has passed for now, the dangers—and the trucks—will likely be back for the next five years, according to Spencer. The LA County Fire search and rescue team that was hailed for its heroics in Haiti is on its way home. Battalion Chief Terry DeJournett commands the largest fire battalion in the Los Angeles County Fire Department, with 12 fire stations that cover the Santa Monica Mountains.

The task force’s work has drawn international acclaim and attention, including a CNN interview (see below) Wednesday during which DeJournett praised the Haitian’s resiliency. Cathy DeJournett, his wife of 34 years, has taken comfort hearing her husband’s voice a few times during conference calls arranged by the department each night.
A 24-year County fire veteran, DeJournett joined the elite squad in 1991 and rotates the front-line leadership with a half dozen colleagues.
Closer to home, DeJournett , who performed rescue work during the 1994 Northridge earthquake and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, leads firefighting teams in the hills above L.A. Working throughout the night on Sunday, rescuers from the Los Angeles County Fire Department saved three Haitian women who had survived without food or water for five days, buried under a collapsed apartment building. County firefighters reached the last of the three women—a 31-year-old found trapped on her bed in a tiny pocket below tons of concrete debris—at 7 a.m. The three successful rescues brought to eight the number of earthquake victims saved by the task force since its arrival in Haiti last Thursday on a military C-17.
Later Sunday afternoon, Red team rescuers freed a dehydrated 50-year-old woman from a collapsed bank building. Other members of the task force include emergency room doctors, as well as logistics and communications specialists working to help local authorities improve earthquake response. In addition, a team of doctors and nurses from Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center arrived in Haiti Sunday and began performing emergency surgeries. The Los Angeles County unit includes firefighters, paramedics, heavy equipment operators, search dogs and canine handlers, communications and logistics specialists and hazardous material experts. Firefighters who want to join the team must take training courses on their own time—on top of their normal duties. Flying through the night, Los Angeles County Fire’s urban rescue and recovery task force arrived safely Thursday morning in Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince.
In Los Angeles, County Fire Chief Freeman expressed confidence the task force, with its specialized training, will be able to extract victims from collapsed buildings and save lives. Freeman believes he’s leaving the 4,400-person department when “things are stabilized for a good period of time,” allowing Supervisors to pick his successor calmly and deliberately. All told, the Station fire incinerated 250 square miles, destroyed 96 homes and claimed the lives of L.A. Among other things, Freeman publicly urged the Forest Service to allow more night flights of firefighting aircraft on federal lands. Freeman knew his proposed reforms might cause bad blood with federal officials and fuel public anger that had built over the lack of nighttime firefighting, which was being partially blamed for the blaze’s toll.
Based on a November report from Freeman, the Board of Supervisors last week asked Congress and the U.S. Raised in Texas and hired after 24 years in the Dallas Fire Department, Freeman says he faced a “steep learning curve” when he arrived as the only outsider ever hired as an L.A. During his two decades at the top of the organization, Freeman gained a reputation as a hands-on boss, a micro-manager in the view of some in the department. But look for him to devote more time to the Catholic Church in his Whittier parish, where he’s a deacon.
After all those years of late nights and emergency calls, he vowed to “find a little different pace” by being home in the evenings with his wife of 41 years, Cathy Freeman. Freeman compared his decision and the department’s money woes to the strategy of fighting a house fire.
Afternoon rush hour speeds haven't changed much but the worst traffic may be ending sooner. 56 year old Let Curvers was found after a tourist spotted her car near Baker Lake and alerted authorities. It looks like Donald Trump will be heading our way next month ahead of the Washington state primary.
Analysts say sometime next year the retail store is expected to bump their membership fee from 55 to 60 dollars, and the executive membership would go up by ten dollars to $120 per year. The college says the Missionaries' mascot is non-inclusive, imperialistic and incorrectly implies Whitman is a religious school. She was arrested while protesting Congressman Jim McDermott's decision to support Hillary Clinton instead of Sanders with his superdelegate vote. The report suggested that Spanish-language news media should be notified quickly when weather events are expected, and that information should be communicated in Spanish.
When compiling information, researchers spoke with Spanish-speaking community members, and discovered difficulties experienced by community members when attempted to find pertinent information before, during and after the emergency.
The study advised that there should be greater coordination between state agencies and Spanish language media to issue timely reports and advisements about the use of resources devoted to emergencies and disasters.
There should be a centralized list of Latino media in Connecticut, easily accessible by all state agencies, college radio stations, internet outlets and community-based organizations for timely emergency information so they can provide further dissemination. It is organized by the US Department of State, US Agency for International Development and the United Nations World Food Programme. Through the site, citizens "will be able to engage government by launching petitions or making queries online," he added. The project, led by the Science and Technology department aims to transfer all applications for government services online, eliminating the need to line up at government offices. I’ve been given a responsibility,” Siegler said in an interview, reflecting on all that has happened in the difficult months since her daughter’s death on Feb. She knows that she wants to crusade for strict enforcement of speed limits and for better visibility on streets where overgrown vegetation can obscure sightlines and block signage. And she is steadfastly working her way through all the boxes of letters she received after the accident. Nancy Lauer, commanding officer of LAPD’s West Traffic Division, said she admires Siegler’s willingness to step into the public arena in the interests in improving public safety, especially for schoolchildren. The new voice and data radio system, to be linked with fiber optic cable, microwave antennae and other links, would replace the current patchwork that often makes communication between law enforcement and fire agencies difficult. Of that, $10 million is slated for early initial spending on the communications infrastructure, from radio gear to software.
They had been expecting a similar $7.6 million appropriation for staff costs from the city of Los Angeles, the plan’s other major partner. So homeowners in “wildland areas” can expect a visit soon from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, which is beginning brush clearance inspections of more than 39,000 homes on Saturday. Then came the trucks, hundreds of them suddenly rumbling through a sleepy Sylmar neighborhood.
Bumper to bumper, the trucks inched through the residential streets and up a private road to an obscure L.A. But the problem was that residents of the Sylmar neighborhood were blindsided by the dump truck gridlock that hit their streets after the downpours of early February. On Wednesday, for example, just 90 trucks were cycling between the sediment site and areas near the Station Fire’s enormous burn area. In a matter of days, all truck traffic will be routed along the new road, meaning peace (and quiet) is at hand for the community’s highly annoyed residents, many of whom say they were unaware that one of the county’s 25 active sediment placement sites was even on the hill above their streets.
Each winter, debris will continue moving down the mountain into the basins until enough vegetation grows to help hold the soil in place. For a look at some of what they encountered and accomplished, click through this gallery of photos the team sent home and posted on Facebook.

County urban search and rescue team that was rushed to Haiti last week in the wake of an earthquake that has left the nation in ruins. He directed the assault on a portion of the Station Fire last summer, as well as during the Malibu fire in 2007. Now dubbed USA-2, the 70-person task force has been divided into Red and Blue squads, each working independently throughout Port-au-Prince to free victims of the magnitude 7 quake. Through an interpreter, the sisters said that while trapped, they continued to hear noises made by someone buried below them. They reached a two-foot-high cavity where an injured but conscious woman lay pinned against her mattress. The task force’s leader is Battalion Chief Terry DeJournett, who is stationed in Malibu when the search-and-rescue task force isn’t deployed.
In addition to County fire personnel, the team will take structural engineers and three emergency-room doctors. In addition to local disasters, such as the Northridge earthquake in 1994, the task force was dispatched to Oklahoma City following the 1995 bombing, New York City after 9-11 and the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The department maintains a practice center with concrete debris at its Del Valle training facility near Santa Clarita. Traveling with food, shelter and other equipment, the team can operate independently even under the worst conditions. County team assembled its equipment at a county fire facility in Pacoima Wednesday, county officials coordinated timing and logistics with the federal government. Once on the ground, leaders of California Task Force 2 met with disaster relief officials to receive briefings and coordinate activities. Or you can navigate to a calm spot and step ashore, making sure you don’t rock the boat for those still on board. Last month, the chief, 64, announced he’d be leaving in March from a job he’s held since 1989. By announcing now, he’ll be leaving between fire seasons, with the department’s $970 million budget in relatively good shape for the next few years. In the aftermath of this summer’s Station Fire—the county’s largest ever—he bluntly called for reforms in the way the U.S. He said such a practice is routine for county choppers on state or county land, weather permitting.
Department of Agriculture (the Forest Service’s parent department) to implement his recommendations. He’s also overseen the broad expansion of paramedic services, including more airlifts and specialized services to stabilize patients on the way to emergency rooms and trauma units. Freeman jokingly described his management style as “hellish.” But he said he limits his tendency to “get down in the weeds” to key areas.
The chief, who has served two decades in the department’s top position, says he started getting worried on Friday about the timing of his exit.
First, he says, you extinguish the immediate blaze in the room and then you check to see whether flames moved into the walls and attic. When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast during October 2012, more than 100 people died and over half a million homes were destroyed.
Local official who are not fluent in Spanish should still work harder to make their presence known to the Spanish-speaking community; or the chief elected official or other emergency personnel should be fluent in Spanish. Furthermore, there should be an ongoing, regular assessment of actions and outcomes as it relates to communication of emergency-related information to the state's Spanish-speaking population. And she knows that drawing public attention to her family’s personal tragedy is a necessary part of fostering the civic engagement required to get such changes made. What’s biting off more than I can chew?” But she likes the idea of small actions adding up to big results. The remaining $7.76 million is earmarked for staff costs, consultants’ and experts’ fees and office space.
But city funding hasn’t materialized yet, leaving the county, at the moment, the sole provider.
A 35-year veteran of public works, Melillo said he’s done his best to be visible to residents and responsive to their frustrations, while grappling with the fluidity and urgency of the operation. Already, the team has saved nine victims from the rubble, including three women buried under a collapsed Port-au-Prince apartment building and another who was pulled from the remains of a bank. Less than two years ago, for example, he led a small rescue contingent to China following the Sichuan earthquake. Since 2006, he’s been the Battalion 5 chief, overseeing stations stretching from Westlake Village and Malibu to Topanga and Calabasas. Dehydrated and suffering minor injuries, the women were rushed to a makeshift Israeli-run hospital.
Family members back home get updates through a nightly conference call by satellite phone, Ewald says. Overseas, the task force flew to Sri Lanka in 2004 to aid victims of the Indonesian tsunami.
Agency for International Development, which supplies economic, trade, agricultural and health assistance overseas, as well as disaster aid.
He also proposed that helicopters and planes controlled by federal rules be allowed to fly at dawn to take advantage of the higher humidity and lower winds. This week, the Forest Service announced it will review its fire-fighting policies in the national forest, including the night-flight restrictions. He said he pays very close attention to “critical issues” with broad impacts, as well as to situations the department hasn’t previously faced. That’s when he says he received “some significant news” that property tax revenues for his department would be $16 million less than predicted—a foreboding figure since that pot of money funds about 70 percent of the agency’s operations. Also, local Spanish-language media shouldn't be relied upon as a translator for official government information related to emergency situations; the information should be prepared with Latinos in mind. On his return, he flew to Washington to receive congratulations from then-President George W. Freeman told the Board of Supervisors that the federal government will reimburse the county for the mission’s cost. County fire chief—an almost unheard-of tenure for the top firefighter of a large urban area.
Declining to name names, he said there are “absolutely are viable, capable candidates inside the organization” and that a nationwide search is unnecessary.
He said he also jumps in when he thinks his managers’ “strategic view is too short-sighted” after they propose solutions that may fix one problem but create another. Despite the dangers, the task force from Los Angeles is in good spirits and has suffered no injuries.
Despite the deployment, plenty of search and rescue workers will remain behind to respond to local disasters, he said. County team burrowed through several layers of pancaked concrete to reach the trapped victims.

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