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Nurses from the Louisville Veterans Affairs Medical Center evaluate a training manikin that simulates a patient who had been evacuated from a disaster site during a National Disaster Medical System exercise at the Kentucky Air National Guard base in Louisville, Ky., on Sept. A nurse from the Louisville Veterans Affairs Medical Center checks the blood pressure of Staff Sgt. Volunteer litter carriers from the Louisville Veterans Affairs Medical Center roll a simulated patient from a 123rd Airlift Wing C-130 to a hangar at the Kentucky Air National Guard Base in Louisville, Ky., where civilian medical staff were ready to receive patients during a National Disaster Medical System exercise Sept. The exercise tested the ability of civilian health care providers to accept and process patients arriving from a disaster site and transport them to local medical facilities for treatment, explained Master Sgt.
The wing is the primary Federal Coordinating Center for the National Disaster Medical System program in Jefferson County, which is managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs' Robley Rex VA Medical Center in Louisville.
Using a hangar here and a Kentucky Air National Guard's Air Force C-130 Hercules aircraft, several dozen civilian providers set up a patient reception area to triage disaster victims arriving by airlift. According to Debbi Johnson, Louisville area emergency manager for the Veterans Health Administration, Office of Emergency Management, the exercise is accomplished every three years to prepare for real-world disasters.
The NDMS is a federally coordinated system that augments the nation's medical response capability. In a real-world situation, patients would be flown from an area where a disaster has occurred to a safe area with a Federal Coordinating Center. As patients arrive at an FCC like the Kentucky ANGB, they would be registered and identified as critical, intermediate or ambulatory before being transported to a local health care facility.
Johnson said the exercise was good practice, but they plan to do more, possibly testing their capabilities every year.
Health care professionals receive immersive training in disaster response through program offered by the College of Nursing and Health. Wright State public health graduate Tami Ashbridge keeps her nursing skills sharp by volunteering at Calamityville and participating in university disaster response program.
Wright State’s National Disaster Health Consortium holds training exercises on disaster preparedness, response and recovery at Calamityville. Rosalie Mainous, dean of the Wright State-Miami Valley College of Nursing and Health, has been inducted a fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. On November 12, 2013, in the Student Union Atrium at Wright State University, an event took place to honor our Veterans. Wright State Boonshoft School of Medicine's Master of Public Health Program to host a Public Health Grand Rounds event on disease outbreak on March 21.
The Nursing Institute at Wright State University offered some fun [and educational] experiments and presentations to 34 of the 1800 students who came to Wright State University for the tournament, plus some accompanying parents.Harriet Knowles, RN, MSN, Director of the Nursing Institute, came in wearing her original white uniform and cap.

The Greater Dayton Area Nursing Research Committee (GDANR) held its Ninth Bi-Annual Symposium on April 5 2013, at the Hope Hotel & Richard C.
Health care delivery in the United States is changing by leaps and bounds due to the rising age of our population and the high cost of hospitalization. I personally think that the video that is uploaded at the DIA Website is a huge propaganda for the industry military complex and everything within is for telling the American people America need to keep and even build more military bases around the globe While the first Video have much comments from Lisa, the original at the bottom of this Article is the original, much shorter.. The only positive I see in the video is the fact that the government is now openly admitting their agenda to kills thousands-to-millions of people.
Ever wonder why China, Russia, and about 60 other countries require labeling of GMO, but America does not?  Every wonder why the FDA has placed their stamp of approval on a product that causes tumors, cancer, and infertility in lab animals?
The answer is simple, those seeking control have been implementing their devious schemes on the populace starting with mass sterilization and depopulation through GMOs.
While research continues to demonstrate consuming GMOs leads to the mutation of cells in the human body, our elite further the production of the product. By now everyone has witnessed streaks of white trailing across the sky, stretching from horizon to horizon, ultimately turning the skies into a murky haze. Studies continue to demonstrate that fluoride has little to no effect in preventing tooth decay when added to water.
This power has been used repeatedly and many argue it is responsible for triggering the earthquake in Haiti, the earthquake in Chile, the typhoon in the Philippians, hurricane Sandy, hurricane Katrina, and more. Countless testimonies of children having adverse reactions to vaccinations abound across the country.
Considering the elite have long enforced injection of these “death shots” on the populace, knowing full well the effects it has on the population, only leads me to believe it is once again a plan of depopulation. While reports continue to claim vaccines prevent disease, they fail to report the adverse side effects including: death, cancer, autism, and more. All I need to say is “Death Panels” and if you don’t believe in that…well…good luck that with! The Defense Intelligence Agency must understand the challenges and uncertainties of a complex operational environment.
Important: For all products chose at the top of the page the  language (English or German) and currency! Kenneth Herzog, a vehicle operations dispatcher from the 123rd Logistics Readiness Squadron, during a National Disaster Medical System exercise at the Kentucky Air National Guard base in Louisville, Ky., on Sept. Clint Stinnett, a loadmaster for the 165th Airlift Squadron, shows volunteer litter carriers from the Louisville Veterans Affairs Medical Center the correct way to offload patient litters from a 123rd Airlift Wing C-130 during a National Disaster Medical System exercise at the Kentucky Air National Guard base in Louisville, Ky., on Sept.

They also staffed patient reception teams that consisted of doctors, nurses, litter bearers, social workers and chaplains.
It consists of several federal organizations that include the Department of Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.
In the meantime, NDMS officials would communicate with area hospitals to secure beds for the patients prior to their arrival. In 2005, during Hurricane Rita, officials in Beaumont, Texas, sent two flights of patients to Louisville for medical care.
Army Professional Filler System Nursing Personnel: Do They Possess Competency Needed for Deployment?
What astonishes me about the video is the fact that it openly promotes depopulation and further states that they are taking actions to prevent more people from populating the earth.
Every question why GMO’s are allowed on the shelves when they have been known to lead to the development of tumors and cancer in humans? Furthermore they have been known to use chemtrails as biological testing agents on the populace; all while claiming they are nothing more than mere vapour. However various studies reveal long term effects including: damage to the brain, thyroid disease, arthritic, bone cancer, and other bone diseases, reproductive issues, and more. It’s a secret government weapon used to manipulate the weather and cause“natural” disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, earthquakes, and thunderstorms.
Mothers have painfully witnessed their child’s countenance change upon vaccine injection; only to find out autism has taken over their body. The Kentucky Air Guarda€™s C-130 aircraft were used during the exercise to provide a training platform for patient arrivals. This combat support agency's readiness level requires a global force of experts in analysis, collection, counterintelligence, and science and technology to watch the world and warn America's decision makers. Please consider making a contribution so more stories of awakening and alternative views can be shared! Furthermore, HAARP emits extremely low frequency waves (ELF) which can create mood changing affects on millions of people.

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