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Learn how to develop disaster recovery strategies as well as how to write a disaster recovery plan with these step-by-step instructions.
Formulating a detailed recovery plan is the main aim of the entire IT disaster recovery planning project. Once this work is out of the way, youa€™re ready to move on to developing disaster recovery strategies, followed by the actual plans. Once you have identified your critical systems, RTOs, RPOs, etc, create a table, as shown below, to help you formulate the disaster recovery strategies you will use to protect them. Youa€™ll want to consider issues such as budgets, managementa€™s position with regard to risks, the availability of resources, costs versus benefits, human constraints, technological constraints and regulatory obligations. Once your disaster recovery strategies have been developed, youa€™re ready to translate them into disaster recovery plans. From Table 2 you can expand the high-level steps into more detailed step-by-step procedures, as you deem necessary.
In addition to using the strategies previously developed, IT disaster recovery plans should form part of an incident response process that addresses the initial stages of the incident and the steps to be taken.
Note: We have included emergency management in Figure 2, as it represents activities that may be needed to address situations where humans are injured or situations such as fires that must be addressed by local fire brigades and other first responders.
The following section details the elements in a DR plan in the sequence defined by ISO 27031 and ISO 24762. Important: Best-in-class DR plans should begin with a few pages that summarise key action steps (such as where to assemble employees if forced to evacuate the building) and lists of key contacts and their contact information for ease of authorising and launching the plan. In parallel to these activities are three additional ones: creating employee awareness, training and records management. Comic about after an audit, a team is told that until they purchase a segregation of duties (or separation of duties) solution, they must hold hands and press the transmit button together. Audit cartoon showing showing a woman being treated like police are performing the internal audit. A gag cartoon showing a man in front of a pie chart that demonstrates the majority of their time is used logging their time and preparing time reports.
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Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfy…Once upon a time long, long ago, Total was started by Jon Hunt. Amanda Enterprise should be on the short list of any IT manager looking for a backup solution. The Zmanda Disaster Recovery Solution provides robust and cost-effective disaster recovery capabilities for your critical data assets.
The DR Option for Amanda Enterprise supports all platforms and applications backed up by Amanda Enterprise: filesystem data on systems running Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OS X as well as application and database data residing in MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, MS SQL, Oracle and Postgres.
Leverage our Expertise: Zmanda Professional Services engineers have extensive experience creating backup strategies across all supported system types, storage devices, and operating systems.
Affordable: The Zmanda Disaster Recovery Solution is available as an annual subscription that includes implementation, through secured remote shell, by Zmanda Professional Services. It is in these plans that you will set out the detailed steps needed to recover your IT systems to a state in which they can support the business after a disaster. Then, youa€™ll need to establish recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs).
Here wea€™ll explain how to write a disaster recovery plan as well as how to develop disaster recovery strategies. Areas to look at are availability of alternate work areas within the same site, at a different company location, at a third-party-provided location, at employeesa€™ homes or at a transportable work facility. Youa€™ll need to identify and contract with primary and alternate suppliers for all critical systems and processes, and even the sourcing of people. Be prepared to demonstrate that your strategies align with the organisationa€™s business goals and business continuity strategies. Procedures should ensure an easy-to-use and repeatable process for recovering damaged IT assets and returning them to normal operation as quickly as possible. This process can be seen as a timeline, such as in Figure 2, in which incident response actions precede disaster recovery actions. The next section should define roles and responsibilities of DR recovery team members, their contact details, spending limits (for example, if equipment has to be purchased) and the limits of their authority in a disaster situation. During the incident response process, we typically become aware of an out-of-normal situation (such as being alerted by various system-level alarms), quickly assess the situation (and any damage) to make an early determination of its severity, attempt to contain the incident and bring it under control, and notify management and other key stakeholders. Based on the findings from incident response activities, the next step is to determine if disaster recovery plans should be launched, and which ones in particular should be invoked.
A section on plan document dates and revisions is essential, and should include dates of revisions, what was revised and who approved the revisions.

Once the plan has been launched, DR teams take the materials assigned to them and proceed with response and recovery activities as specified in the plans. Located at the end of the plan, these can include systems inventories, application inventories, network asset inventories, contracts and service-level agreements, supplier contact data, and any additional documentation that will facilitate recovery. These are essential in that they ensure employees are fully aware of DR plans and their responsibilities in a disaster, and DR team members have been trained in their roles and responsibilities as defined in the plans. If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States. The boss stands behind observing and remarks that he's not advanced but certainly is persistent. He said they couldn't observe internal controls and rate their effectiveness at the same time. She is demonstrating the importance of exercise for people who spend their days sitting at a desk.
2016Increase in the number of attempted scams via a convincing email Below, we share a true story with you which highlights just how easy it is to be scammed. 2016Total Solutions – The Story So Far Now the New Year is underway, we thought we’d tell you a short story about how Total Solutions has changed over the last year or so, and why. Then consider site security, staff access procedures, ID badges and the location of the alternate space relative to the primary site. Key areas where alternate suppliers will be important include hardware (such as servers, racks, etc), power (such as batteries, universal power supplies, power protection, etc), networks (voice and data network services), repair and replacement of components, and multiple delivery firms (FedEx, UPS, etc). Then define step-by-step procedures to, for example, initiate data backup to secure alternate locations, relocate operations to an alternate space, recover systems and data at the alternate sites, and resume operations at either the original site or at a new location. Here we can see the critical system and associated threat, the response strategy and (new) response action steps, as well as the recovery strategy and (new) recovery action steps. If staff relocation to a third-party hot site or other alternate space is necessary, procedures must be developed for those activities. This section should specify who has approved the plan, who is authorised to activate it and a list of linkages to other relevant plans and documents.
If DR plans are to be invoked, incident response activities can be scaled back or terminated, depending on the incident, allowing for launch of the DR plans. The more detailed the plan is, the more likely the affected IT asset will be recovered and returned to normal operation. And since DR planning generates a significant amount of documentation, records management (and change management) activities should also be initiated. 2016UK Teenager Accused of Hacking CIA A British teenager who has been arrested for cyber crime is suspected of hacking into the head of the CIA’s personal email account.
2016Driverless Car Technology – Green light from Government The government has announced that more than 40 miles of roads in Coventry will be equipped with the latest technology to aid autonomous vehicles. This section defines the criteria for launching the plan, what data is needed and who makes the determination. Technology DR plans can be enhanced with relevant recovery information and procedures obtained from system vendors. If your organisation already has records management and change management programmes, use them in your DR planning. Included within this part of the plan should be assembly areas for staff (primary and alternates), procedures for notifying and activating DR team members, and procedures for standing down the plan if management determines the DR plan response is not needed.
Check with your vendors while developing your DR plans to see what they have in terms of emergency recovery documentation. A Disaster Recovery Plan can even be of use for when a small-scale system malfunction occurs. Ultimately this will result in a streamlined system and will lead to faster recovery in any event.It is most important that your Disaster Recovery plan reflects your business model.
Otherwise, you may end up with a jigsaw of your company data rather than a duplicate of your company data.When planning your Disaster Recovery, it is important you guarantee your Business Model will be supported.

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