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Only 38% of American small businesses have some sort of emergency response plan, says software company Sage North America.
Whether it’s a tornado, fire, other natural disaster, a man-made disaster or even employee theft, having onsite backups of data, or no backups at all, leaves a company very vulnerable to a crashing loss it would never recover from.
With our years of experience in COOP planning and disaster recovery, we can tell you that any area is prone to some kind of natural or man-made disaster.
If you would like more information on how to create your own disaster recovery plan, contact us and we can begin to develop a plan and COOP that includes off-site data backup as part of your new routine. DomeFest competition winners will showcase "fulldome" work at Bay Area's Chabot Space and Science center. In the past five years the annual RSA Conference has grown from a techie meeting to a major business event. Q&A Linda Sanford explains why the handoff to an offshore partner should be embraced, not feared.
Carmaker announces companies it has chosen for one of the largest tech outsourcing efforts by a single corporation.
New products include entry-level and high-end storage arrays, plus software that speeds movement of large files. Q&A William McDonough brings his eco-intelligent perspective to clean technology investing.

It's Comdex all over again as the tech world moves to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. Scary stories and Windows' developments are what ZDNet News readers clicked on most in 2005. In their Small Business Disaster Preparedness Study (PDF), Sage found that many companies are vulnerable to some kind of catastrophic data loss. According to the survey, 72% of respondents keep their backup data onsite, while 39% store it off-site or on a cloud service. In 2008, central and southern Indiana were subjected to some of the biggest flooding in the area in 50 years. Having your financial data and other necessary information backed up offsite can save you weeks and months of reconstructing data, even keep your business from closing down, because you lost the most critical information to its survival. As a Consultant, Jason designs, develops, delivers, and evaluates training exercises for clients in order to test and adjust their current policies, plans and procedures to enhance practices. Businesses were shut down for months, or closed down completely, because they lost their inventory, records, and financial data.
Joe is versed in the education of Incident Command and Tactical instruction and is a Paramedic and a HAZMAT Technician.
Jason instructs business partners on incident manage[ read more ]Jay DotsonJay currently serves as a Consultant, Level II with Lighthouse Readiness Group in Plainfield, Indiana.

Jay brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization from the law enforcement and hospital security perspectives. As a Consultant, Mike provides training in Emergency Medical Services and Public Health Preparedness for hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout Indiana. As a Consultant, Gary provides training in hazardous materials and incident command, including hospital decontamination in the form of classroom facilitation, on-site and hands-on training, post-scenario evaluation, and recommendation. As a Consultant, Jason helps design, develop, and deliver training exercises and hazard management to multiple hospital and healthcare organizations throughout the State of Indiana. He is a m[ read more ]Frank KrizFrank has been with Lighthouse Readiness Group (LRG) in Plainfield, IN since 2010, and currently serves as a Consultant, Level II Instructor. He has over 20 years of emergency management experience at the state and local level and has participated in 11 Presidential declared disasters.

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