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Businesses are using cloud infrastructure to enable the faster recovery of their critical IT systems without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site. Most organisations simply cannot afford to invest in the necessary infrastructure that would be needed to run a second production site in the event of a catastrophic event at their main facility. Cloud computing allows for the ability to easily scale up and scale down delivering true elastic capacity that importantly are "pay as you go", pay only for what you use and not be tied into a long-term commitment. Deployment automation tools are extremely useful in the context of DR when a creating required set of resources in an automated fashion. Many organisations have IT staff that are bogged down in the day to day activities and tasks associated with operating an IT environment. Assist the organisation in understanding the appropriate balance between downtime and costs associated with a Disaster Recovery environment. Provide procedures for relocating information systems operations to the alternate location. Many organisations in the region have taken a wait and see approach to disaster recovery, but the market is gradually maturing.

Cloud-based disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) has many appealing features to encourage adoption, says Marouf. In an always-on era, business continuity has become more critical than ever – companies simply cannot afford downtime from their IT systems. Threats to business continuity still exist though, such as security incidents, IT outages, physical disasters, power outages, and extreme weather events. Mike McCracken, Director of HOSTING Advanced Solutions and Steve Prather, CEO of Dizzion, recently teamed up for a webinar on how a cloud desktop solution should be an integral part of any organization’s disaster recovery plan.
TechConnect has partnered with Amazon to support popular disaster recovery (DR) architectures from "pilot light" environments that are ready to scale up at a moment's notice to "hot standby" environments that enable rapid failover.
Virtulisation of the Compute, Network and Storage resources coupled with the extensive programmability and flexibility and elasticity that are provided by AWS makes these solutions now feasible by using AWS as the secondary DR site. AWS Cloudformation gives administrators an easy way to create a collection of related AWS resources and provision them in an orderly and predictable fashion.
IT managers and CIOs allocate separate budgets due to the increasing pressure to maintain smooth business functioning for an enterprise.

TechConnect has assisted large 24x7 e-Commerce organisations with the design and implementation of their Disaster Recovery strategies to meet stringent Government Regulated Recovery Point and Recovery Time objectives.
Certain unique problems do exist in the Middle East, however, which make conventional resilience solutions more difficult to apply.
Using this model an organisation can have access to a Disaster Recovery platform without physically building one. Back to Top Connect with 35,000+ cloud professionals in the Compass Point community and receive the latest news to help you succeed in the cloud.

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