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Because of you, a nutritional food package will be donated to a family in need during disaster relief, providing nourishment for a week.
Canadian Global Response uses a holistic approach to relief and development programs in alleviating poverty by enabling individuals and communities to achieve a dignified, sustainable, and reproducible solution to their needs. Northern Iraq is already sheltering 200,000 Syrian refugees, so outside aid is urgently needed. So far ZF has delivered 24 tons of flour, 200 family tents, and more than 30,000 water bottles.

The violent conflict between Islamic State (ISIS) forces and the Iraqi military began in June and has internally displaced almost a million Iraqis while causing more than 400,000 to flee to neighboring countries. The sudden onset of a disaster has a devastating affect on people’s lives, and meeting immediate needs is a necessity.
Let someone know that this life changing gift was made on their behalf. After donating to this cause, a downloadable card will be made available for you to print off.
The majority of the displaced have fled to the predominantly Kurdish north, which is already sheltering 200,000 Syrian refugees.

Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) is on the ground on both sides of the Iraqi-Turkish border distributing vital food and non-food aid to all affected by this crisis, including the religious minorities who have particularly suffered in this conflict.

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