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The City of Vienna is in the planning stages of developing a citywide disaster recovery plan, that will include such things as but not limited to: information exchanges, cooling stations and emergency relief contact information. Overview We have developed expertise in disaster response and have built a network of legal services and national partners to help our grantees better serve low-income clients when disaster strikes. Once you have completed the application, we require that each applicant submit the application online using our online grants system. Reporting, Compliance Requirements & Applicable Law All grants and grant recipients are subject to all the requirements of the Legal Services Corporation Act of 1974, as amended, and any applicable appropriations acts, laws, rules, regulations, policies, guidelines, instructions, and other directives.
Visit Grantee Guidance for more detailed information about reporting and compliance requirements as well as applicable law.
Current Grants In 2014, we received $1.2 million for the Midwest Legal Disaster Coordination Project, a two-year grant designed to foster strong and sustainable relationships between disaster-preparedness organizations and legal service providers in the Midwest.
Our grantees in 10 midwestern states were eligible to apply for funding to create a disaster-response plan.
The subgrants allowed each successful grantee to hire a disaster coordinator, who would engage with local community service providers to create a disaster response plan. Using its extensive experience in disaster recovery, Iowa Legal Aid will develop mobile technology to help disaster survivors better reach legal aid programs after a disaster occurs. Additionally, Iowa Legal Aid will create a multi-component toolkit for use by other legal aid organizations across the country. The project will help legal aid programs cultivate relationships with their statewide disaster recovery community and develop training materials for legal and non-legal disaster responders. To help better prepare Nebraskans to access free legal services when disaster strikes, Legal Aid of Nebraska will create an interactive web portal and a statewide legal disaster response training program for attorneys and other stakeholders.

Legal Aid of Nebraska will host disaster preparedness workshops throughout the state and work closely with local pro bono attorneys to provide free onsite legal aid to disaster victims in afflicted areas.
Mangaia Island Government recognises the significance of this plan in preparing and protecting its people against disasters of any magnitude.
In 2015, ReliefWeb covered 88 natural disasters, with the Nepal earthquakes the most significant. Frequently Asked Questions - Get answers to common problems and learn more about ReliefWeb. Mission Projects – Our Men’s Ministry is very active in our community with building and construction projects. Through a coordinated national infrastructure, we provide access to resources and information that your legal aid organization needs in order to respond to a disaster.
You may submit the application within a reasonable time after there has been a presidential declaration of a disaster under the Robert T. After reviewing the Notice, complete the Disaster Relief Grant Application as instructed in Appendix I of the Notice. If you are considering applying, we encourage you to email us to discuss your specific circumstances. These provisions contain restrictions on the activities of those who receive our funds and may affect the eligibility of potential applicants. Iowa Legal Aid and Legal Aid of Nebraska were selected through a competitive application process to undertake these efforts. Iowa Legal Aid will partner with Pro Bono Net to adapt its mobile template for an application that provides disaster-related resources to clients and attorneys.

The toolkit will help legal aid programs prepare in advance for the legal responses often needed after disasters and provide best practices for responding to a disaster, including how to assist with long-term recovery. Legal Aid of Nebraska will also leverage its experience with automated forms preparation and online guidance for people without legal representation, forms that can be replicated in other regions. The aim is to prioritise the implementation of this plan to safeguard the people of the Cook Islands. The goal is to have all men of the church in a small fellowship group that meets on a regular basis. For additional instructions on applying for disaster relief, visit the Federal Register website. If you are awarded the Disaster Relief Emergency Grant, you will be required to comply with all requirements contained therein. Emphasis has been put on safety measures with specific focus on disasters such as cyclones and tsunamis.
Global and regional disasters and their devastating consequences is a reminder of the importance of this plan.

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