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When a disaster strikes, Lions respond and mobilize to assist the community -- whether the emergency affects a few people or thousands. In March 2009, Lions Clubs International signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).
Develop a plan of action in case of an emergency, including natural disasters, man-made disasters or a public healthcare crisis. Learn how LCIF Emergency and Major Catastrophe Grants are used to during disaster to provide immediate needs (food, water, medicine, etc.) and long-term reconstruction projects. Read stories on the Lions Blog to learn how Lions everywhere respond when disaster strikes. Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the Northeast, victims, officials and volunteers are still working tirelessly to bail themselves out–and some are just looking for the basic food, water, clothing and shelter. And James Molinari, president of the Staten Island borough called the organization’s response “an absolute disgrace” and even urged residents not to donate to the Red Cross anymore. I think that we are near flawless so far in this operation. I know that there are people who have absolutely lost everything, that are cold, that are frightened, that are saying, ‘Where is the American Red Cross?’ and I am totally supportive of that.
We are looking at every single one of those cries for help, and we are moving people and supplies as quickly as we can. For an organization of this size and scale that’s somewhat unique in its expertise and reach, that they may not always be as fast as we’d like, they may not always be as responsive as we’d like, but … we think they’re overall performance at this point is OK. There’s still this lingering sense since Katrina that Red Cross still has some work to do to redeem its reputation. To date, the Red Cross has received over $117 million in donations for Hurricane Sandy relief.
Sometimes a smaller, local organization can get food and supplies out faster to those who need it most.
I cannot speak for how well the current relief efforts work out with the Red Cross and years back I used their services and I am thankful to this day that they were there when I needed help. I don’t hold a grudge against any of the volunteers or local chapters, but an organization where the CEO gets a high six figure salary should be technically up to date and not make helping the good cause become a nightmare that easily. Come to think, since they put me into serious distress I might take a trip to their local office and ask for help.
As a former Red Cross volunteer who has served in disaster areas I can empathize with those who are suffering right now. To repeat what another poster stated this is a volunteer driven charity and can only send the people they have, if they do not have enough volunteers then you may not see them.
It is called the March of Dimes because only a dime for every 1 dollar is given to the needy. The Red Cross started responding BEFORE the hurricane even struck, and will continue to respond far after everyone else has forgotten about Sandy.
The Red Cross responds to a number of disaster DAILY, and relies on volunteers and donations in order to keep responding and helping humanity.

Yes, the CEO does make a 6 number salery, however, the Red Cross is one of the top non-profits with the highest percentage of money that goes right back into the organization. Don’t forget, Red Cross has over 30,000 regular employees who work tirelessly behind the scenes to get blood products, for saving your life if you ever need it. Handwritten Disaster Relief Location on a metal chain gate with a smaller close gate sign after Hurricane Sandy. In Franklin Township, New Jersey, not far from the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy, a 1 million square foot warehouse is buzzing with activity around the clock. That warehouse is where 10 ModSpace employees from our corporate office outside of Philadelphia spent last Wednesday, November 14 as Red Cross volunteers. Give Money: Financial contributions from private citizens and businesses which the Red Cross uses to purchase food, clothing, medical supplies, etc.
In Kind Donations: Usually from large corporations, these are items such as clothing that are given to the Red Cross for distribution to those in need. Forklifts buzzed around the immense workspace, carrying supplies to waiting trucks destined for area shelters, as our team got to work. When we first considered volunteering for the Sandy relief effort, we talked openly about helping families repair storm-damaged homes and feeding children. While few get to actually hand out meals to displaced families, it is the volunteer support from behind the scenes that makes those moments possible.
If a family of 5, the children are all in their 20’s, wanted to come to New Jersey or New York during the week of Christmas to help with the relief effort, could you use our help and in what way?
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Lions are encouraged to work with local authorities in preparing for and responding to natural, man-made or healthcare disasters. And while the American Red Cross is supposed to be in the thick of things and one of the largest organizations responsible for helping these people, not everyone agrees they are doing their job.
I went with a plan B that in the end will cost me money (and more than the donation), but at least gets the bills paid. I hope they add a summary confirmation page to their online donation form and explicitly asks if the donor is serious when the amount exceeds 100$. The only thing I wish people would remember is that over 97% of the Red Cross is volunteer driven. Stern receives $1,200,000 per year (100k per month) plus all expenses including a ROLLS ROYCE . Right now, the Red Cross has over 5,800 (90% volunteers) from all over the country supporting shelters, providing food and water, and driving through neighborhoods to distribute meals and supplies. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

As donations pour in from around the globe, volunteers are needed to get supplies to the Red Cross shelters throughout Northern New Jersey and New York. Gayle Knutson, a Red Cross volunteer from Minnesota, was on a two-week assignment and served as our point of contact. While she and the Red Cross are grateful for all donations, it became clear to us that these donations demand added attention from volunteers.
We opened box after box, consolidated like items, repackaged and labeled them, and prepared them to ship to nearby shelters.
In reality, home repairs are best left to qualified emergency responders and building contractors. The holidays are here and temperatures are dropping, but thousands of Americans remain in Red Cross shelters. But, as with many large organizations, that’s often a byproduct of complicated structures, bureaucracy and policies. Which means almost every single person you see out there is a volunteer who is giving their time for no other reason than human decency often at the expense of their own comfort and safety.
The red cross relief services help thousands of people every year not to mention blood services. Now it’s a primary hub from which an army of volunteers for the American Red Cross are running the massive relief effort to aid the families and businesses that lost everything in the storm. By the end of the day we had prepped more than 20 pallets of supplies from generous donors like Under Armor, Nike, Sorel, and Merrell. And for every person feeding a hungry child, there are dozens more receiving shipments, packing trucks, making deliveries, and raising awareness and funds to keep it all going. Certainly no one organization could come in and give immediate relief to the millions of people in need. As is usual with even the dinkiest shopping cart on a web site of a mom & pop store I expected a confirmation page before finally submitting. They travel from all across the country, some driving relief vehicles from as far away as Washington state, they give up pay checks and vacation time, they stay in the same shelters as the victims of the storm, eat the same food, work 14 to 16 back breaking hours a day, all because they want to help. Not so with the Red Cross, which would not have been that bad if it wasn’t for a glitch that turned the amount into 2500$ wiping out every penny I had in my account. These volunteers do the best they can but they are not paid professionals and they simply can not be everywhere at once so while it is completely fair to question how the Red Cross and to choose to donate money to any group you choose, please don’t take it out on the hands on the ground!

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