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Flash floods involve a rapid rise of water that can develop quickly, within minutes to hours of the onset of heavy rain.
Flooding can occur more quickly in urban areas as more runoff is created in developed urbanized areas with less green space available.
Heavy rainfall falling over a widespread area (such as a large portion of a watershed) over a prolonged period (like several days) can cause river flooding. Flash Flood Warning implied flash flooding is reported or is imminent in the areas specified in the warning. Flooding of streets, low-lying areas like underpasses and storm drains, and small streams is expected. August 16, 2007 Tropical Storm Erin made landfall along the middle Texas coast around the Port Aransas area. June 19, 2006 Some water rescues occured with this flash flood event that brought flood waters from 2 to 8 inches to as high as 18 to 20 inches into homes along area bayous and creeks. June 8-9, 2001 Tropical Storm Allison devastated a large portion of Southeast Texas with an incredible amount of rain as she meandered around Southeast Texas for over five days. September 11,1998 Tropical Storm Frances made landfall along the upper Texas coast on September 11th.
October 17-21, 1994 The October 1994 Floods were perhaps the worst floods to impact southeast Texas on record. Keep NOAA Weather Radio, battery-powered portable radio, emergency cooking equipment, and flashlights in working order. Keep updated with the latest warnings, watches, advisories, and statements issued by the National Weather Service and be prepared to take action as necessary.
Assist hospitals and other operations which are critically affected by power failure by arranging for auxiliary power supplies. Children should never play around storm drains, creeks, streams, or rivers, or in flooded streets. You’re going to need supplies not just to get through the storm but for the potentially lengthy and unpleasant aftermath. At True Value, I purchased a bunch more supplies for our “grab and go” kit at home that I keep in a big duffle bag in the garage, including an extra tarp, a LED lantern with batteries, a water carrier, extra first aid kit, and camper’s tool. For a full list of what you might need in your region, check out the Ready.gov with a full list of items to have on hand for each type of natural disaster. As for use of a corded phone in the comment above – it will work if you have a traditional phone line in your home. Even though service was spotty, smartphones were our ONLY source of critical info for days, Facebook and twitter being the best sources of info. Speaking of gas, if you have prior warning of the storm, do yourself a favor and gas up all your cars and get several gallons to spare… The gas situation was a nightmare. Check your coverage on your homeowners insurance and be sure you are comfortable with the coverage!
Thank you Terry, excellent tips from someone who recently experienced it, I so appreciate you sharing your advice!
Kate I really think more people should be better prepaid and I think it’s really great that you wrote about it. We live in the Tropical North of Australia, an area prone to some of the nastiest Cyclone’s on the planet.
We have had to use it in the past and every year I hope and pray we wont use it this year, I guess it is the price we pay for living in our little part of paradise.
I love your care emergency kit – will be updating mine with some of those very good ideas!
Can contains 10 One Cup Servings of freeze dried TURKEY TETRAZZINI at just $3.26 per serving.
INGREDIENTS: Cooked Turkey Meat, Asparagus, Modified Cornstarch, Nonfat Dry Milk, Pimentos, Mushrooms, Corn Oil, Sugar, Chicken Base [chicken including natural chicken juices, chicken fat, maltodextrin (from corn), hydrolyzed corn gluten, dried whey, onion powder and natural flavorings, autolyzed yeast extract], Flavorings (hydrolyzed wheat gluten, partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil, autolyzed yeast extract, lactic acid and bonito fish extract), Hydrolyzed Corn Soy Wheat Gluten Protein and Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Salt, Chicken Fat, Dehydrated Onions, Spices, Garlic Powder and Tumeric. Distillation involves boiling water and then collecting the vapor that condenses back to water.
Ready America is the premiere provider of disaster preparedness supplies, earthquake fasteners, and outdoor survival kits. Protect your family and household contents from loss with our affordable readiness supplies for home and office. Preparing employees and community members with awareness and supplies means better outcomes during unforeseen disasters.
We are the ones to turn to when it comes to protecting your family, your community, your business.
Designer, builder, and operator of Big Shakers, the WORLD’S LARGEST mobile earthquake simulators. Typically, river flooding begins as a high crest on the upper part of a watershed that takes several days to move downstream. This usually means heavy rainfall is expected, especially following a period of wet weather when soils are saturated.
Take immediate precautions to protect yourself, most importantly be certain not to drive through flooded areas.
This is similar to the Areal Flood Warning described above except the warning applies to a point along a river rather than a general area. Tropical systems during the summer and early fall, and strong winter storm systems can cause widespread flooding and flash flooding across the area. A southeast to northwest feeder band developed from Katy to the western end of Galveston Island in the morning and moved slowly eastward to a line from Clear Lake to Humble by late in the afternoon. Sections of Sims, Halls and Hunting Bayous along with parts of Vogel and White Oak Creeks experienced significant flooding.

Between the 5th and the 10th, much of Houston and the surrounding areas to the north, east and south received between 15 and 35 inches of rain which caused devastating flooding and flash flooding. As the storm moved inland, widespread heavy rainfall occurred in the Houston metropolitan area. This is very important as flood waters will contaminate the drinking water supply in your area. Have enough non-perishable food, water and medicine to last each person in your family a minimum of one week. True Value also has a great checklist of Emergency or Disaster Preparedness items to have in case the worst happens. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as my writing about my experience. Speaking as an emergency manager for a county on the east coast, this is a PERFECT example of preparedness.
If it’s a Voice Over IP line (VoIP) a corded phone will not work, as your phone service comes through your internet service.
At the very least, you will have helped people be more safe and comfortable in an emergency situation.
We dont have a generator, so before we found someone to stay with we sat in the car to charge our phone. You and your significant other will be getting on each others last nerve due to crankiness … Please do not go through one morning without a good coffee. I attended the disaster preparedness meeting at my childrens school a couple of weeks ago and they had a representative from the Red Cross speak. But sweatshirts, slickers, the extra water bottles and the odd granola bar really help for minor emergencies like getting stuck in traffic with hungry kids, the unexpected rainstorm, or drop in temperature.
I'm a renovator, decorator, and do-it-yourselfer who writes daily about great interior design and smart home improvement. If you become stranded or are not able to return home, having some items will help you to be more comfortable until help arrives. It may be difficult to obtain prescription medications during a disaster because stores may be closed or supplies may be limited. In addition to your Disaster Supplies Kit basics and Evacuation Supplies Kit, gathering the following items will help your family endure home confinement, which often happens following disasters and may include the loss of utilities.
You need to have these items packed and ready in case there is no time to gather food from the kitchen when disaster strikes. Cups of noodles or cups of soup are a good addition, although they need water for reconstitution.
Those in foil packets and foil-lined boxes are suitable because they are tightly sealed and will keep for a long time. To minimize the number of times you open the freezer door, post a list of freezer contents on it. Our products feature 5-year shelf life food & water and are ideal for evacuation or for shelter-in-place. Decades of leadership in emergency preparedness and our customers’ testimonials will tell you this.
And since we can’t stop natural disasters from happening, we design and manufacture innovative products that keep people safer and help save lives in emergency situations. Due to the slow nature of river flooding, ample advanced warning is provided to evacuate people or property in the path of the flooding. Flash flooding can also be produced by strong slow-moving thunderstorms especially during the spring and summer months. Training of cells along this line combined with rainfall rates upwards of 4 to 5 inches per hour resulting in major street flooding and minor flooding of several bayous in Harris County. The Washburn Tunnel was flooded and impassable while Interstate 10 at federal Streets bypass was under water. The largest amount fell over a 6 to 12 hour period on the 8th and 9th resulting in 22 deaths in the Houston area. Liberty recorded 30 inches of rainfall in less than 48 hours, and much of the city went underwater due to a failed levee system.
And yes, cell service was awful for about a week because many were not functional, so a landline is helpful! Welcome to the place where I share my advice and adventures in decorating and DIY projects!
After a disaster, local officials and relief workers will be on the scene, but they cannot reach everyone immediately. Place in an easy-to-carry container the supplies you would most likely need if you were to be away from home for several days. NOAA Weather Radio is the best means for receiving warnings from the National Weather Service. Bring water to a rolling boil for about one full minute, keeping in mind that some water will evaporate.
Even though it is unlikely that an emergency would cut off your food supply for two weeks, you should consider preparing a supply that will last that long.
In a well-filled, well-insulated freezer, foods will usually still have ice crystals in their centers (meaning foods are safe to eat) for at least three days.
We make preparing easy and affordable so that more people will take precautions before disaster strikes….before it’s too late!
Usually, less warning lead time is provided for flash flooding so quick action and decision making may be required.
Flood waters can fill streets, freeway underpasses, and parking lots and can sweep away cars.

If the flooding is more gradual based on a longer period of rain, the areal flood warning may be used. Flooding and flash flooding can occur anywhere in southeast Texas, but is usually most severe near major watersheds like the Colorado, Brazos, San Jacinto or Trinity Rivers, and near urban areas like the Houston metropolitan area.
Widespread major street flooding occurred throughout the afternoon across the eastern half of Harris county with SH 288 impassable near the 610 south loop, I-10 east closed at Wayside, and numerous secondary roads closed along I-45 S, SH 225, and I-10 E. Approximately 3,370 homes were flooded in the Interstate 10 and Beltway 610 vicinity (Belfort an Telephone Roads). More than 48000 homes were damaged (11000 with major damage and 3600 completely destroyed). Frances caused extensive flooding along White Oak Bayou and flooded several major roads and freeways in the Houston area. We keep two large water cooler jugs in our laundry room and he takes them into work and gets new ones when the expiration date gets close. I keep the kids’ memory books, an antique christening gown passed down through my family, and copies of insurance policies there too.
Ask children to help you remember to keep your kits in working order by changing the food and water every six months and replacing batteries as necessary. Keeping them in an easy-to-carry backpack or duffel bag near your door would be best in case you need to evacuate quickly, such as in a tsunami, flash flood, or major chemical emergency. The National Weather Service continuously broadcasts updated weather warnings and forecasts that can be received by NOAA Weather Radios sold in many stores.
Avoid using containers that will decompose or break, such as milk cartons or glass bottles. Tie a cup to the handle on the pot's lid so that the cup will hang right-side up when the lid is upside down (make sure the cup is not touching the water) and boil the water for 20 minutes. The easiest way to develop a two-week stockpile is to increase the amount of basic foods you normally keep on your shelves. Flooding of homes and businesses occurred in the La Porte area where some structures were inundated with more than a foot of water.
Several major highways into and out of Houston were flooded including I-45 north of Houston and US 59 northeast of Houston. It has some excellent advice and info to help you get prepared should something happen and what supplies you would need. I also have an extra pair of contact lenses and a week’s worth of medication stashed with it.
Basic services, such as electricity, gas, water, and telephones, may be cut off, or you may have to evacuate at a moment's notice.
NOAA Weather Radio now broadcasts warning and post-event information for all types of hazards - both natural and technological. Boiled water will taste better if you put oxygen back into it by pouring the water back and forth between two clean containers.
If your water supply is limited, try to avoid foods that are high in fat and protein, and don't stock salty foods, since they will make you thirsty. Four fuel pipelines ruptured on the San Jacinto River, causing a massive fuel spill and widespread fires. One of the greatest features is that when you set up the app, you can identify out of state contacts so that it can notify people if you are safe after an event, limiting the need for multiple cell phone calls clogging up the limited cell grids. If we had more warning, we also have a list of other things to get – original art from the walls, sentimental objects, the contents of our safe, my jewelry box, stuffed animals, etc.
Ask children to think of items that they would like to include in their own Disaster Supplies Kit, such as books or games or appropriate nonperishable food items. Working with other federal agencies and the Federal Communications Commission's new Emergency Alert System, NOAA Weather Radio is an "all hazards" radio network, making it the single source for the most comprehensive weather and emergency information available to the public. An estimated 22,000 homes were flooded across southeast Texas during this event, with $900 million in damage reported.
Your National Weather Service recommends purchasing a radio that has both a battery backup and a Specific Area Message Encoder (SAME) feature, which automatically alerts you when a watch or warning is issued for your county, giving you immediate information about a life-threatening situation.
Allison ended up being the costliest tropical storm ever (>$5 billion) for the state of Texas and for the United States. The average range is 40 miles, depending on topography; the National Weather Radio signal is a line-of-sight signal, which does not bore through hills or mountains. You need to have water packed and ready in case there is no time to fill water bottles when disaster strikes. Following a disaster, having extra supplies at home or supplies to take with you in the event of an evacuation can help your family endure evacuation or home confinement. Try to include foods that they will enjoy and that are also high in calories, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.
Learn more about Disaster Supplies Kits by contacting your local emergency management agency or American Red Cross chapter. If the water does not have a slight bleach odor, repeat the dosage and let stand another 15 minutes. Other chemicals, such as iodine or water treatment products sold in camping or surplus stores that do not contain 5.25 percent hypochlorite as the only active ingredient, are not recommended and should not be used.

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