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In these uncertain times, how can you keep your family, yourself and your property safe while traveling, especially while traveling to a foreign country?
However, the threats of a national disaster, another devastating terrorist attack, or an economy that completely goes belly up are very real. Paul-based The Sportsman's Guide hopes to profit from the growing disaster-preparedness trend with the launch of new survival gear that caters to "preppers"--those readying themselves for natural disasters and apocalyptic scenarios. Terrorists don't only target the military and thieves don't only target the rich; everyone is a potential target.

Five of the virgins were wise and not only took their lamps with them, but also took some extra oil just in case. The other five virgins were foolish and only took what they had in their lamps at that time.
When the bridegroom finally arrived at midnight, someone sounded a trumpet, awakening the ten virgins. The foolish virgins were unable to fill their lamps because they were not prepared and had not brought any extra oil, thus they were not able to join the bridegroom in the wedding celebration.

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