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Aviva Drescher’s first child was only 1 month old when the planes hit the Twin Towers on September 11. Thanks to shows like National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers, a cultural archetype of the new survivalist has emerged: bearded men and their sons living in the backwoods, Deliverance-style. And yet, during last fall’s Sandy madness, a shocking number of New York’s well-to-do insisted on staying put, not wanting to acknowledge even the briefest disruption of their luxurious lifestyles.
Raised upstate, Milo (not his real name) is a 45-year-old boutique equities trader who believes the onus is on the individual to protect himself and his family.

As for transportation, Milo says he has a plan to buy his way off the island if the bridges and tunnels are blocked. The Real Housewives of New York City star—a lifetime New Yorker—watched the events unfold with horror. Drescher and her husband Reid Drescher, president and CEO of the investment firm Spencer Clarke LLC, are big shots. So to discover a “prepper” among the rich, white women of New York’s titular reality show was unsettlingly out of place.
Tinsley Mortimer embodied this attitude as she weathered the storm on the Upper East Side by going to her friend’s apartment … in the same building. After all, should society collapse, it’s the upper crust that has the most to lose (we all saw Bane playing Robespierre in the latest Batman film).
If terrorists could kill thousands of people with a couple of box cutters, what would happen if the Ebola virus was dropped in Central Park?

Perhaps it’s more of a coping mechanism, because when it’s time to “get out of dodge,” money may not equal survival. Drescher revealed her “prepping” habits on camera, it created a pop culture paradox, a confluence of zeitgeists.
People had to leave their doors unlocked so their neighbors could get in, and there would be ransacking of apartments in groups of five, six, seven,” he said.
Ted Wright grew up during the Blitz in London and knows about man-made and natural disasters first-hand. If you're ever going to consider thinking about disaster survival - even someday - you'll need this book.

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