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Let’s just say that we may just be going back to Dairy Queen’s ice cream cake if anyone wants anything fancy again or at least we will be staying within the scope of our abilities! Robots that sings, robots that dances, robots playing Rubik’s Cube and chess, robots greeting guests, robots cooking and delivering food…In Anhui Hefei a robot-themed restaurant was opened on December 26th.
Hefei’s robot-themed restaurant has a total area of 1300 square meters with a dining capacity for 200 people. With the appearance of robots, there will be higher rates of unemployment, is this real progress in society?
The robot operating the fryer requires a cook and technician to supervise it, those delivery robots are not intelligent enough, they can only move along a predefined path. Not bad, if I go open a KTV, and find a few robot prostitutes, would this considered illegal? This is innovative but the cost is too high, will the food also be priced for the average people?
Translation is hard work: In the past, we often have to rely on Google Translate to surf the Chinese internet but it usually comes out as machine translated gibberish. Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers. This is the inherent risk of making an android, a robot that is dangerously close to crossing the uncanny valley. I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of my food being cooked by a machine without taste buds. Seafood and fish are naturals for a beach party, but we've also included a jerk chicken and veggie option that fit nicely into the seaside theme.
I write about the future of work and how it affects those who design and furnish the spaces where we work.
In 2016, 3.6 million baby boomers will retire, one fourth of millennial workers will become managers, and "Generation Z" (those born in 1994-2010) will be entering the workforce. According to a recent Forbes article, "This generation is jaded from the recession, suffers from student loans, and has learned a lot being the children of Gen X.
For more on generational differences (and similarities), check out this article from the New York Times. To understand more about the generational shift from baby boomers to millennials to Generation Z in the workplace, and the best ways to engage these younger employees in 2016, we spoke with Jenny Gottstein, a 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree.
Since 2001, The Go Game has staged unique, interactive events for groups of 3 to 10,000 players around the world in over 25 countries.
Go Game recently polled their clients, asking how often they feel "team-" or "culture-" building activities in their organization help retain talent. As for how tools are evolving to be used today, Gottstein says, "Recruitment has been the dominant theme for the past 5 years.

As for the future, Go Game has recently seen an increase in inquiries around training games and applied play. Although the games created for Gen Z are not in a corporate context just yet, Gottstein offers her observations on this incoming generation: "What we have noticed is that Gen Z is fluent in internet, brilliant, pragmatic, and self-taught. This article originally published in the March 9, 2016 edition of Business of Furniture under the title "How Gen Z Will Affect the Workplace" and can be found at this link.
The robot-themed restaurant had around 30 robots fulfilling the roles of taking orders, cooking, frying and delivering food.
The restaurant specializes in Chinese fast food (mainly local dishes), Western fast food, and Cantonese dim sum, all of which can satisfy most people’s needs.
They can only move or stop based on commands from a computer, they require magnetic strips on the floor to move during delivery.
Take note, there are still many people, the ones who process the bill, arranging dishes, even those who place dishes on the robot carts are people.
Compared to millennials, research shows that members of Gen Z are even more entrepreneurial, loyal, flexible, and realistic in their approach to careers and purchasing. Jenny is a game creator for The Go Game, which creates high-tech, interactive games that are played in real-world surroundings and often used by Fortune 500 clients as a modern method of team building. Their flagship offering combines technology use with real-world interaction and features creative missions designed to get players communicating, problem-solving, and laughing. 79% of Millennials (21-30) indicated "frequently" whereas only 46% of Baby Boomers (51-60) said the same.
As a result, we have seen inside most every major and minor company at some point and we continue to watch things evolve over time. Their conference gamification options have remained popular, but now they are seeing more requests for leadership training games, disaster preparedness games, & mindfulness games. They have a mindset of 'why not?' which changes the pattern of how they interact with the world." She described one game that involved an American Idol-style finale with interactive voting. Gottstein says, "In the case of our games, one of the first missions is to come up with a team name.
For our birthdays we get to choose a birthday meal and dessert and choose a movie to watch.
First, we forgot about food coloring so we had to run out for that, BUT a certain person (who shall remain nameless) grabbed tubes of piping icing instead of food coloring and no one noticed until we got it home. While at the door, a robot greets guests in the local Hefei dialect, attracting many residents to come and experience it. The restaurant is divided into 4 feature areas: dining area, interactive area, robot-themed gift shop and the robot experience zone. Delivering the food to the customers still require the customers to put the food on the table, once the customers leave they can’t clean up.

However, hand-translated content is a time-consuming process often taking hours to write and complete. They choose opportunities for growth and work-life balance over salary when selecting what company to work for. Past gaming projects include citywide food truck scavenger hunts, road trip games to benefit parks, and zombie-themed disaster preparedness. 88% of the Millennial employees thought the investment in team-building was worth it, versus 76% of Baby Boomers.
Many of them are looking for more than salary, so these companies are trying to develop that culture and sense of community to attract and retain top talent.
It's clear that companies are now approaching play as a tool for personal and professional development: the arena of applied play. Please consider becoming a patron of chinaSMACK, to help us continue our work of translating popular online content. Like millennials, they will seek mentors and supporters because they are first starting out in their careers, and they will be even more connected through technology.
Team-building experiences for younger workforces include tools like a Karaoke Rickshaw, espionage-themed adventure games, massive music video competitions, a ridiculous road rally, or taking over an island.
These numbers, plus our anecdotal experiences in the field, suggest a generational shift that prioritizes fun in the workplace. In the early 2000s the games that we were running were just at the excess of the first tech boom. They see a renewed sense of interest and belief that you can change behavior, exchange ideas, and innovate by using play as a tool to facilitate change, interaction, and culture creation. Nonetheless, immediately this group of brilliant, code savvy Gen Zers tried to come up with a code to see if they can hack the system. In a nutshell, their goal is to create unforgettable, custom group experiences and a buzz-worthy public spectacle. My oldest daughter found something that looked easy enough without having to buy a new cake pan.
Jenny feels that the creation of these types of experiences is key to not only engaging the younger generation, but also engaging each generation with one another, and her experiences with these groups of individuals can give us insight of what is to come. This group thought, why not hack in and see if we can tinker around and chose our own adventure?" While many would (naturally) think that destructiveness as a trait is a bad thing, Gottstein says, "I love it. The butter cream frosting was de-lish, but it melted way too fast by the time the coloring was mixed in – should have put it back in the refrigerator!

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