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These procedures are to be used as a guide when notifying staff of a BCP activation and the action to be taken. Upon activation, the Business Unit (BU) BCM Coordinator is to contact his or her Head of BU, and proceed to activating the other staff in the business unit call tree. If person remains uncontactable for 20 minutes, call the next person that this person is assigned to notify. The BU BCM Coordinator will then complete and return the Status Report (Annex 3A) to the Command Center. Highlight in color the staff members who will be going to the alternate office so that the rest of the staff members will understand that they are required to stay at home during the start of a crisis. In the event of an emergency, The University of Alabama will activate its emergency operation plan and establish incident command. The Incident Commander is tasked with directing the emergency response and is authorized to make the decisions necessary to fulfill this task. The normal channels for resource requests and services, as it relates to the emergency, are suspended. I've never heard of ICS before, but it looks worth looking into if you are searching around for a proven structure. I've experienced it first hand and can say it works very well, but I have never seen it used in this context.
Recognizing that tired people make bad decisions and putting the coordinator on 8 hour rotation to prevent this type of secondary failure is really genius. The only real lesson is about not stressing people and keep an 8-hour rotation.The rest is fairly obvious. A natural gas well explosion in the Gulf of Mexico is reviving concerns about drilling safety, three years after the Deepwater Horizon explosion led to the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S.
Forty-four crew members were evacuated Tuesday morning after the well blew out in shallow water, some 55 miles off the coast of Louisiana. While the cause of the blowout is still under investigation, a key safety measure failed on the rig.
Known as a blowout preventer, the set of valves are meant to close down a well in an emergency to stop the flow of oil and gas.
A blow-out preventer far below the sea was implicated in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion.

Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston. Our resident chef shares recipes for spiced charoset, pavlova (flourless meringue cake) and chicken soup. The short film by childhood friends Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Henry Hayes premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. The abolitionist will replace President Andrew Jackson, a slave owner and anti-abolitionist, on the front of the $20 bill.
Before staring in "Sing Street," Walsh-Peelo performed as a boy soprano in "The Magic Flute" and was in his first band at the age of 11. While taking 100% responsibility for the downtime, they also shared a number of the strategies they used to bring their service back to full working order.
They were in constant contact with their AWS representative and worked closely with AWS to solve problems.
The great thing about it is it's expandability---it will work for teams of nearly any size. Heroku has an on-call engineer, an IC coordinator, an escalation process, and the ability to call in all the troops when needed.
Coast Guard, abatement efforts underway near Hercules 265 Rig where fire has caused collapse of the drill floor and derrick following an explosion Tuesday night. The overall non-academic goal within the science curriculum is to develop students’ awareness for the natural risks their environment may present and develop preparedness for natural environment disasters.
I noticed in the Amazon developer forums a lot of people forgot to do this and didn't get the personal help they needed. Heroku didn't know what was wrong or when the service would be up again, so they just didn't say.
The first week is dedicated for students to obtain background information about various natural disasters and the risks they present to human populations.
That takes practice, so practice ahead of failures instead of trying to figure out all this stuff when the EBS is falling.
Even if the status updates did not contain a lot of details, they did show Heroku was there and cared. The second week is dedicated for students to explore preventive, reactive, and recovery solutions to protect various aspects of modern human populations from natural disasters.

The last week is dedicated for students to compile a report on their selected solutions to protect a modern human population from a natural disaster.
Students also may have opportunity to use online or software resources to construct their notes, illustrations, and group display board.
This workbook is aimed at guiding a young child and their parents on developing natural disaster emergency plan.
Dangerous Planet: Natural Disasters That Changed History by Barnard, 48 Pages, 8-12 yr Children Non-Fiction. A non-fiction book students can read in their free time about natural disasters that have influenced human history.
Literacy Strategies: Students will be provided a column graphic organizer aimed at cuing students on information to focus on, and organizing key information that will be used in the following weeks.
On the back of each graphic organizer students are prompted to illustrate and annotate the information. Other learning strategies include scaffolded assignments, guided readings with students, multiple inputs of video and reading material, and contextualizing the content to apply to an authentic problem.
Assessment:The formal written research report aims to evaluate student proficiency of 8th grade science strand 3 as well as 8th grade common core technical writing standard 1B. The first two weeks writing consist of students writing to learn by students organizing research information onto a graphic organizer.
The last week is dedicated to students writing to demonstrate knowledge by synthesizing the information in the first two weeks into a research report.
The writing process is scaffold by the information organized within the graphic organizers. Each research component will be template and modeled, the entire report pacing lasting a week.

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