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A small, windowless bag that will isolate one mobile phone, GPS or other similar-sized device. A laptop sized (15inch laptop) bag designed to isolate all types of laptop up to 15a€?with wireless connectivity. Millitary and Intelligent Agencies use Faraday bags to prevent unwanted applications being invoked remotely or data altered after devices are seized. Law Enforcement organisations use Faraday bags to maintain a secure chain of custody from point of seizure to examination. Forensic Investigators use the 'Lab Edition' Faraday bags during analysis of exhibits and view results directly from the mobile exhibit's screen. Corporate Clients use Faraday bags to safeguard their phones, laptops and tablets during sensitive meetings, in transit or in situations where their electronic devices might be vulnerable to interception. Stops the data on your mobile phone or device being remotely erased by the suspect or their allies.

Portable – The Phone-Shield Faraday Bag by Disklabs can be fit onto the utility belt of an officer, or pocketed for simple, light transportation. Portable – The Phone-Shield Faraday Bag by Disklabs can be fit onto the utility belt of a beat officer, or pocketed for simple, light transportation. To prevent the data from the networks communicating with the device, therefore stops any chance of evidence being tainted. Disklabs Faraday Bag is an enclosure formed by a multi-layered conductive mesh, coated in a rip-stop nylon, (the same material that parachutes are made of), then covered in a polyurethane outer skin to ensure the product is robust and fit for purpose. If you would like to find out more and speak to a member of the Disklabs team, then please get in touch. Disklabs specialise in recovering, analysing and erasing data, but pride ourselves on providing more than just results, we bring effective solutions, products and service that are valuable, to our customers. We do this by being an innovative and forward thinking company that believes in delivering what it says it can do.

We are committed to developing our people who then use their specialist skills and knowledge to help solve complex issues and provide continuous improvements to our services in the fields of data recovery, digital forensics and certified data erasure.
Data handling is at the heart of our business and we ensure that our services, products and solutions are fit for purpose while ensuring our clients' data is secure. We work to ISO9001-2008, ISO27001-2005 and ISO17025-2005 standards, setting our team’s objectives to ensure an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in why, how and what we deliver.
The holdall will isolate multiple devices including laptops, multiple tablets and other larger devices.

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