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I’ve put together a free printable full of fun play ideas for inspiration this Summer!
To print just click on the image and save to your computer or print directly from the webpage. Small cuts and blisters are all too common when you’re lugging around a bag filled with your life.
If you wear contact lenses, or know someone who does, chances are finding an old contact lens case should be easy.
In my opinion you should keep several pairs of these scattered throughout your bag, as you never know when you’re going to have to find them.
Special thanks to REACTINE® for sponsoring this post and helping keep people safe & healthy during their travels.
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Thanks to Michael Salter for yesterday’s guest post on the contents of a First Aid Kit for Dogs. There were a few unnecessary items for a dog first aid kit such as bandages, so I added those to my supplies for my family. We wanted to have an easy way to have the emergency numbers always available, so we created this free downloadable First Aid Emergency Numbers template. To keep the paper from tearing (and to make it easy to replace if the numbers change) we used the acetate to make a little pocket similar to our food storage container. The list also called for  a blanket, duct tape, emergency info, cloth strips, and small towels so I purchased an inexpensive tote bag from Joanne Fabrics. Inspired by The Sweetest Occasion’s Apothecary Jar, we used the same principle for our bag, building a stencil on the mat to start. You can see more of Alice’s photography by liking Alice G Patterson Photography on Facebook.
About Alice G Patterson Photography:  Based in Central New York, Alice specializes in senior portraits, pet photography as well as portraits and product work for small businesses. We recently won a pet first aid kit and I love having everything in one place It is great for those of us who tend to panic and lose their minds in an emergency! Before putting together my kit, I wouldn’t have been able to tell someone where everything was in an emergency.

We get a bunch of tiny travel size doses from our vet for flying since we do carry on only.
Today’s DIY project is all about adding a little extra storage and organization to your bathroom! Serendipity and Spice earns a few cents on the dollar if readers purchase the items I recommend at no additional cost to you. After living and dealing with these uncomfortable experiences on a case by case basis, I got sick of having to detour my travels in order to buy something as silly as a single bandage for a cut, but being forced to carry along a whole box of them. Head to your local convenience store and pick one of these up, share those mints with your friends and family to get rid of them. Rather than taking the whole jar, just grab few and throw them into one of those mini Ziploc® bags.
Cutting out a couple of pills from a package of REACTINE® Non-Drowsy Liquid Gels only takes up a tiny amount of space in the kit, and has the added bonus of fighting allergy symptoms for 24 hours. Nothing will make you look like a bigger hero than when that new travel friend of yours is complaining about their allergy symptoms and you bust out your DIY first aid kit and save the day. Tweezers are small enough that they can easily fit in your DIY first aid kit and can save you from having to deal with the pain and risk of infection that a splinter can cause.
You’re going to want a strong and thick band, like the ones you find on broccoli bunches in the grocery store. It is just the kind of thing everyone needs but doesn’t always get around to putting together.
I have one I keep in the house and a small one for hiking but I usually don’t carry one for walks. Because, seriously, you can never have enough ways to stash things in the bathroom. I personally like to keep everything obsessively organized in the bathroom, with everything tucked into little canisters and apothecary jars. I love how it looks filled up with cotton balls, but again, you can really do it up however you like.
As with all of our posts, DIY projects featured on The Sweetest Occasion may not be copied, distributed or reproduced without express written permission.
See what you can dig up around your house and throw 3 – 4 of these lifesavers in there. I’d recommend using a Sharpie to mark that bag just as a reminder in case you have to store any other medicine in your DIY First Aid Kit. I recommend storing POLYSPORIN® in one, and any other common ointments like iodine or betadine.

I have a small first aid kit for her in the car but I really need to get one for the house. Cotton balls, Q-Tips, bandages, extra toothbrushes, antibiotic ointment – everything has a place. The folks at REACTINE® partnered up with me to come up with the perfect DIY Backpacker First Aid Kit. You could go for a cheap magnesium fire starter, which has the benefit of countless uses, or just track down a few matches (preferably waterproof). It also has the added benefit of providing grip to the kit in case you ever place it on a hard surface.
This DIY project is one of those quick, simple and fun ideas that will help tidy up your medicine cabinet or give you an adorable little jar to tuck onto a shelf. Then use the painter’s tape to mask out a stencil of a first aid inspired cross, directly on the jar. If you’d like to share this post, please link to this post directly for the DIY tutorial and do not include the instructions in your own post. You want to store something that’s going to help with things like bug bites, burns, cuts, scrapes and skin irritations.
As well as the latin name for stuff so if we need to see a pharmacist or vet that does not speak one of the many languages we do – we can at least communicate that. Also, how cute would this be filled with first aid supplies as a housewarming gift or to send off to school with the first-time college student? I eyeballed mine, but you always print out an image of a cross and place it inside the jar and then trace over it with your tape lines to form your shape.
You can clean up the edges of the cross lines as best you can using the edge of your thumbnail.

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