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We were originally just going to feature the incredible pictures from Nuclear Snail Studios, but then we decided to take a closer look. Dimitri will continue making costumes, but his next big project is a post-apocalyptic indie game.
Another goal is contributing to the post-apocalyptic community world-wide as much as possible. Dimitri also takes his time to LARP, though he’s unsurprisingly a bigger fan of the post-apocalyptic genre over the fantasy LARPs. Other than that, the first LARP experiences are extremely intense, they tend to be way over what you can experience in a PC game.
But going to a LARP does not just mean fun and new friends – going to LARP helps you understand yourself, the world, and your current place as well as your desired place in it. Amin Oussar, a friend of Dimitri and a brilliant Director of Photography, see his showreel here.
And then of course there are my best friends who I am working with on our computer game now, my girlfriend Katja, my costume assistant Laura, my programmer nerd friend Max from Plexworks who programs most of the websites I design, and many other people who helped me make my works happen, people who I am thankful to for succesfull collaborations and good times It would make this list a mile long if I listed all of them.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Dimitri played every Fallout game that came out, including Fallout Tactics, but Borderlands, Planescape Torment and Starcraft also helped shape his love for games and design. I owe a lot to this genre, it helped me find my way in life, meet many interesting people, it helped me grow.
You probably know that cool picture that has been going around the internet a while ago, saying “I am a gamer.
Some are there for the hardcore 100% immersion character-play and some just for the atmosphere and the community feeling There are as many reasons as there are people I guess. It has often been the prime motivator for me to get out of bed in the morning and it has been the motivator for me to study design.
For me it was mostly about “Holy shit, I am surrounded by like-minded awesome people. It helps you put things into perspective, see your own life from a distance you can otherwise never achieve.

And it is full of awesome people, so I see it as one of my duties to give back by helping the whole genre grow and the people who enjoy it find their own way, too. Play a merchant character on a LARP and find out! Or what will you REALLY do when you have only one life; your friend is injured, and you can fight to death to protect him or run away, saving yourself?
It passes after some time, but during the time it lasts you will feel like shit, disconnected and lonely.
You might realize just how happy you really are to have your job or your partner or your friends, or learn a TON of other things about your own behaviour and inner wishes, etc.

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