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Summary of clip: This movie portrays the natural instincts of emperor penguins to find a mate after a journey of up to 70 miles on Antarctica to meet a mate. Connection of flickclip to the concept:The animal behavior displayed by the penguins show emotion (love and caring, sadness, concern, anger, jealousy). The penguins endure harsh weather conditions and hunger in order to keep the egg incubated with warmth and to raise the offspring to be independent and carry on the life cycle. The penguins interact with one another to raise a child and work together as a community in order to help the others survive and stay warm.

For a potential learning cycle Explore, students can become acquainted with species adaptations and defense mechanisms by laboratory stations. You can use this clip as an assessment to an evolutionary unit and have the students explain how penguins are best suited for its environment and explain how its adaptations have helped its survival. The harsh conditions that the penguins are subjected to, show their desire and dedication to their race and mate to raise a child. Each station could explain a different form of an adaptation that an animal or plant has adopted in order to survive.

Students will be asked to answer questions at each station and explain their observations.

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