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All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In short, the key element which differentiates the audiovisual field from the interactive one is clear: Thetraditional narrative is linear and the discourse order cannot be changed, whereas with the interactivefield, this order can be affected and modified. 3 Interactive documentary: A definition proposalIf the definition of documentary is blurred and still under construction, the definition of interactivedocumentary is at an even earlier stage. The most commonly used style to write papers and cite sources is the MLA (Modern Language Association) style. An MLA citation is the way that writers bring credit and attention to outside sources of information. The parenthetical citation is a method used to refer to the works of others within the text of your work. Knitted wire mesh gaskets provide a cost-effective solution to high shielding performance applications in the magnetic and electrical fields, including EMP.
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Print PDF Screen Australia is to go to court to seek a legal decision on the definition of a documentary. Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content. 2 Difference between linear and interactive documentariesThe documentary genre is one of the most powerful tools used to explain non-fictional stories aboutreality. Below we propose an approximation to the concept and apossible definition of interactive documentaries based on the proposals of the aforementioned study bySandra Gaudenzi, who states:“If documentary is a fuzzy concept, digital interactive documentary is a concept yet to be defined.

The MLA citation comes in two different forms: the parenthetical citation and the works cited page. An MLA citation requires the authora€™s last name and the page from which a quotation or paraphrase was obtained.
Every parenthetical citation that is used within a work must also be included in the works cited page of that document. Such mediums include: Audiocassette, CD, DVD, Film, Print, Radio, Web, Film, Videocassette, DVD, Performance, Lecture, and PDF file.
The gaskets can be made either completely from knitted metal mesh or from knitted metal mesh over an elastomer core which allows recovery after compression. Its multiple applications have helped the documentary to become a key device within the cinemaindustry even since the first documentary movie, Nanook of the North (1922), which demonstrates thisgenre?s power to immerse the audience in other places and people?s lives.
In the first case, the interaction type is weak, whereas in the second one, itis medium or strong (in the case of linear documentaries, only by pressing play on the DVD or using themouse, the user can see the documentary. Thiscomes with no surprise, since it is an emergent field, but the lack of writing on digital interactivedocumentary has also to do with the fact that new media artists do not consider themselves documentarymakers, and therefore they call their work anything but interactive documentaries. The full details of the reference must be included in the works cited page located at the end of the document. The purpose of this paper is to explore some topics regarding the convergence between the fields of the audiovisual documentary and the interactive documentary.
Nowadays, the documentarycontinues providing the public with unique experiences, representing life and offering fundamentalobservations and thoughts about culture, politics, ideologies and people.For their part, the interactive media, virtual worlds and videogames have started to redefine documentaryexperiences outside the traditional film context.
When a source has multiple authors or when the author is unknown, the format of the MLA citation will change.
These entries include: authors name, form of publication, date of publication, and date of access. A new definition proposal for the new emerging genre, the so-called “interactive documentary”, is argued, compared with the logic of creating and producing linear documentaries. We could say that these experiences are documentary, inthe sense that they provide information and knowledge about real-life subjects and individuals.
Nevertheless, the type of material interms of media and the preferences of authors and participants end up creating a very different finalproduct. According to Gaudenzi, this is clearlymanifested because there are many film and documentary critics, who doubt if an interactive documentarycan be considered as such, due to the lack of a strong narrative voice. For this reason, it is very important to refer to the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th edition). With this information provided, the audience is able to access the source of information in order to validate the content or to learn more about the content.
A taxonomy of the main characteristics of the new genre is also established from three points of view: the director, the text and the interactor.

Those who tried to define the termhave treated the digital interactive documentary as an evolution of the linear documentary framed withinthe predominance of digital convergence. At the end, some considerations about evolving perspectives of the new genre are presented. When this poweris delivered to the user, as is the case of interactive media, the author?s role as a narrator –and,consequently, approaching the story from the same standpoint is either questioned or removed.
Bill Nichols? representation modalitieswere appropriate in the case of linear documentaries, but in the case of analysing interactivedocumentaries, the key elements are navigation and interaction modes.
Intraditional documentaries, the author?s ability to influence the audience is taken for granted, and thisinfluence is exercised through filming and the discursive structure coordinated via editing and staging.But, what happens when this ability is given, at least, partly, to the documentary audience? According to Berenguer, when thenarrative becomes interactive through the use of digital media, it can spread in three main directions:interactive narrative, interactive documentary and games. Although the history of thedocumentary started half a century before that the one of the digital media, both processes haveprogressed and, nowadays, they have reached a very interesting point of convergence. Carolyn Handler Miller, author of the bookDigital Storytelling (2004), also considers the interactive documentary as a type of non-fictionalinteractive film. Towards the end ofthe 20th century and, above all, at the beginning of the 21st century, the two genres have taken differentpaths, overcoming their own trials, surviving in a changing environment and reaching a noteworthydegree of maturity. The author says that the audience “can be given the opportunity of choosing whatmaterial to see and in what order.
From this first contact, each genre adopted a series of properties and characteristicstypical of the other.
In the second case, we start at a point proposed by the author (or indeed, chosen by us), to thenfind branches and alternative ways to the route we follow.
From the point of view of Katherine Goodnow, interactive documentaries arise fromthe initial experimentation with interactive films, where physical, rather than cognitive activity is used tonavigate live within the existing material (video or film).
By the end of last century, offline media –such as CD-ROM or DVD-ROM– were barely used,therefore, the Internet started to incorporate some key factors, which allowed a progressive abandonmentof off-line media and a massive emigration towards the Internet as the only media. Therefore, we do not refer to a sole discourse, but different displays and, by extension,different possible stories. In the second case, the limits of authorship and control over the discourse loseinfluence, which is the main question we tackle more deeply in the next section.

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