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Pal later discovered that the kids were fans of popular Indian actor Rajnikanth, who played the role of a computer engineer in one of his blockbuster action films. A year later, Pal read about a sweet shop owner in the southern state of Tamil Nadu who planned to climb more than a thousand stairs on his knees to pray for the success of a new movie starring Rajnikanth, who only uses one name. The documentary, "For The Love of a Man," produced by Pal and directed by Kalsy, will premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September. There are more than 150,000 fan clubs dedicated to Rajanikanth, and they span the globe from rural Tamil Nadu villages to cities in Japan. Along the way, they found ordinary men who sold their homes to fund fan clubs, held prayer meetings for the success of the actor's films, and even looked for wives based on whether they were Rajnikanth fans or not. Among the fans featured in the documentary is a peanut seller—Mani, a former gangster and a small-time local politician. The documentary won some early awards in India when Pal and Kalsy screened some portions for funding. After all the hard work, Pal said a world premiere at the Venice Film Festival feels great. Sanna Rahola and Douglas Drdul are a couple of master craftsmen collaborating on their work.
Nova Scotia ceramicist Louise Pentz was not satisfied with her success as a production potter. When Gordon Kennedy’s wife Carol passed away, he sought solace in his work as an iron artist. In an industry ­dominated by men, Heather Lawson defied expectations and stereotypes to become the first, and only, female production stone mason in Canada. For three months in 2015, a group of Syrian girls living in the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan participated in a media workshop designed to empower them to tell their own stories and those of the surrounding community. Join Our Mailing ListSign up here to receive announcements, news and special offers from Sebastopol Cinema Arts. For all screenings, in order to be guaranteed a seat, ticketed guests and passholders must be at the venue 15 minutes prior to the start of the screening. All screenings start on-time, we do not hold the door, not even for filmmakers.
If a screening is on "rush" status (meaning all advance tickets have been sold), then a rush line will form for the screening. All-Access Pass holders are permitted to come to the front of the rush line and be admitted once available seats are confirmed. Duane Graves grew up nine houses down from Rene, a charming young man born mentally handicapped. The Meredith College Documentary Film Festival takes starts at 2:00 PM on Sunday, January 24th. The documentary by Rex Miller, Elisabeth Haviland James, and Nancy Buirski explores the life of  Althea Gibson, the first African-American woman to play (and win) Wimbledon and the U.S.

For a full list of the films and map of the college campus, please visit the original blog post here. This year the festival, which will run from the 6th to the 16th of November, launches a new programme called MEGATRENDS.
CPH:DOX is a documentary film festival, which each November fills Copenhagen’s cinemas with more than 200 films from all over the world.
CPH:DOX emphasises the latest and most interesting aspects of the documentary scene, and therefore the film programme contains both films by major and internationally renowned directors and less-known titles by new or unknown talents. Using the documentary as its starting point, CPH:DOX aims to build bridges between the world of film and the many related art forms. In the crossroads between genres and media, CPH:DOX each year creates new perspectives on creativity and interdisciplinary thinking between films, the media, art and music.
This innovative festival format has in no time turned CPH:DOX into one of Europe’s largest audience events within the documentary scene. Credit: Joyojeet PalANN ARBOR—When University of Michigan professor Joyojeet Pal studied the use of computers in a rural school in southern India, he noticed something odd—most of the children he met wanted to be computer engineers, though they had little access to technology.
Pal's belief in the film goes beyond time and research—he has invested his life's savings in the film that follows the fans of Rajnikanth, who has been in more than 200 movies.
His life is a true rags-to-riches story—he rose from bus conductor to India's top-earning film star.
For the past four-and-a-half years, Pal and his team have tracked the lives of some of these fans. It is a look at the lives of real people to explore why they do what they do," said Pal, the primary researcher for the film. In fact, on one of his first dates with his wife, the couple attended the opening of a Rajnikanth film.
In addition, Pal raised about $7,000 on the Indian crowdsourcing website Wishberry last year—funds that helped him finish the film editing. Although he is a woodcarver and she is a fiber artist, they explore techniques of combining their crafts to enhance the effects of each.
In “Mother Earth”, one of Breakwater Studios’ “Life’s Work” master craftsman profiles, she outlines the impetus for her change of style and the direction it sent her. This master craftsman uses vintage machines to produce custom wood products in his Eureka, California shop. While many metalworkers go to great lengths to prevent rust from occurring on their designs, Kennedy uses rust to his advantage. With robust individuality, Lawson lives life on her own terms, creating one of a kind stone sculptures and exemplifying the freedom associated with being true to yourself. A truant from the rough streets of Harlem, Althea emerged as a most unlikely queen of the highly segregated tennis world in the 1950s.

The films are distributed among four international competition series and a number of thematic programmes, which focus on current political and cultural issues. All of this results in different kinds of exhibitions, performances, music and sound projects, live concerts, VJ’ing, and the latest conceptual forms within the film medium.
The festival is also a central meeting place and an important platform for Danish documentaries – both nationally and internationally. This is the first minority volunteer run ambulance corp in the United States of America, and it is fighting to stay alive. During some of his most successful years, he was the highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan. This film is from the Breakwater Studios’ “Life’s Work” web series on craft in Nova Scotia.
Although this craft is part of his own personal journey, he also trains at-risk youth and war veterans. Debates, Q&As and presentations with invited directors and guests are a major part of the festival’s programme, and its club nights, art exhibitions and unorthodox events have become a distinguishing aspect of the festival’s profile. Crack use was at an all time high, causing violence and prostitution, and ambulance response times in Bed-Stuy took up to forty minutes, leaving people to die in the gutter. Working with gang members, alcoholics and drug takers, he taught them that it is better to save a life than to take a life. Together with his volunteers, Rocky has reduced the waiting time for an ambulances to a record breaking four minutes. But the ambulance corp has fallen on hard times while waiting for a new headquarters, and has been forced to operate out of a tent in an empty lot. However, I waited and after gaining quite a significant amount of experience I felt this was something I could do myself.
I contacted Rocky Robinson in Brooklyn and I went out there to meet him, we got on well and as no-one had ever made a documentary about these guys this was something I seized with both hands.
I wanted to work with them and and see real life in a bad neighborhood where a few good natured people were trying to make a difference. It was a struggle and the nature of trying to film in a foreign country meant that I had only select time there and I felt I missed things, but what was important was trying to catch a passing of time which I felt I did.

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