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After a heavy firefight, Colombian jungle special force commandos captured one of the the top 20 most wanted men in Colombia. The lethal, highly radioactive nuclear waste from decades of nuclear power use is to be disposed of in final repositories for centuries to come. The Slow Food Story is the essential one-stop critical guide to the history, ideas, structure, and membership of the Slow Food movement. The 14th annual Tribeca Film Festival kicks off in New York City this week, bringing together established filmmakers, celebrities and the stars of tomorrow for a 14 day film extravaganza.
TFF's opening night film is Time is Illmatic, a documentary that explores the legacy of Nas' seminal album, which celebrates its 20th anniversary on April 19.
While the video above is 18 months old at this point, it's still relevant to today's story. There aren't a ton of details on the car itself yet as it won't have its official debut until a little later this month. Porsche Buyers GuidesSpecial Offers: Save on quality tires with these manufacturer's promotions available from Tire Rack. Entangled, mangrove forest on the Bay of Bengal is the kingdom of a creature rarely seen by humans.
More than a decade ago, cameraman Mike Herd captured the swamp tiger on film for the first time. This first tiger footage was tantalizing and all-too-brief, but for Mike it was enough to stir a passion.
Four mighty rivers rise in the Himalayas and pass through Bangladesh, dividing into small streams and channels to pour into the sea in the Bay of Bengal. Flood waters carry human victims downstream; corpses are washed onto the muddy banks of the Sundarbans giving some tigers the taste for human flesh. On the muddy bank there is the first tell-tale trace of the tiger - a recent set of pugmarks leading deep into the forest.

You know you're in for a good doc when the 3 minute mark is of tiger feces being poked with a stick. Why did you just spend the last hour doing what your speaking out against, which is sit and watch a documentary.
United States Air ForceĀ first recorded instances of an AC-130 Gunship engaging targets in North Vietnam.
John Hilliker, a weapons expert, discusses how the Viet Cong used Punji traps to injure american soldiers during the Vietnam war. The Vietnam War was one of the worst horrors of the second half of the 20th century and the causes behind it continue to baffle people to this day.
To supply it with fresh water is such a task that it makes it compulsory to bring it from other states. Dwindling resources, mountains of toxic waste, hunger and climate change—the results of overpopulation? The concept of Slow Food is not just a practical necessity for survival but offers a glimpse of a transformative change for the better in the way we live our lives. We're putting a spotlight on some of the exciting Black films screening at this year's festival.
Following with what Ruf has always been known for, this car is a narrow body 2-wheel drive car with a big turbo and a big intercooler in the back. One of the most efficient predators on Earth, this animal is feared as a killer and a man-eater - the legendary swamp tiger.
It was an extraordinary breakthrough, the first glimpse into the secret life of the least known tiger in the world - the swamp tiger of the Bangladeshi Sundarbans.
They form an intricate mangrove delta, a collection of sand banks and mud held together by entangled roots.
Every year up to a hundred people are killed by tigers, yet for the poor there is no alternative.

A Decade of Dog Tags includes narration by your favorite stars-- Charleton Heston in Vietnam!
Ponyboy and Rachel, the young lovers, attempt to settle down in Texas, but the freedom of the road lure them back. These tigers are so elusive that all attempts to track them in these impenetrable swamps ended in failure. The fishermen spend months on-board their boats trying to avoid the bandits who steal their catch and their belongings. Brothers Skrappe and Christmas - separated most of their lives - try to rekindle their distant brotherhood. The times have changed over the years, and Freeload tells the story of the modern day rider. Better known as the founder of Bisimoto Engineering, the maker of insanely powered and wildly engineered Porsches.
Somewhere in those 6,000 square miles, 10,000 square kilometers, are a few hundred tigers, yet the only way to track them is on foot. Dice, the soft-spoken mystic will risk everything to ride the rails.directorDaniel Skaggs was born in Kentucky, USA. After completing a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana and operating an organic vegetable farm in the Rattlesnake Valley, he co-founded Highway Goat Productions.
Because I was not an outsider, the characters of Freeload could tell their stories without inhibition.

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