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HBO has released the schedule of documentaries it’ll be airing for the first half of the year and included in the bunch are looks at acclaimed cartoonists, mother-daughter relationships, prison education, weddings, and poverty, among several other topics that will be broached by HBO Documentary Films this year.
Subject: Sandra Bush, the mother and muse of director Mickalene Thomas, also a New York artist.
Subject: Women and poverty in the United States through the lens of a single mother with three children and a full-time job.
Subject: Hudson Link, a prison education program instituted at Sing Sing Correctional Facility. Subject: Camp Erin, a camp where children can go and grieve for the loss of a loved one that was founded by baseball player Jamie Moyer.
Subject: Themes of love, commitment, and life following a wedding, juxtaposing present-day reality with wedding-day flashbacks.
Shilo Adams is a contributor to TVHackr whose work has appeared on the likes of TVOvermind, KSiteTV, and ScreenFad.

Deadline is reporting that HBO has opted to not move forward with Ryan Murphy drama Open, whose pilot was officially ordered by the network last April. Go to the Browse Documentaries section and sort by Rating to get started with the best documentaries out there.
If you have a slower connection that can’t support streaming services, One Big Torrent is here to help. Last year included documentaries about amFAR, Stephen Sondheim, and chemical companies, while 2014 has thus far seen The Education of Mohammad Hussein, a documentary centering on an Islamic school dealing with radical Quran-burning pastor Terry Jones. What would you like to see the network profile in the documentaries it’ll produce for the second half of the year?
If you are new to the docu-game or identify yourself as a knowledge junkie, Top Documentary Films will satisfy all your urges. The public broadcasting network that brings us knowledge and interesting production when other channels can’t get over their Big Bang Theory re-runs.

Their in-house video content is top-notch, so when it comes to their Documentary section, you can’t expect anything less. Check out the subreddits for Documentaries, Lectures, Science Documentaries and Art Documentaries. Vimeo’s lack of cat videos is more than fulfilled by its collection of utterly gorgeous and high quality videos.
Hulu’s documentary collection might not be as big as some of the above sites, but it does offer documentaries in HD. You live your life in a certain way, be good, truthful, clear, controversial, outspoken, support subtitles, shoot in HD and you might just, just end up in the documentary heaven, the place all documentaries someday hope to¬†end up at.

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