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In the case of Komen, the award of a four-star rating tells us that it is a highly-rated fiscally responsible and financially responsible organization. Not whether it lives up to its mission, aligns its programs and allocates funds to its mission, buries overhead within program budgets, uses evidence-based practices, etc.
But Charity Navigator doesn’t have the resources to hire staff to review 5,500 charities and therefore must find cost-effective ways to evaluate them. But will Charity Navigator concur when they update Komen’s ratings under their new evaluation system? The second chart, compares the results of 2010 in total dollars to all prior years for which financial statements are available from Komen’s website. As this third chart shows, relative to dollars earned, allocations to the Research program (purple line) seem to be on a definite downward trend, whilst the other programs remain fairly flat, and Administrative Expenses (orange line) seem to be on the increase. To recap; although the Research program was allocated 19% of total revenue only 16%  of total revenue was used to fund actual research!
Perhaps this is another criteria for Charity Navigator to consider when establishing their new ratings system. Following a career spanning fifteen years in public accounting and tax consulting, Anna Rachnel is now a full-time blogger.
Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising.
Although the term may have been new to many of the viewers, the title F9 monkey was first coined during the birth of the credit derivative decades ago. The Russian and Syria military people must be hoovering this kind of paperwork up, as they have dedicated units that move into captured areas quickly to search for hard intel quickly, before it gets grabbed by people looking for stuff to sell or lost to the elements. But for some reason, neither of them has chosen to use it to discredit Turkey despite its ignoring the ceasefire.
Now the risk is that documented proof is made public and still nobody cares, which makes catching them at it a futile effort, as the deck is stacked with Turkey being in NATO. All the towns are located in an oil-rich area and were populated predominantly by the Syrian Kurds. The area was previously under the control of Daesh, and was recently liberated by the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the armed wing of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD). The score of left over documents reveal the scope of the pumped and sold oil and an apparent connection with Turkey, as some documents have a Turkish addresses on their cover pages. What the crew has in its possession are financial records which detail the tracks of the illicit trade, revealing the scope and cost of the extracted oil.
Financial records which detail the tracks of the illicit trade, revealing the scope and cost of the extracted oil. The document has the name of the well, the price per barrel, the date of sale, the number of trucks used for delivery and the total cost of the sold crude. Some documents list the name of the driver and the type of the car used for particular deliveries.
A document dated January 23, 2016 stipulates that a barrel of crude oil extracted from the oil station of Kabiba was selling at $13.

One document in particular, dated January 23, 2016 stipulates that a barrel of crude oil extracted from the oil station of Kabiba was selling at $13.
Among other papers left in a hurry were Islamic propaganda literature, religious notes and data on various punishments for alleged misbehavior. The Saudi fighter revealed that he had easily crossed the Turkish–Syrian border and confirmed that all the supplies that they needed had been coming over from Turkey. The Turkish serviceman also confirmed how easy it was to cross the border and said that his commander instructed him to flee to Turkey if ever he was wounded or got surrounded. Their comments were confirmed by a bunch of leftover passports and other IDs shown by a YPG officer. Among other documents discovered by the crew is a manual, entitled “How to wage an ideal fight against the criminal Assad regime.” The manual was apparently issued and printed in Istanbul, Turkey, as it has the Turkish address, phone numbers and Facebook page in the lower right-hand corner. A suicide bomber’s head-band and a manual, entitled “How to wage an ideal fight against the criminal Assad regime” found in an office of one of the Daesh jihadists in Shadadi.
The manual was found in one of the hospitals of Shadadi, which Daesh fighters kept holding even after the rest of the town was liberated. Along with the manual, a suicide bomber’s head-band was found in an office of one of the Daesh jihadists in Shadadi.
The manual was apparently issued and printed in Istanbul, Turkey, as it has the Turkish address, phone numbers and Facebook page in the lower right-hand corner. The views expressed herein are the views of the author exclusively and not necessarily the views of VT, VT authors, affiliates, advertisers, sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns. Vladimir Putin Morally and Intellectually Humiliates Mass Murderer Madeleine Albright (10596)Why is Gordon Duff’s 2014 Keshe article #1 on VT this week? FrontlineFrontline aired the first two parts of their 4-episode documentary "Money, Power & Wall Street" last night.
The documentary explores the causes and effects of the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, tracing the creation of the credit default swap, its application to the mortgage market, the de-regulation of Wall Street and the months leading up to the height of the crisis.
Charity Navigator then uses the results of this evaluation to assign rating stars;  zero stars being the lowest  to four stars being the highest.
It will train an “army of volunteers and graduate students” to evaluate charity’s effectiveness, says CEO Berger.
And why the need to spend $6.3M on Professional Fees expense, which is generally fees like accounting, legal, public relations, financial management etc.? In her main blog, The Cancer Culture Chronicles, Anna writes about her personal experiences as a woman living with metastatic breast cancer, her observations of the surrounding breast cancer culture, as well as other important issues relevant to the breast cancer community.
Dean is managing editor of Veterans Today wearing many hats from day to day operations, development, writing and editing articles.
Film crews have bigger budgets, so they need good material like this, and have some reward money to show their thanks for getting it.

Shadadi was freed in February 2016 and was the last town the Daesh group controlled in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah province.
Other documents appear to show estimates of how many barrels were left in a well or whether it had been fully emptied. He also commented at length on the Erdogan’s policy, his ties with Daesh and the illegal oil trade. Has Komen been “effective” in the way it has spent the estimated $2Billion it has raised since 1982? Sounds like money could be better invested elsewhere and that this org got bloated, inefficient and needlessly political. The capture of the city closed off a key supply route for Daesh between Iraqi Mosul and Syrian Raqqa. The remaining 60% of revenue or $233M was spent on Administrative Expenses (about 18% for General Overhead and Increases to Assets, and about 42% attributable to Program Expenses).
Hailing from Australia originally, Anna holds an Australian Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and Masters’ degrees in Business Administration and Science from an American university. There, we look to see how well a charity is performing and instead come away with meaningless fluff! The very worst to reconcile is the Haiti earthquake relief and abject failure to coordinate efforts. Where do the legal fees for trying to stop small groups (even ones who do not use the ‘for the cure’ slogan) get allocated for audit? Vietnam found several uncles serving, a cousin, and brother Wendell as a young Ranger officer. And, does “Education” cover the pink buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken and the new perfume manufacturing?
His mother was a WWII widow at 16, her first husband killed with all 580 aboard when the SS Paul Hamilton, an ammunition ship with 7000 tons of explosives aboard, was torpedoed off the coast of Algiers. He has been writing, speaking and doing public relations, television, consulting and now multimedia work for a variety of American heritage, historical, military, veterans and Intel platforms. Henry Lewis Gates, and he has guest lectured at the Army Command and General Staff School at Fort Gordon. Currently he is working to take his extensive historical video archives on line to assist his affiliated organizations with their website multimedia efforts, such as the Military Order of World Wars, Atlanta, Sons of the American Revolution, Sons of Confederate Veterans , Assoc. Why do people want to hear fabulous claims about finding a cure , before they get involved in helping ?

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