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Before David Blaine and David Copperfield, there was one man whose name was synonymous with being the master of illusion and escape – Harry Houdini. But with these blood-suckers on the loose, the town’s residents quickly learn that a casual dip in the pool or routine trip to the toilet can turn deadly as the lampreys hunt for their next victim. Short and documentary films in Manipur, limited in number as of date, do have a place in the Manipuri social progress, having recorded valuable information of the contemporary and current events on the one hand and on the other, as having had documented important aspects of the cultural and customary life, tradition and heritage of the Meiteis in the Imphal valley and of the tribal communities in the hills of Manipur.
Progressing from black & white to colour, with formats in 16mm and 35mm, the non-feature films had edged in to win recognition in the national and international fora for their contributions in projecting as well as popularising the different facets of the Manipuri life and the hitherto unknown facts of Manipur's rich heritage.
A listing of the documentary films produced till date with the available data of each film, limited in many cases, is given here in yearwise sequence. As per the records, the first Manipuri documentary film to be ever screened publicly was MAIPAK, SON OF MANIPUR in 1971.
The film took up as its subject the achievement of Nongthombam Maipak Singh who clinched the prestigious title of Mr. The film also participated in the London Film Festival and in the Bombay International Film Festival in 1989.
A special focus has been laid on the Sangai (Cervus eldi eldi), the rare and endangered brow-antlered deer. The film bagged the State Award for the Best Documentary Film in the second Manipur State Film Festival in 1994.
The associated ritual of pulling and erecting the village-gate has been captured in detail.
The Department of Information & Public Relations, Government of Manipur produced two short documentary films in this year. The film bagged the State Award for the Best Documentary film in the non-feature category of the first Manipur State Film Festival in 1984.
The film was judged the Best Film in the non-fiction section of the International Short Film Festival held at Calcutta in 1985. The film is produced by the Films Division of India, and is directed by Aribam Syam Sharma. This article was webcasted with due courtesy to MFDC (Manipur Film Development Corporation) on October 22 2009.
The first original program to run during Discovery Channel’s 2013 showing of Shark Week was an over-dramatized show looking at the possibility of the existence of Megalodon, a giant shark at one point believed to be an ancestor of the White shark. The show starts with a dramatic video that looks to be shot by an amateur with friends on a fishing trip. After using the powers of the internet to search for the past 90 minutes, I’m decently convinced this show is for dramatic effect only and has no real scientific value. There is also overwhelming evidence that shows that the earth temperature overall is not warming.
I found the most interesting part of that book was the epilogue after the story, where Crichton talks about his personal views based on all the research he performed during the writing and publishing of the book. We are idiots in the aspect that we know that we are depleting every resource from our planet and overpopulating it and are unwilling to do anything about it.. I could buy into global warming if it was for the fact that the earth sits on a tilted axis. Oh,and a comment… Does anyone REALLY care so much about getting their point across on this blog, that they would cut off their own pinky toe? Um not saying global warming doesn’t exist but this climate is the calmest climate this planet has ever had.
Global warming has plenty of evidence to clarify that it does in fact exist however Megalodon the monster shark lives does have strange claims and inquiries about the fact that Megalodon still lurks our waters.The evidence portrayed in this episode of shark week does not entirely prove that megalodon exists. Global warming is not a theory, it is a proven fact by essentially the entire scientific community, Megalodon is bull shit. Yes, there are solar flares, and this year is the one year in an 11 year cycle where the hottest part of the sun faces the earth, but earth is warming much FASTER than any other planet in the solar system and much more DRASTICALLY. There is no way we have extensive temperature data on every planet in the solar system unless direct readings have been recorded over a long period of time.
What is getting worse, however, is the desire of the ruling class to ramp up the propaganda to serve their oppressive agendas.
I agree with DocBrown and Seriously, if you think there is no Global Warming, you are a complete idiot.
The United States is very close to adopting an international agreement that would ration the use of energy and of technologies that depend upon coal, oil, and natural gas and some other organic compounds. The proposed agreement would have very negative effects upon the technology of nations throughout the world, especially those that are currently attempting to lift from poverty and provide opportunities to the over 4 billion people in technologically underdeveloped countries. It is especially important for America to hear from its citizens who have the training necessary to evaluate the relevant data and offer sound advice.

During the past 2 years, more than 17,100 basic and applied American scientists, two-thirds with advanced degrees, have signed the Global Warming Petition. Signers of this petition so far include 2,660 physicists, geophysicists, climatologists, meteorologists, oceanographers, and environmental scientists (select this link for a listing of these individuals) who are especially well qualified to evaluate the effects of carbon dioxide on the Earth’s atmosphere and climate. Signers of this petition also include 5,017 scientists whose fields of specialization in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, and other life sciences (select this link for a listing of these individuals) make them especially well qualified to evaluate the effects of carbon dioxide upon the Earth’s plant and animal life.
Nearly all of the initial 17,100 scientist signers have technical training suitable for the evaluation of the relevant research data, and many are trained in related fields. Of the 19,700 signatures that the project has received in total so far, 17,800 have been independently verified and the other 1,900 have not yet been independently verified. The remainder of the initial signers and all new signers will be added to these lists as data entry is completed.
Kenneth M Labas, Melvin Labitt, Paul Lacelle, MD, PhD, John J Lacey Jr, James Lafervers, PhD, John M Lafferty Jr, Eugene C.
The mermaid "mockumentary" featured biologist Dr Paul Robertson who was also in the first show and appears with brand new footage of the alleged mythical creatures, allegedly taken this spring in the Greenland Sea.
After the first special aired, Mermaids: The Body Found, the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration released a statement to clear up confusion for perplexed viewers over whether mermaids were real.
Who are we??”, which follows the Japanese rock band through venues all over the world including, London, Germany, and Singapore. ONE OK ROCK DOCUMENTARY FILM” and would be released in Japanese theatres from 16 May 2014 to 05 Jun 2014.
It’s especially nice to isolate each bit of logic in a separate file so you automatically avoid regression errors in unrelated areas.
It is created with the mission to bring AFA to you 365 days a year through an engaging platform where we dive into the wealth of exclusive content from AFA! HOUDINI follows the man behind the magic as he finds fame, engages in espionage, battles spiritualists and encounters the greatest names of the era, from U.S.
The film was declared OUTSTANDING FILM OF THE YEAR 1989 by the British Film Institute, London.
The film highlights the essence of the traditional village-gate erecting ceremony of the Mao tribe in northern Manipur. The film also participated in the non-feature category of the Indian Panorama section of the International Film Festival of India in 1985. The film deals with the freedom movement in Manipur, emphasising on the contributions of the Manipuri women in resisting the British rule in Manipur.
The film goes in length to reason the changing environment in Keibul Lamjao, the habitat of the Sangai, and the consequent threat to the survival of the deer species. You would think that if a fishing vessel went down mysteriously in April of 2013 off the coast of South Africa with no survivors, it would certainly be in the news. However, the show (a glorified version of Blair Witch Project)tried to scare people in thinking that the megalodon actually existed, they didn’t provide real proof of anything.
If they were using a different isotope with a longer half-life, then it would be less accurate, and may show the tooth as being much younger than it should be, would it not?
He covers both sides pretty well and comes to the conclusion that we don’t know enough one way or the other. Therefore… the rotation of the planet is not the same everyyear much less 100s of years. Discovery channel obviously dramatically dropped that tag and it sank quickly and solemnly to the bottom of the ocean. In addition to these 17,100, approximately 2,400 individuals have signed the petition who are trained in fields other than science or whose field of specialization was not specified on their returned petition.
No industrial funding or money from sources within the coal, oil, natural gas or related industries has been utilized. Animal Planet managed to reel in 3.6 million viewers with the special that speculates about the real-life existence of mermaids using actors, according to ABC News.
Kristen Connolly, Evan Jones, Szofi Berki, Tom Benedict Knight, and Ivan Kamaras also star. Universe contest organised by the International Federation of Body Builders at Paris in 1971.
These were mainly recordings of government sponsored state functions in connection with particular events. These documentary films were screened publicly on April 9 in 1972, on the same day of screening the inaugural show of the first Manipuri feature film Matamgi Manipur. The film is based on the salient features of the internationally re-known floating park at Keibul Lamjao in Bishenpur district of Manipur. Then the show starts talking about how the boat was attacked from below and could have been from a Megalodon.
The search results only included references and descriptions for the Discovery Channel show I was watching. Additional I looked for any records of the Brazilian Coast Guard rescue video that seemed to show a giant creature swimming near a rescue site.

All Discovery Channel needs to do to thrill viewers is show real footage of the creatures up close, not drum up some ridiculous and currently unverifiable story to capture an audience. They didn’t even provide real instances of anything, if they actually took a sunken ship, lets say the Titanic, and created a conspiracy theory, the show would have been more believable. There is data to support and discredit most arguments currently being made from both sides. To the contrary, there is good evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally helpful.
The petition’s organizers, who include some faculty members and staff of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, do not otherwise receive funds from such sources.
The drama will chronicle the life of a man who can defy death through his stunts, his visions and his mastery of illusion. Duration of the film is 10 minutes and the medium is in both Man\puri(Meiteilon) and English. The films include (a) Statehood Day Celebration of January 21 in 1972 (b) Plan Exhibition of 1972, and (c) Republic Day Celebration of January 26 in 1972. The film also narrates the role of the Indian National Army, INA in its struggle against the British rulers.
I searched Google, I went to some of the South African news outlet sites and searched through archives and performed searches on boats sinking, etc.
One only has to follow the money to carbon credit brokering to understand that a select few stand to make potential billions ( including Al Gore) from all the taxation that will occur due to these beliefs.
The earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling and this has been determined to some degree of accuracy by drilling and studying cores from under areas that have only recently been uncovered by the melting Greenland ice sheet.
Points to the earth climate changing in a pattern we haven’t had enough recorded years to map. Global warming haz been proven to be junk science and the data used to prove its facts have been falsified! Several names, such as Perry Mason and Robert Byrd are still on the list even though enviro press reports have ridiculed their identity with the names of famous personalities. Their signatures represent a strong statement about this important issue by many of the best scientific minds in the United States.
The film has as its subject general aspects of the state, with reports on the governmental development programmes. It has been determined that the earth goes through heating and cooling cycles on a regular basis without our help.. Then Any expert would be a fool to be against the (Theory),debate – Oh Yes There has Never Been a Real Debate in the news or in schools has there!
The film captured the extra-ordinary physique of Manipur's famous and handsome muscleman for posterity. Carbon 14 is a radioactive isotope of carbon and it has a half-life of roughly 5,370 years. The reason there is more data about greenhouse effecting climate change is because the MONEY behind it punishes scientists for speaking out about THEIR findings. Fact over 17,000 Experts signed a Petition Against the Theory of GW Claiming that the ones Pushing this theory are doing so for Political purposes!
The Earth had been here for roughly 4.6 billion years its warmed and cooled 100s if not thousands of time since its begging. When scientist use radio metric age dating they count the amount of half-lives that have past. Theres geological Fact that there was periods on Earth in different parts of the world that it got so Hot that every thing died!
If I have that meg tooth from 10,000 yrs ago and I had a mass spectrometer I would use the isotope carbon 14 and compare that to the amount of the daughter isotope Nitrogen 14. Linzen’s doubts and counterpoints have been scientifically rebutted and PROVEN false.
There were NO COMBUSTIENGINES HELL THERE WERENT ANY PEOPLE FOR THAT MATTER….THE SUN DID IT! The Bathtub water will Still slowly warm up As the Ice block melts But it will Never cool the whole tub of water. GW is a Political agenda to raise our taxes and Limit our energy consumption and Hamstring our production of energy.
Obama and Michelle taking separate jets for their numerous vacations Al Gore keeping his 7 big screens on 24 hours a day His home using more energy in his mansion then 10 families use in a month?

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