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When Roko Belic was 18 years old, he traveled to Africa, prepared to see unspeakable suffering. He was delivering money and supplies to refugees of Mozambique’s civil war, a group that he knew had been “completely brutalized”; some had had their arms, lips, or noses cut off in the conflict. Belic is the director of Happy, a new documentary that is receiving its theatrical release today.
Along the way, the film weaves in decades of research on happiness, featuring interviews with some of the world’s leading scientific experts on the topic, including Ed Diener, Richie Davidson, and Sonja Lyubomirsky. Happy has been screened in cities and festivals around the world; it begins its theatrical run today in Corvallis, Oregon. Belic, who also directed the charming (and Oscar-nominated) documentary Genghis Blues, recently spoke with me about what he learned about the secrets to happiness, why the United States isn’t as happy as other countries, and how making this film changed his own pursuit of happiness. Roko Belic: Well, when we first had the idea to make this project, I did not realize that there was a science growing around the study of happiness. But at the same time, I did not want to make a talking head documentary, or a documentary that felt more like a lecture. JM: And why did you get interested in doing a film on happiness in the first place, before you even became aware of the research—what was the inspiration for the film? Now when Tom first found success in the filmmaking world and bought his first mansion in Beverly Hills, he said he had this very powerful feeling when the movers left and he was standing in the entrance to his new house: He was no happier then than he had been before he’d bought this amazing house. You should know that making a documentary for me often means a commitment of four or more years. JM: So, after learning about these research findings, does that old New York Times article Tom Shadyac read make more sense to you? So being in a country that pushes those values, it makes sense why we would be lower on the happiness scale than other countries that are worse off in some ways financially but have their values more geared toward intrinsic, cooperative ways. JM: Are any stories from the film that you think illustrate how other cultures, or even people within the United States, have values that really do promote happiness? RB: Yeah, there’s a story we covered in the film of a family living in a co-housing community in Denmark. And so in the Danish co-housing community where we filmed, we saw 20 families cooperating almost like one single extended family, where chores like cooking food were shared by the whole group. RB: There are two simple things, and they both have to do with how we spend our time and what we choose to think about.
There’s a guy in our film named Ronaldo Fadul, and he is a very avid surfer in a small town in Brazil—he has essentially made surfing the priority in his life. That became a priority for me after I spoke with a happiness researcher who said that when he saw what physical aerobic exercise does for the brain in terms of health and happiness, he started riding his bicycle to work every day. Anger has a place at work, Geddes and Lindebaum argue, as long as it meets three conditions.
How meditation helps us become better, happier people, a book launch for Lama Tsomo’s Why Is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling?
Finds that feeling gratitude produces kind and helpful behavior, even when that behavior is costly to the individual actor. Become a member of the Greater Good Science Center to enjoy exclusive articles, videos, discounts, and other special benefits.
A program on shortwave radio which your servant hosts, From the Isle of Music, is dedicated to several different genres of Cuba's music and also features interviews with the artists in addition to the music.
After their successful show at Yoshi's last year, Cubanismo is back for a string of big concerts at SF JAZZ: tonight, Saturday and a Sunday matinee.
Master percussionist Joaquin "El Pulpo" Pozo will be in town to teach some master classes and to perform as a guest artist with the Angel d'Cuba Septet. ENGLISH: For those who love most styles of Cuban music in addition to Timba, a new radio program, From the Isle of Music, features almost everything including Timba, Traditiional Son, Jazz cubano, Fusion, Rock, even a little classical. ENGLISH: Finally, The 8th Annual San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival takes place February 11-14 at the Hotel Whitcomb in San Francisco. Septeto Nacional, a Cuban music institution since 1927, performed to a sold out crowd at Brava Theater in San Francisco on January 17, 2016, playing their exquisite form of son.
I was at Jazz Plaza in Havana (and also in Santiago de Cuba) in December, and in the near future I will be sharing a lot of what I learned and experienced.
Knowing Aisar's talent as a composer and arranger and his command of Cuban popular dance music ranging from timba to more traditional music such as son, I have great expectations for this band.
UPDATE: The Sunday show was sold out and a clinic (with lots of performing) has been added for Monday.
Septeto Nacional will be in New York at Lehman College on January 16th (Orquesta Broadway opens) and at Brava Theatre in SF on the 17th.
Pepito: The song was recorded by musicians from different countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Peru and New York. Part of this endeavor is the 1st annual Carnaval de la Salsa, which will take place in Havana from February 25-28. That is more than enough to make the Carnaval de la Salsa a must-attend event for any timba fan.
For the parties, Maykel (Blanco) is also bringing in international DJs such as Jack El Calvo (France), El Samurai (Italy) and Patricia La Peruana (France), as well as Cuba's best-known timba DJ  - Mandy. Calle Real's third CD is available today at on-line digital retailers, just in time for Christmas!
It has been a long road - six years to be exact - but with patience, dedication and faith the guys from Calle Real will celebrate the release of their third album with a release party tonight at Scala Theater in Stockholm, Sweden.
Just in time for the holidays, two long-awaited timba releases will be dropping in December. Track list Intro Somos El Team Donymood Te Lo Di Bienvenido Créeme Película en color Hoah! One soundbyte that has stayed with me from that night -- courtesy of Alden -- is that he mentioned that "precisely now that the Buena Vista Social Club is saying goodbye to the stage, Septeto Santiaguero emerges as a world-class group, taking the very best of Cuban traditional music to every part of the world". It sounds as a cliche, but in fact, one of the key factors for feeling happy, is being grateful. First, what I found most interesting is that a lot of people attribute happiness to the current circumstances of their lives.
Bhutan, which is a country you usually don’t hear much about, even created the Gross National Happiness as a goal to pursue and evaluate the quality of the govern.
So, no more excuses, go shake your bone and find yourself new things to do that will make you the happiest person on earth! IsA Wonderful World is a series of urban interventions created to break the routine and bring joy to people living in big cities. Justin grew up a country boy in a female-dominated family that smoothed him into the softie he is today. How is it possible that people who’ve suffered so much can seem happier than people who’ve grown up enjoying the comforts of the West?
For five years while making the film, Belic traveled the world capturing stories of people who were truly happy—and not so happy—taking him from the United States to India to Japan to Denmark and many points in between.
The stories he collected from around the globe illustrate what science knows about what makes people happy, what doesn’t, and why happiness matters.

Of course, that was one of the first things we discovered as soon as we started looking into it. I really feel that the power of film is greatest when it captures an emotional response from an audience. For a long time I felt like a really lucky person, and I feel that I’ve had a really great life so far—I’ve had incredible experiences.
Tom looked in The New York Times one day and saw an article comparing countries in terms of happiness. And that was strange to him because he’d been trained by our culture to believe that the acquisition of things like mansions and fancy cars and private jets would lead to a happy and fulfilling life.
He started to realize that his friends who are also successful—some much, much wealthier than he is, and talented, good-looking, with all these things going for them—many of them were less happy than his gardener and his housekeeper, who seemed to have genuine smiles on their faces. I think we should explore this in a documentary film to discover what the true causes of happiness are. But the reason I said yes immediately was because of my own personal thoughts and experiences relating to happiness that I wanted to explore, and this gave me a perfect excuse to do it.
Strong personal relationships are what Ed Diener, one of the leading happiness researchers, told us is really the key to happiness. Being able to appreciate what you have—it makes a lot of sense that that would lead to happiness.
This to me was one of the most interesting findings: that people who have what scientists call “intrinsic values,” meaning they value compassion and cooperation and wanting to make the world a better place, are more likely to be happy than people who prioritize what they call “extrinsic values,” which value things like social status, good looks, power, fame. In fact, a very significant part of our happiness, according to research, is within our control.
I think what it implies is that the values we’re instilling through our educational systems, our media, and our pop culture promote extrinsic values to an extreme degree.
Each family was responsible for cooking dinner maybe twice a month, when they would cook for everyone. But what they had instead was this feeling of community and cooperation and security—this feeling that they were there for each other—that is more conducive to happiness than what I see in general in our culture, where we prioritize having a big house and a fancy car. It’s very normal as an adult in America to lament the fact that you only see your best friend maybe once a year, or a few times a month.
There’s a very basic concept that one of the researchers told me, which is simply that happy people do things that make them happy. He’s not in the film to encourage us to drop all our other life goals and spend our entire lives surfing.
But from a lot of what you’re saying and from the stories in the film, it seems like you really saw social benefits from personal happiness. When we started this film, I thought people would criticize the pursuit of happiness as something that’s selfish. And when I discovered that, I realized that the study of happiness and the pursuit of happiness are much more important and significant than I had previously thought. They’re very close friends of mine, and I realized at some point that if I don’t make an effort, there’s a good chance that I’d go through the rest of my life having only minimal contact with them. Surfing is something that I was told—and started to believe—was a frivolous, meaningless hobby that was incongruous with my career as an independent filmmaker trying to find a foothold in the film industry.
And now making this film and feeling like I’m part of a conversation that I really believe in and that I think can help other people—that makes me happy in itself. ZakA look at the hormone oxytocin's role in trust and how that may be the basis of a well-functioning economic system.
Issac is famous for his improvisation and his ability to soar over some of the greatest rhythm sections in Cuban music history and as we all know, PMG makes the short list in that particularly category.
Timbalive will also - as they do each year - play their own show of original material Sunday night to close the festival.
The Carnaval includes concerts by FClan on Friday and Jose Torres y Salsa Tropical featuring Mayito Rivera on Saturday. Six out of the seven were members of Septeto Nacional, but because of visa problems of their tres player, Iván Camblor, band leader, composer and tres player played with the group. In 2008 he also released four songs under the name El Expresso de Cuba, but Aisar stayed with Revé until December 2015 when he announced he would finally start his own band. When a relationship starts, your friends and family start giving their opinions, and even if people say that this relationship isn't right for you or that this partner is not for you, it's too late to say no to what is already in your heart. We have the opportunity o live together and bring to the music a little bit of flavor from every corner of the world. He has also dedicated himself to finding new ways to promote Cuban music and dance, both on the island and internationally. I happen to be out-of-town as often seems to be the case when we have timba events in Stockholm, so I will not eb able to report on the party. This is a translation from a Cuban newspaper (source), that leaves out the notion of the "passing of the torch" or "passing the baton". Focus on everything that you have and you like, and all those things that went well, instead of spending your time thinking about what is going wrong in your life.
Every time we smile and act happy, it starts believing that we really are and starts producing more dopamine to make us feel even better. It can be a dessert I had last night, as well as people I’ve met and became important to me. Collaborating with others is one of the key factors to release dopamine in your brain and, therefore, make you feel better. It’s a poor country, but when you compare it to Japan, which has a high Gross National Product, the bhutanese are considered way happier and satisfied. I also pointed out that one of the reasons why is good for you to smile, is that when you mimic a positive feeling, your brain starts to assume that you’re in a good humor and you not only feel better, but you also inspire the people around you to smile.
A Seattle radio personality since 2007, he's perfected the art of never taking himself seriously and isn't afraid to cry at movies. And that was very exciting to me as a filmmaker, because I realized we had an advantage over simply telling people’s opinions of happiness. And so we decided to find personal stories of people around the world that would help illustrate these scientific findings and concepts.
And I’ve wondered, just like many people do, how is it possible that some people who just seem to have so little can be so happy, and other people who seem to have so much going for them are not happy.
It said that although America is one of the richest countries in the world, it’s nowhere near the happiest. Because if you are poor but you have a piece of bread to eat, and you can appreciate that, that appreciation makes you feel good and fulfilled and happy. And that’s exciting to me, because it means that none of us are cut off from the prospects of the possibility of a genuinely happy life.
And Denmark also has the highest proportion of its population living in co-housing communities of any other industrialized nation. That meant that the other days of the month, people had a lot more free time to spend with their families, or doing hobbies, or exercising, or reading, or relaxing or doing whatever they wanted to pursue that ultimately could lead them to being happier.
The byproduct of that is keeping people at work for very long hours and prioritizing work over social relationships and hobbies and the other things that can help sustain our happiness.

What do you hope would be something they can take away from the film and really start to apply to their own lives the next day?
And that’s something that we can change, we have the ability and the power to schedule our days and our vacations so that we can indeed engage with our friends much more often.
Obviously, the challenge is to find what actually makes you happy instead of what you think will make you happy. But he’s there to show us that somebody who pursues something that genuinely makes them happy may grow as a person, and that person can actually have something to offer society.
But what I learned is that a person’s happiness is not only critical for them to function better as a human being—to be healthier, live longer, be more creative, more successful at work. And one of the reasons Tom asked me to make the film was that he thought I had some insight into happiness that maybe some of his other friends didn’t. I was starting to think that surfing was not helping in that regard, so I stopped surfing for about 12 years. So I thought, Wow, if this guy is going to do that, the least I can do is go surfing, which I love doing. Even before I had the money to do so, getting rid of clutter left me far happier and with more time to spend with my friends instead of cleaning and sorting.
The band is also planning a tour of the US later this year, so stay tuned for more information.
El lanzamiento tendra lugar en un evento especial desde la Tropicana Varadero, en vivo por TV Cubana.
The program airs every Monday night in the Americas (Tuesday morning in Europe and Africa) on WBCQ, 7.490 MHz on shortwave (it also streams on the Internet during the hour of the broadcast).
Calixto has put together a team of ten musicians to offer the City of Angles an authentic taste of what timba was like when the Havana scene was at it's most creative. Iván, who is originally from Cuba, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and leads a local son group, Pellejo Seco.
The song is his own composition with an arrangement that combines the New York sound with Cuba.
I am very happy that it is like this and that music serves to unite countries and musicians - that people can enjoy it and feel happy. By day you can take part in workshops with well-known Cuban dance instructors and the special participation of Maykel Fonts.
But I have already bought the CD and can recommend it as an important addition to any timbero's collection, be you DJ, dancer or simply someone who likes to listen.
In Best Latin Jazz Album, Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba is nominated with his record "Suite Caminos". As anyone who has visited the island and experienced the level of musicianship, it was interesting to get their viewpoints on what we were seeing and hearing at the Latin Grammy show compared to the performances in Cuba. Joaquín Betancourt Jackman, a key figure in JoJazz, always assembles a special Jazz band which has made some interesting recordings in previous years. Denmark was considered one of the happiest countries and, one of the reasons for that, is the abundance of cohousing communities. But the funniest part for me, is when Ron Gutman compares the power of smiling to the amount of chocolate you eat. Find him riding a scooter (nicknamed "Ivy" after Blue Ivy Carter) through the mean streets of Queen Anne in Seattle or twitter-stalking the Seattle Mariners! The film is really a combination of the happiness research and powerful personal stories that express those findings. That was a conversation I’d been having with myself for as long as I’ve been an adult.
But to have at least a few people you really care about and love, and who care about and love you and will be there for you when you need them—that is one of the key factors in a happy life.
When I was seven years old, my dad asked me what I was going to do to become a millionaire.
I think that correlation is very significant because a co-housing community is a place where people have devalued their priority for independence and competitive dominance, and they have increased their value of community and cooperation.
The impact of a happy person is also very, very significant on their family, group of friends, workplace, community, or possibly even their country and the world.
I also want to give a special thanks to Roberto Ruiz for allowing us to use some of his photos to bring some visuals to the interview. My goal is to go to sing in Europe to the audience that I haven't seen for a little while, and that write asking when I can go. If you're lucky enough to be at the concert tonight or catch them in concert next year - bring some extra cash and pick up a hardcopy! It is a televised event after all, and it was GREAT, but my opinion is that after a while the general tendency to rely on flamboyant and pyrotechnic visual elements and stimulation starts eroding the music and sound. Mike was in Las Vegas for the ceremonies, so we'll wait to hear from him before we say more.
Also keep an eye out for their upcoming second CD, Havana Dreams, featuring Issac Delgado, Telmary and Descemer Bueno. 40% of how you feel is a consequence of conscious actions you take everyday, like playing, changing routines, doing something good for you and the others.
In those buildings, everyone gets to help each other and, by doing that, they have more time to spend with what really matters. Well, smiling how I smile and eating chocolate the way I eat… no wonder why I’m so happy! And I’m sure he had the ability to help his community in part because he was so content in his own life.
Tuve la oportunidad de conocerlo, grabar una entrevista y escuchar su música en diciembre. We will keep you updated, and don't forget to follow Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor at Facebook . The Kennedy Center Honors have succeeded in staying away from this trap and continue delivering breathtaking musical performances. That kind of perspective is really bred into us by our culture—that being famous and glamorous and powerful and sexy should be our priorities in life. Some things that stand out are the laid-back groove and the unusual harmonies in many of the songs.
Also I was sad to notice that the Best Salsa Album category was removed from the telecast and into the not-televised part (the pre-telecast, now called "the premier"). Timbalive tiene dos nuevos vocalistas: Eylen Temon, un ex miembro de la Orquesta Anacaona, y Michel Marcos. We'll have a lot more to say about this event, which includes classes in the daytime along with multiple concerts every night, closer to the date. Milanes is that in addition to his stellar solo career, he was also a member of the Grupo de Experimentación Sonora del ICAIC (GES), one of Cuba's most important progressive ensembles in its day.

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