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Even excluding the two iconic men, the film is steeped in prominence; written and directed by Kent Jones (Director of Programming of The New York Film Festival, past editor-at-large of Film Comment), and co-written by Serge Toubiana (Director of Cinematheque Francaise), the film will feature interviews with Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, David Fincher, Wes Anderson, Brian De Palma, Richard Linklater, the Dardenne Brothers, Olivier Assayas, Arnaud Desplechin, and James Gray. Both Hitchcock and Truffaut are so iconic that their names are virtually synonymous with cinema: the former is often regarded as “The Master of Suspense,” (please read our wonderful retrospective review of Hitchcock’s Stage Fright) while the latter, a film critic-turned-director, was a leading pioneer of the French New Wave. Cohen Media Group, Artline Films and Arte will produce the film, which should be released in the spring of 2015. Clint Eastwood as Harry Callahan in “Sudden Impact”, challenges a robber to go for his guns.
I have been fascinated by the life (and premature death) of Anne Frank since I was young and I read her diary. The two-hour documentary-style program a€” described by the network as "science fiction based on some real events and scientific theory" a€” was so convincing that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was initially overwhelmed by callers demanding to know the truth about the existence of the legendary sea creatures.
There's been some uproar about it airing on "Animal Planet,"A a channel that traditionally focuses on nature and science, rather than myth and fantasy. Charlie Foley, the show's executive producer, creator, and writer, encourages viewers to approach the show with a sense of possibility, with the understanding that the storyline is meant to be entertaining too. The mockumentary uses evolution-based theories and several real examples from nature as a springboard to weave an imaginary story about a contemporary myth, Foley said. Includes (2) food bars, (8) 8.45 oz boxes of water, (2) emergency thermal blankets, D-cell flashlight, (2) heavy-duty d cell batteries, 28-piece first aid kit and more in reuseable nylon bag with handle. Anne's story is one that everyone should be aware of and this DVD provides a slightly different angle to the books or the films. Dear Kitty contains two documentaries - Remembering Anne Frank (51 minutes, 1999) and The Short Life Of Anne Frank (28 minutes, 2002). There are no extras on the DVD, only scene access, so don't buy this if you are looking for something more.
I was happy with my purchase, as both documentaries were good and both offered something I had never seen before.

ANNE FRANK REMEMBEREDThis documentary is the main feature of the DVD and follows Miep Gies as she visits some of the places featured in the Frank family's life and reminisces about her years knowing the family. She was the longest surviving person from the four who helped those hiding in the Secret Annexe and the one who found Anne's diary and kept it safely until after the War.The initial narrator's voice is rather irritating, but thankfully short-lived.
This is replaced by a female voiceover, which is bearable, although personally, I would have liked to hear more of Miep's voice and would have preferred subtitles.
Miep explores the area of the city where the 'story' mainly takes place, showing us round the Frank family home, the Opekta office where she worked and the Annexe hidden away in the top of the building. Each place evokes memories and anecdotes which she shares calmly, but with obvious deep emotion. Nothing is over-dramatized, just stated as it is, but this is an often moving documentary and a fascinating one.Miep recalls how she first began working in Otto Frank's business and her first meeting with Anne. Despite already knowing a lot about the subject, I learnt many new things from the documentary and Miep put a definite 'human face' on something that is so much a part of history, that it seems somehow surreal for one of the Diary's characters to still be alive. I can't imagine how I would feel, if I ever visited it in person (and I do hope to someday).
Miep points out the magazine cuttings that Anne stuck on the walls of her makeshift bedroom - Greta Garbo, Deanna Durbin, Norma Shearer and others still smiling clearly.The Annexe looks very small, even with only Miep there, so you can picture how crowded it would have been with eight people in hiding! Extracts from Anne's Diary are used to illustrate points that Miep makes or the part of history being described, which help both come alive.
Miep explains that those hiding felt it was a temporary solution and that they wouldn't have to stay there for long.
She shows us how the bookcase hid the entrance to the Annexe and explains how her job was to provide the meat and vegetables for those in there. Miep also shares a couple of anecdotes which back this up, but they just make Anne more rounded, more real and we still love her anyway!I enjoyed seeing photos of the Franks that I hadn't seen before, but my favourite part of the documentary was the last section, where Miep recounts her meeting with Otto, when he returned from the concentration camp - the only survivor of the eight who hid in the Annexe. He arrives at the office and reads his mail, where he discovers a letter from a nurse who was in Bergen-Belsen with his daughters.

As we know, Otto got them published but Miep couldn't bring herself to read them for quite a while. However, when she finally did, she found it therapeutic and a positive experience, as she felt it brought her friends back to life. This documentary helps to do something similar and is essential viewing for those intrigued by Anne's life and premature death.THE SHORT LIFE OF ANNE FRANKThis is a shorter documentary and is narrated by Jeremy Irons, who keeps a very flat, emotionless tone throughout, which makes it sound as if he was extremely bored while reading the lines!
This matches the whole feel of this section, which is more straight-forward and historical, less personal or emotional. The film is very much aimed at young secondary school children and the history of the Nazis invading the Netherlands is described in irritatingly simplistic terms. While it is an ideal talking point to share with your children, adults will probably find it lacking in many respects. For me, it was especially missing the 'human touch' which is so evident in the previous documentary featuring Miep Gies.
There are some real gems amongst the vintage film and stills dotted throughout, including some cute baby photos of Anne, which I hadn't seen before. There is also the only surviving moving film of Anne, which shows her looking out of a window at a wedding! The documentary is worth persevering with, even though I found my attention wandering - which it hadn't done in Remembering Anne Frank.
At the end of The Short Life Of Anne Frank is an amazing find - Otto speaking in English about Anne and her diary.

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