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Watch the trailer for the feature-length documentary shot in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley. Learn about the making of Restrepo and read an interview with the filmmakers, Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington. Proceeds from the sale of film tickets help further National Geographic’s nonprofit mission to increase global understanding through education, research, and conservation.

We join the community of dedicated photojournalists and documentarians around the world who are mourning his loss. No Other Documentary Or Video Has Ever Captured The Tense Drama And Realism Of The Ambushes, Patrols, And Live Fire Missions Of Ranger Training -- From Pre-Ranger School To Regiment Training -- As Does This Remarkable Documentary, ''Ranger''. Two Years In The Making, This Documentary Takes You On A Riveting Saga Of The Training And Testing Of The U.S.

From The Swamps Of Florida To The Mountains Of North Carolina, And From The Plains Of Eastern Washington To The Forests Of Georgia, This Documentary Shows It All In Never-Before-Seen Footage.

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