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There’s no doubt that Skepta has experienced one of the biggest year’s of his career in 2015.
The pioneer spirit is strong with these Americans who are taking advantage of Odessa's reputation as home of the world's most beautiful women.
Economic prospects in Odessa are poor, alcoholism is widespread, and women outnumber men almost 5 to 4. I live in Romania, just under Ukraine, and the geographical distance isn't that big, but maaan there's something so off about all of this that it seems like a million miles away. I find this video rather sad, as that the women feel strongly that they have to find a husband and get married in order to feel fulfilled in life. I find it interesting that the young native man couldn't find a women because "They want everything and will give nothing in return", which is almost the identical lament of the South African and American men's point of view. I hope that at least some of the intellegent and capable women find a husband who will encourage them in a new society and support them in a much more fullfilling life than seems possible in their present country. Personally (because I find it abhorrent to reduce love to an irrational emotional commodity) that's exactly what I did, found it my own way, and proved to myself that true love really is a far greater thing, but it wasn't easy, and that's just me.
When at last you think "Well ok, maybe 'sick' is too strong a word… but true love is a more noble pursuit than this" then good. Among our group of forty to fifty something YO professionals one of the men, Ben, I'll call him, divorced his wife of twenty-five years and in short order he was traveling in Europe. I can't believe that filthy PIG 'Arthur' compared those poor girls as a "used car," which he had to "test drive" before they were "parked my garage." A life of poverty and loneliness would be a picnic compared to a life of abuse with Oink. I don't know who's more pathetic, the men or the women----probably the men since they need to prey on younger, less affluent women in a culture that offers them little alternative. I dated a Ukrainian immigrant and she was a wonderful, hard working, beautiful and funny girl. Marriage has always been a form of prostitution, which is why prostitution is illegal in most states, because it rocks the foundations of marriage.
And you hit at the underlying premise that marriage is a contractual business arrangement and if anyone doesn't think this is so------I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. This is something like buying things (girls) at a shop center, watching through the mirror, and comparing prices. These Odessa women live in squalor with very little chance to augment their social position. These uninteresting international men are social rejects, either past their prime or clearly unappealing to the opposite sex for various reasons attempt to find mates with the only people that will have them; the desperate. All you critics of this doc sound like a bunch of jealous,lethargic losers trying to hide hehind some impractical high flying philosophy.Worldly people looking for love is like trying to grab a butterfly. Lets not feel bad for the women, it a conscious decision to go to this kind of events and enroll in this kind of service. Sex in eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine is much more transactional in value (mind set wise, money play much larger role then emotional happiness), there is a reason why a lot of strippers and prostitutes internationally from Ukraine and Russia.
It must be very nice to be an enlightened Sage-all knowing and all seeing.PS-Except in your own back yard.
Jesus this makes me sick as a guy who is romantic raised with a feminist mother and having two sisters in America.
If I had money Id go romance a girl show her how to respect herself how to stand up for herself fly her somewhere better send her to school and say "your free now go do something amazing your free." These guy's suck so bad I am so disgusted. It's sad really that your so repugnant so despicable you can't even get laid in America so you go use people in some other country. Sad for this men that have to travel across the world to find a soulmate or should I say a lustful toy!!! Some of the girls in this video are nasty ugly and these guys could probably get better in their own country. Maybe it's just me, but did any one else notice how much Tony (the one the other guys were jealous of) looked like David Berkowitz (Son of Sam)?
It is heart breaking to see woman being used this way as commodities for pleasure seeking activities. Once I really got to know him I was totally hooked and we've lived together for 5 years now.
I was rooting for Julia who seemed genuinely nice and wanted a real father for her daughter. If you're in your fifties, chances are you know what you're doing, just not sure of what you WANT. What that girl with the light brown hair said was 100% true - why would you travel half way around the world at great expense, and not have the courtesy to be a gentleman and introduce yourself to the girls.
I heard Eastern European women will clip your fingernails and toenails for you and massage your aching back. Men were reprogrammed to stop being real men and women were reprogrammed to put up with more and to expect more. One guy says he'd like to find a woman that can be his best friend..uhm, how can she be his best friend when she can't even understand and speak English?
740 Park Avenue, Manhattan, is one of the most exclusive addresses in the world, home to some of the richest Americans, the 1% of the 1%.
The American Dream of equal opportunities and hard work says you can be born in the Bronx and end up at 740. The American Dream was the single greatest hoax ever purported by an organization outside of organized religion. Personally i don't think it was ever possible for your average person to get from the Bronx to 740. The best place to live in that building would be in the basement with a photo darkroom and a wood stove. Hmmm I believe the "american dream" you referenced could be traced back to the earliest settlers in New England, wealth being the just earthly reward for the hard-working, godly, virtuous ones.
I think the whole thing is just a pernicious idea that has persisted and permeated our culture from the day the Brits first kicked out their religious crazies and sent them over here. Personally I have no issue with them living the rich life, if they can afford it let them have it.
Most of the people in the 1% earned their wealth over decades, some were businesses handed down through the family etc.
I've always believed that in order to take government(s) away from big biz, and give it back to the people is to kick all of the special interests out of Washington, and strictly enforce greatly reduced limits to political contributions and spending. Just like Republicans like to misrepresent Democrats as "socialists" (an insult?), this film misrepresents Rand as a some sort of "bloodsucking capitalist". Viewers are advised to read Rand's book for themselves to see whom she really criticized and glorified (and possibly where she got it wrong).
Just looking at this as objectively a I can, I think this was a very well done documentary. I also applaud this documentary for not going after the people making more than just $250,000 per year. These people have money for "nice" cars and homes but no money for real political influence beyond maybe going to a dinner for a county executive or something like that. If you don't like living in USSA or any other "free" country get out while you still can because it is all downhill from here. Thoughtful reaction to the case made in this video does not call for the "killing" of the rich but does reason the need to stop demonizing the poor and redirecting the wealth that takes an entire nation to create. We are only born equal, after that the books are stacked one way or the other depending on how much money your parents had whenyou were born and how much of that was stolen by the privatized banking industry of the ne wworld order.
How come the planes of 911 didn't hit 740 Park Avenue, Manhattan, oh yeh, because they helped plan and funded the False Flag 911. Ya not only that but were slaves beating down other slaves to get on the slave masters good side. Investing where your money will go next and collecting profits is the farthest thing from working that I can imagine. Imagine that tomorrow gasoline becomes obsolete and hydrogen becomes the fuel of the future! One day you'll see the pendulum of life strike hard and when it does come not even our elected officials will be able to stop it. If you imagine for a moment that the 99.99% can not pay for the goods and services the 1% of 1% will suffer greatly! It seems that you fail to understand the very basic concept of fiat money, that you need to control possible (and very probable) shortages of aggregated demand in a capitalist economy.
You are right, she was not a bloodsucking capitalist, she was worst than that, a lot worse. First, I think my post makes it obvious I'm no fan of the Federal Reserve or government-enforced fiat currency, taxation ("legalized" theft) or government spending (your beloved solution for low aggregate demand I'm sure). I watched the first half, enjoying the exploration of the shift in wealth concentration over the last several years, and the expose of how the ultra-rich get what they want out of Congress. Now I understand why US is going down the way it goes.Americans just can not handle their greed. This documentary is garbage, i just watched it on Netflix, the way it portrays the issues is obviously slanted towards a socialist view. This documentary is biased and it's not advocating anything except replacing a broken system with a different, equally broken system where nothing will change except who controls it. Second, you need to reread Atlas Shrugged, as your memory of the facts in the novel are flat out wrong.
Finally, this documentary does NOT advocate replacing the current "broken" system with an, as you claim, "equally broken system where nothing will change except who controls it." In fact, the film provides FACTS and leaves it up to the viewer re what to do. The problems are compounded by an undereducated, entitled population, a permanently unemployed underclass, lack of universal healthcare, fighting asinine wars and ludicrous government spending however, if the political will is there, the U.S. Their opinion of Ayn Rand's novel makes no difference to me and to focus on it would be to miss the point. I dont think anyone is suggesting we replace anything with socialism, I think this is meant to bring awerness so that discussions can begin about what can be done to change this, if we as a society believe change should come about. It is a doctrine that was radical back in the day, and it is possibly meant for the lower classes and not the upper classes.
It gets spun out, as lots of things do, to pluck on the heartstrings of American society, as an outrage. Are you also going to voice your opposition to the Trans-Pacific-Partnership trade agreement that President Obama is trying to fast track (with Dem Senator Max Baucus and a couple of GOP Republicans)? People around the world who know of it are protesting along with some in congress like Bernie Saunders and Rand Paul (a libertarian). Come on, we can all talk and talk and chat and chat about these things, but when do we bring it into practice? I propose to just start to share these documentaries, simply to create more consciousness among the general population.
I'm sending to Obama all day about how he is supposed to protect the Americans, and care for them. Somebody has to let you know that this happens, or you have to come across these things by coincidence, otherwise you'll simply never know about the kind of things that happen in this unequal world! Great film, especially relevant with the latest news about a Scott Walker criminal investigation, this film exposes the hypocrisy and political conspiracy of the ultra rich and corrupt politicians, the evil Koch brothers and their ilk.
Because they ARE profiting from a lot of what the left and big business are doing to build their own portfolio. He should be hung by the neck right alongside all the other people in cohorts against this country. On the very day of "September 11" several commentators drew a parallel with the historical events of Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt knew a surprise Japanese attack would enrage the public and jumpstart the American war machine.
Before and during the World War II, the propaganda machine made a relentless effort to create a direct connection between Hitler and Japan. Top levels of the Roosevelt's administration knew in advance that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked. Vital information on the Japanese attack was kept from those who could've used it to defend the Hawaiian port and to minimize the number of American casualties. Do you start a war by allowing your enemy to wipe out eight battleships, three cruisers, three destroyers and 188 U.S. Look up USS Liberty in here some where about Pres Johnson not allowing US war ships to assist the Liberty when it was attacked by unmarked Israeli fighters.
Actually only 3 battleship were sunk and 1 target-practice ex-battleship, the rest of the ships either remained in service or returned to service during the war. The (IIRC 53) large visible oil storage tanks were reported back to Japan by Japanese spies as being dummies because they were so obvious, when apparently they were not.
Either way, it usually really is easy to start elaborating ridiculous and outrageous conspiracy theories and ideas.
The only low point i must point out is it ridicules a small sample of debunkers (only 3-4 of them) especially on issues when they don't quite have any answer to. I visited the WTC memorial this spring and I found it very odd that there was no mention, designation, explanation, no placard at the building 7 site.
Rumsfeld on the lawn of the Pentagon pussyhandling the stretchers is the cherry on the horrendous, infuriating cake. We need to bring these fools to justice before they die (DR, Cheney, Wolfowitz, etc) so they can feel even a fraction of the misery the innocent office workers, iraqis, soldiers, firefighters felt.
The documentary starts with a thesis (official story is a conspiracy) and then uses various sources to back it up.
I don't know i guess the producers of these various docs are trying to provoke someone into taking action? I'm not sure if anyone died in Building #7 but if nobody died then I can understand why there was no memorial at the site. 2nd point: the Bush administration made recuse workers EMTs, Volunteers etc and all workers at Ground Zero agree to not file any lawsuits against NYC, the Fed Gov't, the State of NYC Port Authority et al for illness and costs for medical care and treatment as a direct result of clean up efforts.
3rd point: why do you want to insist that I refrain from engaging in expressing my 1st Amendment rights of free speech?
The introduction suggests that the connection between Japan and Germany was propaganda and implies that it was not based on fact. I suppose it makes the job of the propaganda department much easier when your propaganda is fact. There were reports of bodies all over the lobby of building 7, but the eyewitness to that is now deceased, his death has never been investigated. I'll give credential to your affirmation when you come up with some evidence that will stand legal scrutiny. The physical evidence of controlled explosions in the WTC matter has certainly convinced a lot of credible people. WWI, the sinking of the Lusitania - very suspect, likely carrying war cargo as well, sent through known U-boat patrolled waters to provoke an attack and then the expected US response.
This is why I believe it is a conspiracy involving powerfull people involved in intelligence and Wall street, and whats more amazing is how these 2 seemingly unrelated groups are, in fact, very connected. I didn't expect a memorial but I saw not one mention of it on all the signs, literature, etc. As for rigging 2 of the biggest skyscrapers in the world with explosives plus another major building, I am confident it takes more then a small group.
And the USSR was well aware of the Manhattan project thanks to infiltration and you can see it was leaked in a Cleveland newspaper if you search for Manhattan Project leak in google.
At 21:42 of the 3rd segment of this documentary, is a person many of you will know as Ty Pennington, host of a popular home rebuilding show. Pardon the amount of time it took for me to respond, I am disabled, and am only on the computer a certain amount of time per week. They didn't physically "rig" all the computers, they just intercepted communications as they have since the NSA was founded. To bring down WTC1 and 2, teams would have needed to rig several core steel columns of over 1350 feet each.
During a fire, especially when one is in the building, there will be the sounds of explosions. The demolition experts that viewed #7 collapse all agree without any doubt, it was a controlled demo.

Yes, he asked that the fire fighters be 'pulled' from the building, what are you trying to insinuate? Edit: It's their third take on the doc as they've already had to revise their "truths" twice.
Are you trying to tell me that this documentary, which I've watched, speaks for all the demolition experts involved? If you study all the insane covert operations done by the CIA in the past, and what is actually happening in Iraq and Afghanistan these days, the kind of money involved ("woops, we just happened to loose a few trillions the day before 911"), the strategic importance of having control over the oil in the gulf and the pipeline that will be able to transport the largest amounts of gas from central-Asia through Afghanistan etc. But to make it even more simple: Just try to explain, using the laws of physics, in addition to just believe your own eyes: How could the buildings have NOT been demolished?
And when they managed to finish the Manhattan Project during WW2, a job that required hundreds of thousands of people and still just a handful of them actually knew what was being built, then I'm sure they could have figured out some way to do all of the rigging to bring down the WTC buildings.
Who's to say it was a demolition at all, couldn't care less where they came from America or wherever you might imagine if you can't prove with evidence that will stand scrutiny how it was done. The portion of the buildings affected by the impacts and fires, are very small in relation to the rest of the buildings. 80 000 tonnes of structural steel and concrete, built with a structural redundancy to support 3-5x the weight it supported. What NIST wants us to believe, is that the much small top portions collapsed with enough energy to drive straight through the rest of the perfectly fine building. According to Newton's law, as the top portion begins to push down, the bottom portion will push up with equal force, eventually stopping the collapse. When the top portion of the buildings begin to collapse, the energy of its motion is transformed into deformation, or destruction.
Instead, what we saw in the collapse of the buildings was the acceleration of collapse, not a slowing down, as the laws of physics demand. Can you explain where the needed energy came from, to not only destroy 80 000 of steel and concrete, but to pulverize everything into dust?
Does it makes sense to you that NIST has refused to address this, or explain how the building collapse at near free fall speed? It seems pretty obvious to me that when the floors damaged by the planes gave, all the weight above created a domino effect. It might 'seem pretty obvious', but that's because you're not taking into account science or structural engineering. As each floor collapses, the laws of physics dictate that the energy of motion is transferred into deformation. As each floor collapsed down, the process, or motion, is slowed as it comes in contact with the floor below it. This is the very reason why the Official Commission report and NIST both discredit the domino effect.
Also, as I mentioned, the WTCs as all such buildings are engineered, were capable of supporting far more weight than they do. As for the plane impacts, the number of structural beams was less than half needed to result in structural failure. As bad as my analogy was, and I admit it wasn't great, how do you explain a much lighter object crushing a MUCH heavier object? There are countless eye witness testimonies, including first responders and live TV reporters attesting to the sounds of explosions. Remember, the individuals involved in that movement are still working in their respective fields. I have watched the video above, looked at several other videos and simulations online, read numerous articles.
I think the planes crashes sheared several columns and dislodged fire protection, ignited fires that weakened and distorted the steel which lead to collapse of the top of the towers. All the controlled demolitions I watched are done from the bottom, I didn't see any evidence of that in any of the WTC buildings. That administration couldn't keep Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo secret, I don't see how they could have pulled that one. The Manhattan project - 100,000's of workers on that project and still it remained a secret. Apart from that in the 3rd part of this doc, at about 32 minutes in, you will see close up footage of sections of WTC as it came down. I mean they are top military people and in Govt, they MUST know about the Alien Disclosure Movement. I don't necessarily believe it had to be a controlled demolition to achieve the goals of the "Project for a New American Century". What you're overlooking is the fact that NIST were given $20 million of government money to 'investigate' the collapses.
Wow, you're the first person I've ever encountered who doesn't understand how sarcasm works.
Actually, he didn't mention the firefighters when he made the initial comment but later, 'explains' that's what he meant. So what you are arguing is that if a plane hits a building it's expected it should collapse? Therefore you are establishing it as your position that Muslims, planes and fires caused the collapse of the towers.
You have to suffer from paranoid delusions to walk around believing your fellow citizens are that evil. It's as if you are saying because a soldier shoots an enemy during war that proves he would murder his own mother.
Congrats, even though I disagree with the core of the point, that is one of the more reasonable things I've seen from a truther. A project to win the war and save the world, not heinously murder 3000 of your own citizens. It's an entirely stupid point because all fire experts accept that the fires from common office building fires (about 1800 degrees F) FAR exceed the temperature at which structural steel significantly weakens (between 1000-1100 degrees F).
This is one of the dumbest points I've seen yet- they only have to explain events up to the point of initiation BECAUSE once initiation takes place an irreversible, unstoppable display of physics- in the form of momentum- occurs. Basic physics tells us that when the top portion of the building falls 3 meters (with the failure of one floor's columns as collapse initiated) the now dynamic load becomes 30x the mass of its load as static. The jet fuel did not all "burn off" much of it soaked carpets, furniture, drapes, file cabinets full of papers, computers, etc. That's a funny argument you are now making because the truther meme states that building 7 was barely damaged at all by tower debris falling and the fires were minimal. So now you are presenting that building 7 was in such a state of destruction that there were bodies everywhere. I have and individually most of them in their statements just say they have questions or the report is flawed. As a group the "questions" they have published are by and large complete BS or have long had readily available explanations they refuse to recognize.
If it was anything besides muslims hijacking planes, why did American and United announce it was their planes? Why did their, and the towers', insurance companies pay out billions of dollars in claims if their was a sliver of a chance they could deny liability? Nova generaciu autonomnych vozidiel zasahuje aj do polnohospodarskeho prostredia a Reimer Robotics ukazuje ako by to fungovalo. Jediny z celkom troch arealov na uzemi Ceskoslovenska, urcenych na skladovanie jadrovych zbrani, prezil takmer bez poskodenia az do dnesnych dni. Porovnanie povodnych scen v prvom Terminatorovi, a prepracovanych rovnakych scen v Genisys casti. From performing on stage with Kanye West and Drake, receiving worldwide acclaim, as well as performing to audiences across the globe, Skepta has literally been the ‘Top Boy’ of 2015. Men are in such short supply that many girls, some as young as 18, signup to join one of the numerous marriage agencies. One of these is Julia, 27 years old, whose situation is typical of many of the girls in the catalogs. I find it sick how some of these men parade around girls "watching the goods", preying upon the need of money and a husband, living their own spring break searching for the fulfillment of fantasies. Also, I find it amusing that all of those men think that the women are helpless and genuinely interested in them .
In fact travel as a single in just about any country (where most citizens can't afford to get out) long enough and you will be ask to get marry, man or woman. But, guys, see how far you get if you insist on finding love, for loves sake, without any transactions.
But I ask you all, do ANY of these people (on either side of the equation) appear to be looking for that?
Of course there are other venues, one can go hiking, skiing, bowling, shopping, or at church.
But, the women in this video seem to be aware of the predatory nature of some of these men, so I'm relieved to see that. This video made me miss her a little bit because the women in it reminded me of her sweet and good qualities.
Some are looking for sex, most simply want a pretty women to give them the attention they never received back home, boosting their insecure ego. GET REAL,its sex and money that makes the world go round whether its here or over there,its all the same. As someone who came from Russia originally in US now, this women will go over to US and divorce the guy as soon as they get first opportunity. As someone from Russia living in US, i no longer date russian speaking women (Ukraine, Russia, ettc).
Women who will go to this events are gold digging by definition(those sappy stories about bad men in Ukraine is total BS, but guys are poorer there and women are more transactional), if she is gold digging she already has a plan how to get most out of it, once she hooks in the guy, he is toast. I feel like these girls' standards are so low that men like this are actually attractive to them. Then I met HIM and at first there was no chemistry, (from my point of view-not his) but what a nice guy!!!
Both parties are agreeing to it as adults, although I'm not 100% sure if that young black-haired girl really wanted to be there, thanks to her mother! Whether they're truly representative of the typical Western man seeking adventure and romance, or whether this group was chosen because it made for good television I really don't know.
Asking these women about their cooking and cleaning skills before what they want in life, what pigs.
Ten minutes to the north, across the Harlem River, is the other Park Avenue, in the South Bronx.
If it was a hoax we knowingly or unknowingly, created it ourselves and infected our children with it.
I have no issue with those who got rich because they had great ideas and brought them to the market for the people to enjoy. In other words, it is another crappy, biased film which starts with a predetermined agenda and then presents only what fits.
Walmart gave classes to its employees to train them in how to apply for Food Stamps & other gov't programs, to offset their Always Low Wages. The ignorance of the American people still amazes me still choosing one party over another party thinking that they are making a difference.
You can imagine it like a kid in scool trying to be the teachers pet only this is much worse obviously. We should be competing with the real true problems and challenges that face all of humanity not competing with eachother. Heres what my parents always said to me when I was a young kid about money and having to be a slave.
When she wrote the novel she may have claimed to be been "anti-socialist", anti-government and pro-privatization, but in the end she 'happily' embraced (availed herself of) government assistance. Make no mistake, the deep pockets of the 1% are influencing BOTH conservative and liberal parties. For me it highlighted how desperate the 1%ers are to take an outdated idea and twist it as a doctrine for an outdated system that was tried and has left some pretty dazzling and unquantifiable results.
To spread fear that something has been taken away from them, to induce fear and soak up all those tax breaks and re-invest in new ways to ruin the planet. It's only when the rich get taxed do we have really big global problems, because they have rigged the system with these in mind. If Atlas would shrug, do you really think those rich people you love are going to take you with them? I want my kids to grow up in a free world, I'm still young and live in west-europe, where it is still not as crazy as in the U.S. I do not consider myself far right - frankly, I don't subscribe to the right-left paradigm at all. I am not a member of the Tea Party - the last political party I was a member of was the Independence Party - the folks that got Jesse Ventura elected Governor. I wrote this a year ago - I don't recall the details of how they misrepresented Ayn Rand's work. One poll, taken immediately after Pearl Harbor, showed that more than 60% of Americans believed that Germany was behind the attack. Secretary of state, Cordell Hull, even knew the exact day of the attack a week before it took place.
Two men could use that information immediately: Admiral Husband Kimmel and Lieutenant General Walter Short, the commanders at Pearl Harbor.
Several ships were also not in Pearl Harbor that day - including all the aircraft-carriers, in addition the whole supply of oil (that would really had crippled the west coast) was unharmed, despite being clearly visible.
Navy was operating 6,768 ships on V-J Day in August 1945, including 28 aircraft carriers, 23 battleships, 71 escort carriers, 72 cruisers, over 232 submarines, 377 destroyers, and thousands of amphibious, supply and auxiliary ships.
THey don't start theories, just point out questions, or unanswered ones that should be easily answered.
I merely stated a truism wherein people often deny instead of addressing the shortcoming of the opposing argument. Just think about the murder of JFK and you see how effective the obfuscation and downright lies can be when the "grown ups " in authority close ranks. And from there, without saying exactly what happened, it just kinda refutes what the official story says which casts doubts.
However, I do believe some survivors in NYC are trying to do just that, but I understand that they are getting a lot of flack from people who believe in the official story. That's why I made the craic about footballers wives or other **** likely to grab the (limited ) attention of the tabloids which hold so much sway over public opinion. Can't remember his name, but he was integral in Mayor Giulliani's bunker on the 7th floor I believe, a younger (40's) black male. I doubt that hundreds would be involved in the actual planting of demo but my point is this, compartmentalization is a technique used by governments to keeps important things secret. I've watched it, it's nothing but insubstantiated allegations and delusional ramblings with no evidence.
I'm sure there are quite a few people at the ASCE and NIST that would find your above statement very inaccurate. There were even billions to be made by tearing down the world trade center (recently before the attacks bought up, just for the owner to get control of the most valuable land in the world). They claim fire brought down the buildings, yet state that there is no evidence the fire exceeded half the temp needed to soften steel. Google Kevin Ryan and watch his doc explaining, using science, why NIST's report is a sham. Beneath the affected areas of the WTCs, the rest of the buildings were structurally sound, according to NIST. As the collapsing portions destroy what's beneath them, their energy is dissipated, thus slowing the motion, or collapse. Will the car pass straight through the dump truck, without slowing down and completely destroy it? Only a fraction of that weight was collapsing down, and it was far less than the structure itself was designed to hold.
The top portion was only falling with gravity, there was no external force driving it down.

The point is, you can add 5-6 second to the times given in the official versions, and it's still much faster than the laws of physics would allow.
If they were nut jobs making ridiculous claims, do you think they would still be working, designing skyscrapers? I'm going out on a limb and assuming you're not an expert in the field, so how do you feel justified making a claim that's been discredited by both NIST and those questioning the official story?
You can even make out the top section of the tower, above where the plane hit, being demolished as it fell. You don't seriously think they're then going to turn around and present evidence that might incriminate the very people paying them, do you? It is said repeatedly that the temperatures were never high enough for the steel structures to collapse on themselves. Seems to be, since you are arguing it is notable that building 7 should not have fallen since it wasn't hit by a plane. Participant's moral conscience rewarded honoring the security clearance, not admitting you participated in the crime of the century. The temperatures the beams they DID examine were NOT representative of the temperatures experienced in the fire areas.
The NIST said the beams they tested were NOT from the fire zone and did not represent the temperatures of beams that were.
These office contents typically burn for sustained times at 1800 degrees.Structural steel weakens between 1000-1100 degrees. If a decision had to be made that afternoon to blow that building up, this leaves us with a situation where they would leave that building standing rigged full of explosives and wires, etc- fully incriminating them. Many witnesses, including fire dept personnel, describe the building in an increasing state of instability all day, in fact that is why the fires weren't fought.
United and American Airlines, and their insurers- lost BILLIONS of dollars that day and the years since, in ticket sales, stock value, and claims paid out. If there was ANY credible evidence of this conspiracy, you wouldn't need the gov't or any other entity to do a "new investigation".
Osama Bin Laden, a man worth $50 million, and Al Qaeda, by claiming responsibility, sealed their own death sentences and immediately reduced to the indignation of a life fleeing living in caves. You'll find pictures of raging infernos that burned 10 times longer than either WTC tower and did not collapse. Interact with members and spread hope.Like Us On FacebookFollow Us On TwitterWe would love to connect with you! No tiene sentido perder tiempo pensando en lo que no tengo… ?Estoy demasiada ocupada contando mis bendiciones! ?Esperanza esta en todos partes! Now, we get to experience what life on the road has been like for the MOBO Award-winner thanks to an uncensored new documentary from Noisey. I guess if I were in their position, I might settle for one of those old pathetic geezers if I had to live in a one room flat, subsist on potatoes & date the local drunks. So, yeah I guess if you're looking for a wife, I would recommend a Ukrainian :) Good luck girls and guys. They think they found a solution, and most of them not going there for sex (you dont pay 3.5 g just to have sex, in US you can get prostitute for much cheaper), they want family.
Although I think the old guy in black had some game; definitely some class and self-control. I bet the marriage agency could have handed them some basic dating advice material and they could have practiced it over the bus rides.
They marry North American men, then two years later file for divorce and take them for everything they've got.
Some of the girls were not only pretty and elegant, but quite intelligent and frankly way of the guys' leagues. Which is a hint that they are gold-diggers and seeking a sugar daddy to drain his bank account. And the rest of the guys are on board,, American ladies are the worst no matter what degree they have or what their story is.. The film argues the super-rich haven't just bought the exclusive addresses – they've bought the whole system and the'’re running it for themselves.
Once again trying to blame some "other" entity for our own creations is pointless and only propagates the myth.
I'm 33, and I can honestly say, when I see these people, I don't get mad at them, because I know that most people with their access are going to be that way.
The problem comes in when they rig the system to protect and expand what they have at the direct cost of others and even have the nerve to point their grubby fingers at the poor and say they are to blame after we just bailed them out of a crisis they created with their needless greed and reckless behavior. The wealthy have nothing to fear except the mistaken belief that they have unlimited entitlement to wealth. There is only one party the "Privatized Banking Party" it is a government 'Of the rich, by the rich, for the rich' controling the media,( what we see on tv is bulls**t), education, ( what we were taught as our history is bulls**t ) Industry, ( control production to keep prices high) competition, (there is none, companies meet secretly to set prices nation wide, availablities of utilities cannot cross borders just like mafia territories resulting in no competition between utility companies).
That was taken care of by Privatized Banking assasination of every president that apposed Privatized Banking, virtually every President that has ever been assasinsted. And you start to look for ways to flex the power of your money like the oligarchs who run the US. In Atlas Shrugged the largest "moochers" are not the "poor", they are the entitled rich, their lobbyists, and the government power brokers that this documentary is railing against. These guys are the puppet masters of everything that has been going wrong in this country for the last decade and a half.
Scott Walker (R) who is at the center of a criminal conspiracy to illegally coordinate the activities of independent conservative groups during recall elections in his state in 2011 and 2012, according to documents released Thursday and first reported on by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In fact the more information that's been emerging about "September 11" the more we've come to realize that many different aspects of the two events bear a chilling resemblance to each other. The Bush-Cheney propaganda machine made an even harder effort to create direct association between Iraq and Osama bin Laden.
Before "September 11" many in the intelligence community knew the attacks were on their way.
Until such time, it is possible that you appear to be a row boat missing an oar and are spinning in a circle. My hope is that some "bit player " , either feels underpaid or has a sudden conscience hit and spills some irrefutable beans.
Well among others there is former CIA asset Susan Lindauer and then a former US Army War College professor, Dr. This was used for the Manhattan Project which involved many hundreds, perhaps thousands of people in three different countries and was successfully kept hush.
They had Larry Silverstein, the poor guy who confessed they had to 'pull' WTC7 after a couple of small fires. By considering all the elements of this action, then - if emotions was left outside - it was actually a genius plan; an action that the US had everything to benefit from, securing the place as a superpower for the next century.
Fire could NOT have pulverized these buildings, just as the other planes that crashed could not have disintegrated, causing a hole in the ground with no debris, and a tiny hole in the pentagon, equally without debris, and no evidence, no pictures, no video, nothing at all, to suggest there even were planes causing those two "crashes". It's filled with experts, including some of the top demolition experts in the world, all stating the official story does not adequately explain what happened. To explain how the buildings came down, according to their fire theory, requires the suspension of the laws of physics.
Even NIST's own findings confirm that the temperature didn't get above 220 C after the jet fuel burned off.
I mean seriously, just look at any video of Building 7- it was clearly destroyed by demolition. And it was not long before we knew all about the Manhatten project and the identities of many of those who worked on it. Many insurance companies were involved which employ scores of investigators who in each and every claim look closely for signs of arson and other fraudulent claims. The insurance companies would have already done it- and in fact did as a matter of standard process of claims-in their usual attempt to transfer liability from their insured customers and themselves. How many buildings have collapsed from fire, or you trying to imply that there's never been office fires before? Pretty easy to slip a pink elephant into the room when everyone is watching doomed people jumping out of windows.
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With a focus on Skepta’s sold out tour on East Coast America and Canada, Noisey were there throughout the trip to document this milestone in his career. I'm pro the idea of facilitating meetings between people who are in search of any form of relationship, but whenever money is brought into an equation, there will always be some form of exploitation, this goes beyond prostitution. The looking for a 'nice guy' is so very true - they are easy targets for those shopping lists. Problem for them will be when they bring her over US, she gets papers and dumps him , getting half his stuff.
All I do know is that it made for some good laughs, and well, some seriously creepy moments. Interesting how the comments are favoring the 'poor women' in this doc and the men are slobs etc, but I think both parties are equally at fault or equally shallow.
To be fair, it's a mutually exploitative process, the men are exploiting their beauty and the women exploiting the man's financial wealth. The problem comes in when they sit around moaning about uncertainty in the economy, refusing to hire anyone, even though they just recorded record breaking profits.
We have too big a government sticking its filthy hands all over the economy, manipulating it in favor of a few at the expense of the many. We are so busy hording our little bundle of cash we can't see that we are just like the people we put in office. Privatized Banking keeps the people in a constant stae of debt that will never be paid off.
If anything AS should have been lauded, but no you demeaned it (and lied) because Ayn Rand is anti-socialist and doesn't fit your narrative. But to replace this system with socialism makes no sense either, trading one evil for another. It really needs to be a global change and that will never work because every country is fighting against every country over the power of their currency.
How can you be so low that you don't want to throw the facts on the table and let people know what is going on? By the end of 2003 nearly 70% of Americans believed that Saddam was implicated in the "September 11" attacks. Before "September 11" important information was kept from counterterrorism czar, Richard Clarke, who could have organized the defense and even have prevented the attacks altogether. Could be quite a small thing that would set the ball rolling and the Media would be forced to pay attention .
By having people do small jobs without knowing anything else very few are"in" on the big picture. I bet those behind it can even imagine themselves as patriots (specially considering the amount of money and power they must have gained from it) that have saved the nation by actions that just caused 3000 in collateral damage, compared to the millions in the mid-east. As for your dismissal of the controlled demolitions, you conveniently overlook the fact that literally dozens of witnesses - firefighters and others who WERE ACTUALLY THERE say that they could hear explosions going off immediately before the towers started to collapse.
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The guys in this video should have asked the local Odessa men what the women are really like first. We'd be wise to allow increased immigration of women from the rest of the world to balance it out. Organized or not, religion only fills a void that exist with or without your acceptance or rejection of faith. The problem comes in when big oil is receiving subsidy from our tax dollar while accusing medicare and food stamps of "making people dependent on the government". They have turned this whole planet into some kind of sick casino where high rollars always stay being a high rollar and the people below them don't even get to play for a chance to take some of that high rollars money.
For Capitalism to work you have to increase taxes when taking the money out of each Corporation. In this way they would get the backdoor entry into what they really wanted - the war with Saddam Hussein. Why has there not been a huge rethink in the design of all high rise buildings , worldwide , if any big office fire could cause the whole bloody place to collapse? If only it was pro footballers wives who were explosive experts, the media would be fighting for their stories! The guys mining the Uranium didn't know what was up, perhaps even some scientists didn't know the end. All he described were explosions, apparently random and are consistent with burning buildings.
If they seriously considered similar actions (Operation Northwoods) to gain control over Cuba, then how much more could they be able to risk to gain control over the majority of the oil and gas in the world and also weakening hostile enemies.
I don't know how they did it honestly, but 20 stories of a building don't disintegrate in mid-air by themselves. Again, I don't necessarily think this is what happened, but I feel it is important to remind people that a conspiracy doesn't require every participant to be aware of the plan.
If greed would motivate a conspiracy, greed should be enough for these corporations to leave no stone unturned to reveal one from others.
All you need do is too simply address the most confounding issues first instead of ignoring and denying them. Who cares if someone is rich or if they live an extravagant life style, just don't try and play the victim while doing so and make sure you return what you can to those less fortunate.
All of these rich self centered, disgusting individual have to say is GOD BLESS AMERICA and the ignorant blind sheep wiil kiss their *ss. When the FDNY pulled him out of the building, he stated that bodies littered the floor of the lobby of WTC 7. For a simple start, how on earth could the steel structure WTC7 have collapsed in under 7 seconds? If they are truly intelligent and all these great things that people are boasting about in the comments here, then they should move to north america where they can earn a good living and put their intelligence to work. If the system rewards keeping the money inside the company the only path forward is to expand or branch out creating more work for more people. It's time to put the monopoly game back in the box because it's just ruining humanity worse then the worst cancers and polutants known to man. True building professionals, council planners, polis, fire brigade etc, all know that the NIST inquiry is pish ! That FEMA camera man for example, who broke his silence with statements about what he saw and documented on sight is now in exile in Argentina wanted for murder, hmmm makes you wonder. The old guy did seem to have some game, but totally lost me at the start with the used car analogy. Barry Jennings an employee of NY Emergency Management at WTC7 spoke to media about explosions and other details not fitting the Official Story and he died an early death with zero info available about the circumstances.
Hence the mass below would need to eliminated with demolition explosives, all placed well before the event.
Perhaps a sight like this could cover it and you'de be discredited as a conspiracy theorist by people like you who don't buy it. Great, so you told the truth and now you wonder if they can do what they did, will they come after you and your family with a bad car accident(like the famous Controlled Demolitions expert who got notoriety as the European expert to say that WTC 7 was a controlled demolition without a doubt(google it, no BS), or you wonder if you can maintain employment.
The bottom line is anyone who knows something will have to ask himself if it is worth the risks and if so will anyone even listen.

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