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Recently, two people from different parts of the World came to the same conclusion, while looking at the same Tesla Diagram. The Tesla Coil is not a device that makes lightning, it’s a device that produces Free Electricity. This is a little bit above us average humans, and we will need scientists and electrical engineers to quickly reverse engineer this device. This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service.
NotePolar Power designs and manufactures its own alternators; we sell complete generators and not alternator kits. Because our alternators and controls are designed to fit directly on specific engines and engine models of specific build configurations we are unable to sell and support alternator kits. Polar Power first tested its DC Alternator using its Permanent Magnet Hybrid Homopolar (PMHH) technology in 1992. Polar Power has met these performance goals through an integrated engineering effort involving detailed analysis of engine, voltage regulation electronics, field coil, magnet, stator, rotor, and diode effects on the generators output voltage, current, and electrical quality.
Polar Power selected and optimized the 6200 series alternator using our PMHH technology because it does not require brushes, slip rings, rotating fields, exciters, or field flashing.
The permanent magnet alternator being the simplest, most efficient, and reliable of all the technologies, and the homopolar alternator providing the output regulation.
The PMHH technology uses a solid rotor with magnets revolving around a stationary stator and field coil.
To reduce ripple and improve output harmonics, Polar Power incorporates a 6-phase stator with each phase rotated 60 degrees in a 12 pole configuration.
The 6-phase bridge rectifier assembly is custom engineered and manufactured by Polar Power.
Engine performance under electrical load is greatly improved due to the 12 poles, 6 phases, and proportional output voltage regulator. He encontrado una web donde muestran como construir un sencillo motor de corriente alterna monofásico.

Han creado tanto el estator como el rotor de un tipo de espuma, es la que usan para embalar los portátiles y protegerlos de golpes. Para construir un motor electrico de corriente alterna necesito un grueso de alambre de de 1mm?
Agradeseria se me oriente para conocer el esquema electrico para conectar el motor electrico de un ventilator de 110 volitios , con cuatro bobinas de arrange y cuatro de marcha o servicios ( como se conectar las bobinas) Ademas saber como se hace la connexion a un suiche de cuatro velocidades. Uso de cookiesEste sitio web utiliza cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar su experiencia de usuario y mostrarle publicidad relacionada con sus preferencias mediante el analisis de sus habitos de navegacion. It’s the thing he use to show off to everyone with lightning shooting from the top of it. Not only that, but a similar device he made can be attached to a Electric Car, and run it with enough power to spare that it could also run the average size home. You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more. Under certain programs involving quantity we will consider selling alternators kits under a franchise contract.
Since then numerous organizations have performed extensive testing on Polar’s generators, including the US Military. The permanent magnetic portion produces the majority of the power, while the homopolar portion boosts the power produced by the permanent magnet and provides a means of voltage regulation. To further improve electrical quality, the Supra controller energizes the field coil to provide a “clean” proportional output. We incorporate the most efficient Schottky diodes mounted on a large heat sink for improved cooling and installed off the alternator to reduce the negative effect on engine vibration on diode life. Under these favorable conditions, the engine steel laminations are bonded and have a smooth and even torque requirement over the 360° flywheel rotation. The unique alternator design allows it to operate at low engine speeds, thereby extending engine life and reducing engine noise. Polar Power’s PMHH alternator has no bearings, couplings, brushes, slip rings, or rotating fields.

There are no electronic parts (diodes, etc.) nor electrical connections inside the alternator. The alternator with a Polar Power controller is thermally protected; a sensor on the yoke can alert the operator of a high temperature condition. The Model 250 Voltage Regulator monitors the output current through a current transducer mounted on the Diode bridge. Research seems to show promise; one test installation in Yonkers, NY, can produce 200kw by using gas created in the operations of a wastewater treatment plant. En cualquier momento puede deshabilitar el uso de cookies desde las preferencias de su navegador para este sitio. If no action is taken, the regulator automatically reduces the output current, so the alternator will run cooler.
In this struggle for new energy, Governments will put you in jail to keep this technology off the market. The homopolar alternator has the fastest response to load transients among the brushless alternator technologies.
It is virtually impossible to overload the alternator or stall the engine on a properly calibrated system.
All components are constructed of corrosion resistant: stainless steel fasteners, hard anodized aluminum rotor mount, nickel plated magnet ring, and zinc plated yoke. Puede encontrar mas informacion acerca de nuestra politica de cookies en nuestro aviso legal.

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