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Designed primarily for hunting dogs, the Ready Dog Gun Dog K-9 First Aid Kit provides the tools to handle most canine emergencies. All words & pictures are copyright © 1997-2016, Gun Dog Supply or their respective owners.
If you are bugging out in the middle of summer, you need a way to keep your pet from getting overheated. This cute little dog bowl is perfect to throw in your bug out bag because it is lightweight and compact.
If your pet gets injured and you don’t have access to a vet, you will need a good first aid kit on hand.
If you don’t want to buy a bunch of individual survival supplies for your pet, I recommend this kit. The Ready Dog Professional Kit is the most complete and versatile canine first aid kit available. Proven in the operating room and on the battlefield, Celox can stop severe bleeding in minutes.
Dog first Aid Kit at Canine Concepts contactsitemap Welcome, Log in Cart: 0 product products ?0.00 (empty)Your Account Sale Dog Products Cat Products Getting a new Puppy? Ever gone to find out your dog’s registration details and after hours of searching have found them in with your toaster’s warranty guide? Set digital reminders on your phone or computer that will bring up alarm notifications for annual vaccinations, worming, flea treatments and any other medications. Soda did look extremely cute although so only wore the hat for about 2 minutes before refusing to do any more photos – diva!
Welcome to the ultimate website for dog lovers & your online home for life, style and pet friendly living. Join our free mailing list for Giveaways + Deals + Exclusive Content + all the latest updates. Carrying case, first aid book, hydrogen peroxide (4 oz), thermometer, 3-ply towels (2), iodine prep pads, saline solution, surgical scrub brush with iodophor solution, tourniquet, 15cc syringe, 6 x 9 cold pack, 2\ Co-Flex (1), eye wash (7 ml), scissors (1), forceps (1), iodine solution (4 oz), skin stapler gun, 4\" x 4\" gauze (2), alcohol prep pads (2), styptic pencil, hydrocortisone cream (2), triple antibiotic ointment (2), 3\" cotton swabs (4), cotton balls (4), pill gun, vinyl gloves (4) and a pet passport.
Not only will you need plenty of food and water to keep your animals happy and healthy, but you might need some other supplies as well.
This Swamp Cooler vest will get the job done and it’s comfortable so your dog won’t even mind wearing it. It has everything you could possibly need prepackaged and ready to take along when you bug out. The Professional Kit versatility makes it the perfect choice for your favorite hunting, sporting, or tactical dog.If the hunt takes you off the beaten path, you will appreciate the versatility and peace of mind this kit offers.

Throughout the year it’s easy to build up old tablets, powders, lotions and potions for the family, and your pooch is no exception. Specifically during the summer time, when besides getting bit, dogs get allergies and are allergic to things outside. Our family has a beautiful golden retriever that is basically like our third child and as we considered how we would care for her while bugging out, it became obvious that we needed a few additional supplies. There are 50 items in the kit, but there is a little extra room so you can throw in any extras you need like prescriptions, vitamins, or just some dog treats. The kit contains food rations, blankets, light sticks, dog bowls, a leash, collar, extra rope, bags for waste collection, and even first aid supplies and dog treats. The Professional Kit has all of the features of the Ready Dog Gun Dog Kit with the following upgrades:Heavy Duty Bag with two see-through pouches for easy organization of contents. Should you have an emergency on your hands this saves time by allowing you to call the vet for help while attending to your dog.
Trouble is these medications go out of date, and using them when they have expired can be ineffective and plain right down dangerous for your dog.
Or maybe they liked the vet but then thought the vet wasn’t that into them and then the whole thing got complicated.
However I would check Target, the Container Store or even your local supermarket for something similar. If your dog gets stung by a bee or bit by fleas you can give your dog Benadryl to help keep inflammation down. Then fasten it onto your dog and the three layers will hold the cool water enough to keep your pet from overheating without feeling weighed down. The AKC kit includes a nice thermal emergency blanket, reflective leash, pill container, alcohol cleansing pads, tweezers, magnifying glass, and a fur-friendly vet wrap, plus a lot more.
It is basically a canine bug out bag and has plenty of room to include some dog treats, a collapsible bowl, water bottle, and a map. Plus I love that it allows us to remove ticks from our golden retriever’s long fur coat without ever having direct contact with the tick itself.
It comes with a big bag and a lot of different things.Most importantly, it comes with a book. The third pouch is the removable field pouch that allows you to take first aid to the field with you in a hunting vest or pack. So go through your home medical collection and dispose carefully of anything damaged, or out of date. Whatever it is, just get your dog to the vet annually to make sure their vaccinations are up to date.

Having a short guide to what your dog eats, where they sleep, how often they exercise, and any important medical info means that practically anyone can step in to care for your pooch when you can’t.
You want a few sections so you can separate liquids, sharps etc and a snap lock lid so things won’t tumble out. Our dog had a run in with ants while we were travelling and gas station Benadryl helped stop the swelling. But in all seriousness, this cheat sheet means you can get on with sorting yourself out knowing your dog is cared for – allowing to get home to your pooch sooner. We're getting stuff in the dog's eyes, getting stuff in their nose, stuff in their paws, skin tears, that type of basic stuff. I've had a couple of dogs get cut pretty bad in the field and we had to get them to a vet as quickly as possible.
But having the right gear made a difference in that dog surviving the trip from the field to the vet.So, take some time.
Make sure you've got everything that you need before you take your dog out in the field.One thing I like to point out for folks, I travel a lot with my dogs. And when I'm in the field, especially when I'm in different states, one of the first things that I do is I find the closest vet to me. But it helps to know where they are in case you have an emergency instead of trying to figure that out while you're dog is bleeding to death. So that's one of those things that I do when I'm in the field just so that in case we have emergency we can get to them awfully fast.This is one of my favorite kits.
Just a comment on your first-aid-focused newsletter.Two additional items I carry for my hounds, readily available (not buried in my pack with the standard first-aid), are tools I'd need to release them from traps. And a long length of rope to release them from conibear traps (need to practice and know how to do this!). We spend lots of time outdoors, and with this kit in her harnesses bags, we are ready for any emergency. I tried to part out the kit locally, and it would cost me close to $300 to build a kit of this quality. During this year's trip to North Dakota, one of our dogs ran into a buried piece of barb wire fence and needed 28 staples to close the wound.

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