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I enjoy this show, not to make fun of anyone, but because it helps me to recognize my own knowledge base and identify my own weaknesses. I cringed while watching the peace-loving apple cider-making family who refused to think about security, thinking that somehow they would be able to talk sense, to charm or maybe to ensure safety and well-being by sharing their food on the assumption that others would be equally civil and gracious. I balked at watching the above-mentioned Houston-ite overconfidently leaf through her modest water and food supply as though it would be all that she would need for the short-term. And my eyes started to water at the freaking super-mart food pantry the last couple of episode 2 maintained with their sixty plus firearms, full of processed food, bottled water … with PAPER BAGS of sugar uncanned and unpreserved. Being prepared means thinking about all possibilities, and thinking each one of them through as much as you can.
Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Tick Tock Tick Tock It is Five Minutes to Midnight Do You Know Where Your Preparations Are? Many believe it represents aA countdownA to possible politically related global catastrophes. Essentially technology has created more ways for people to die faster and on a larger scale. The doomsday clock may be telling us the world will end in a big bang, but remember the world ends for thousands of people every day, (estimated at 56 million yearly), seven days a week 365 days a year. Annihilation from nuclear weapons, climate change, biotechnologies, cyber technology and the list goes on.
The concept for the clock can be traced back to those that worked closely with or participated in the Manhattan Project. The same theory applies to the advancement of cyber technology, biological and chemical agents.
You may believe in a specific scenario and others may believe in something else altogether. Whether the disruption is caused by an EMP from a nuclear detonation or a cyber attack the results are the same. Elected officials (the government) believes in itself and thus has to believe that without it, all citizens would perish. When a crisis does occur there are policies and preparations in place to sustain the government and this means protecting high-ranking elected officials.
The fact that you are a Prepper means you are not waiting and will not wait for the government to help. However, if the crisis is nationwide and severe, troops and emergency responders may just decide to revolt and care for their own families. Going to a government relief camp should only be a last resort, and then it may not be advisable but only you can decide based on information at the time. While the show has some good points, it’s still TV and needs to be entertaining in order for NATGeo to get viewers and advertising dollars.  The program has created additional awareness about prepping and the need to be prepared but they have also sensationalized prepping to the point where they may have difficulty finding preppers to participate in their program.
After visiting several serious preppers and a couple of beginners in my area, many of my prepper friends seem to be making a decision to avoid the possibility of subjecting themselves to being viewed as extremists on the fringe of society. Even a pretty serious prepper like me has picked up a few tips from the show but there have also been some things that didn’t quite make sense to me from a practical standpoint.

There are plenty of gardening and other types of programs that are a more accurate portrayal of the types of basic activities preppers are regularly involved in on TV already.
Personally there is no problem for me when it comes to sharing ideas and advice with other like-minded individuals, just don’t ask for specific details about my level of preps, my address or my bug out locations. Perhaps the program will make a turnaround and show more of the “common sense” approach to prepping and focus more on the practical aspects. In recent months, there has been a significant increase in the number of prepper blogs and websites.
Even one of the most recent episodes was just a montage of previous shows and may be a sign that they are having difficulty finding preppers to profile. RSOP is the co-founder & Executive Editor of Radical Survivalism Webzine, as well as a Family Preparedness Consultant with nearly five years of personal experience in the self-reliance game.
Or how an environmental catastrophe could disable urban areas and potentially wipe out food sources. Humans have been one of the main causes of their own destruction since humans first appeared.
Of course with their inside knowledge and knowing firsthand what nuclear technology can do, they realized it was only a matter of time before someone; somewhere went rouge with a nuclear weapon, a weapon of mass destruction. Someone, maybe even a country somewhere will use weapons of mass destruction to kill people and possibly end the world, as we know it (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists., 2014). Some of the scenarios may be absurd, but the point is that they are prepared and are continually preparing for something. Run out into the hallway and duck down against a wall, with the bigger kids leaning over you. Of course, the initial destruction of life and property will vary depending on the disaster itself, but if you survive, you will have to survive without electricity for years possibly. Some people may believe that the government will finally be out of their hair during a crisis but the opposite may be true. Martial law may be enacted and then any local laws or regulations would not apply, and you could be physically removed, in theory, to a so-called refugee camp if the government so desired, again this would be unlikely on a national scale.
No one will know until it happens, discipline may deteriorate within certain government factions.
It is still ticking but has gotten closer to midnight, as of Jan 14th, 2014 the most recent officially announced setting, five minutes to midnight (11:55pm) was made. Worlda€™s Fastest Gun Racing & a WW-2 Snipera€™s Long Shot This Week on Shooting USA Credibility is Crucial for Preppers The Bilderberg Group. Many stated they wouldn’t mind talking about their own level of expertise in certain areas. The show’s producers may also have realized that the “average” prepper isn’t going to have the “shock” value for their audience. After all, how much entertainment value can you get out of a kitty litter bucket used as a nesting box for your chickens? Including a few more basic prepping tips and the various things that can be done to be better prepared would be a good start.
While the need to get others more involved in the prepping community is an admirable goal, going on national TV may not be the best way to do it.

You never need tires when you’ve got $600 sitting in the bank account doing nothing, right?
Nuclear bombs, biological and chemical agents can literally kill hundreds of thousands at a time, and thus the reason for the clock.
What is definitive however, is the belief that the destruction would in the end be caused by humanity whether it be accidently, purposely or simply by miscalculation. At some point however, the scenario or event stops being as important as the effects, what will the after effects be.
Some may feel the government is too intrusive, and others may feel they do not benefit enough from the government.
This is the plan, whether you like it or not and how long this may take and how well the plans work is open to debate.
Essentially, during a SHTF situation you will only have yourself and a small community of others to rely on. This not to say you would be incarcerated but the authorities in their attempt to keep everyone safe may in effect incarcerate people. They may have also used their editorial control to the point where the preppers involved may have been seriously misrepresented in their prepping efforts for the sake of higher TV ratings.
The value of being more self-reliant and better prepared is an important aspect of prepping and should probably be given more attention and focus.
A more accurate portrayal of prepping may make a more interesting program than they realize.
It appears that there may be an increasingly negative reaction from the prepper community as result. You get that flat tire on your way to the hardware store to buy the replacement water heater that just crapped out. However, it does not take an atomic scientist to figure out we will destroy ourselves eventually.
Of course, the country needs a government but you do not want to be a ward of the government, or beholden to it.
They were also pretty clear that they weren’t about to reveal any specific information about their level of preps. They might also want to treat persons involved in prepping with a little more respect and consideration. In fact, you should avoid contact with the authorities if you can in the initial stages of the crisis. There are a lot more preppers out there than they may realize and they may be missing an opportunity for an even bigger audience.

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