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This game has a few traits of Ark: Survival Evolved, except it’s a single player game, and adds its own twist to the survival genre. In addition, you will need to build various forts and secure infrastructures to protect yourself from wild species and from dangerous unknown life forms. The game is still undergoing some major changes, especially with the newest update v0.671 that fixes a lot of the AI’s issues with moving around and player interaction.
Still placing players in a mysterious prehistoric world, this game opts for a more horror approach as it enters Steam Early Access.
Bringing horror elements to the table, players will have to survive out in the strange wilderness, with a few items to try to make it back to Earth.

Watching some of the gameplay, it seems pretty solid, but some of the players seem to be a little annoyed with the sound and with the combat, but since it’s in its early stages I’m sure the devs will flesh that out as time goes on. Looking to the negative reviews, it seems that most people aren’t too pleased with the game’s mechanics. If you want to join in and play for fun or help flesh the game out, you can head on over to Steam and get the game on PC for $14.99 during its special offer, or you can visit StormCube Games’ official site for more details. Like any other survival game, weather, food, water and other conditions will impact your adventure and will force you to take action when the going gets tough. Some say that it feels a bit clunky here and there, and that the height system damages you from any small to little falls.

Since I haven’t played the Early Access version of the game, I can’t say if the mechanics aren’t on par.

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