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It's actually me who's heading into the repair shop for a bit, so I may not be able to update here for a week or two. 1-31 on Turner Classic Movies) -- The fun-with-films channel delivers its annual monthlong festival in which each entire day is devoted to a single classic performer. ET, G4) -- Why battle San Diego's throngs of thousands when you can watch from the comfort of your couch? De Mille's demented Madam Satan, with the airborne barely-clothed masquerade party and dramatic zeppelin-crash climax. 3) -- the William Randolph Hearst paramour who's actually eons more charming and talented than director Orson Welles would have it in Citizen Kane (as second wife Susan).

Davies delivers this drop-dead-entertaining alien-invasion miniseries, which segues from jaw-dropping horror to lip-smacking fun to thought-provoking political drama to bone-chilling urgency. The icky alien that lands this time has taken over the planet's children to convey its creepy messages. But TCM does its best with another dose of "forbidden" Hollywood wickedness from the early '30s, before the Production Code started cleaning up the screen. Interviewer David Frost insisted there be no pre-conditions for these unprecedented sit-downs, and he tenaciously bored in toward whatever truth he could extract during two dozen hours of tapings. Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) is there to help, but it turns out Jack helped just a little too much back in 1965 to fuel the mess in which the entire planet now finds itself.

He and his Torchwood operatives end up on the run, as a complicit government tries to cover up past sins and negotiate its way through what might be an even more horrific new one.

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