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Days before the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, rays slant into the Holtún cenote. SODAThings go better with bubbles—or so it was thought by spa-goers, who often drank sparkling mineral water as part of the cure for what ailed them. On a photo excursion to Costa Rica, Lorenz wanted desperately to photograph red-eyed tree frogs.
C-Boy (front) and Hildur lie side by side during an afternoon rain shower in Serengeti National Park. Guide Angel Canul is the last man out of Las Cala­veras cave, having made sure every tourist has emerged safely at the entrance some 60 feet above the water. Infrared light illuminates Hildur and a lioness from the Vumbi pride as they rest after mating. Archaeologist Guillermo de Anda descends into the Holtún cenote minutes before the moment on July 19 when the sun is directly overhead. CUPCAKEThe downsized cake made its American cookbook debut in 1826, says food historian Andrew Smith. Older cubs like these Vumbi youngsters are raised together as a crèche, or nursery group.
Perhaps chasing insects, its main meal, a chameleon shows off some of the brilliant hues its color-changing skin can produce.
An Australian king parrot is just one of about 350 types of birds considered parrots—a group which includes macaws and cockatoos.
Download ringtones of cardinals singing, lions roaring, and blue-footed boobies doing whatever it is they do. Shop for guidebooks, feeders, binoculars, and other great items in the National Geographic Store. Gray wolves once populated large portions of North America, Europe, and Asia, but were hunted to near extinction.
National Geographic is working to avert the big cats' extinction with the Big Cats Initiative, a comprehensive program that supports innovative projects with quick results for saving big cats, anti-poaching programs, projects that test new technology and more. SuperCroc (Sarcosuchus imperator) confronts a terrestrial rival, Suchomimus tenerensis, in this illustration. Cory Richards and his two fellow climbers endured hurricane-force winds and temperatures of minus 50°F as they struggled to reach the summit of Gasherbrum II.

A jaguar on the hunt trips a camera trap at a spot frequented by piglike peccaries, a favorite prey. Seeing her 14-year-old daughter laughing and twirling in Tokyo's Mori Tower was the most poignant moment for Ratledge during a family trip. A quarter million miles from home, astronaut James Irwin salutes the flag and the achievement of the Apollo 15 mission of 1971, the fourth manned journey to the moon. STREPTOCOCCUSA colorized electron microscope image captures delicate chains of streptococcus in a laboratory sample. Two men lean into a blizzard to chop ice for drinking water, an essential daily chore during a three-year Australian-sponsored scientific expedition to Antarctica from 1911 to 1914. MOUTH MICROBESThe human mouth hosts a panoply of microbes, some taking up residence on the mouth lining (blue) within days after birth.
United States—Like a spaceship gearing up to lift off, a carnival ride throws off orbs of light in this panoramic time exposure.
This chunk of Antarctic ice, rising some 60 feet, greeted Smart and her mother when they toured the continent aboard a Russian icebreaker. A fiery glow in the sky over Yasuní, revealed in a long exposure, comes from the flares of oil wells burning off gas. Mit einer Flugelspannweite von bis zu zwolf Metern waren sie so gro? wie heutige Dusenflugzeuge. The 18th-century discovery that carbon dioxide put the fizz in fizzy water led to systems for producing soda water, then to sweet drinks like root beer, ginger ale, and cola. This once powerful city was built in about the ninth century, likely aligned with four sacred cenotes and with the sun’s seasonal movements. C-Boy feasts on a zebra while the Vumbi females and cubs wait nearby, warned off by his low growls. Vumbi females, stressed and fiercely protective of their young, get cross with C-Boy, though he’s one of the resident fathers. Cupcake gentrification spread in 2000 when Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw nibbled one topped with pink buttercream.
Pride females, united in the cause of rearing a generation, nurse and groom their own and others’ offspring. Local Maya got their drinking water here until about 30 years ago, when divers found bones. Biologists think one of the reasons males evolved their impressive manes was to provide neck protection during fights.
Known for its conical teeth, distinct vertebrae, and foot-long (0.3-meter-long) armor plates, Sarcosuchus was a colossal ten-ton crocodilian that probably terrorized middle-Cretaceous Africa. To the Waorani, one of the native groups in this area, jaguars are ancestral spirits that visit shamans in dreams to tell them where game is plentiful in the forest.

They also provided dubious amusement: The crew would sneak up on penguins standing near cliffs and knock them into the ocean. They help us digest food and absorb nutrients, and they play a part in protecting our intestinal walls. Though some strep infections can be deadly, many strains are harmless—among the thousands of benign beings that make their home in our bodies. Harmful species form biofilms, like the plaque that encourages tooth decay, or colonize the crevices between teeth and gums, causing periodontal disease. Photographer Carsten Peter documents their efforts to fathom the fiery workings of Nyiragongo volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With oil operations creeping ever closer, the possibility of destruction hangs heavily over the last untouched corner of this primeval forest.
Der weltbekannte Naturforscher David Attenborough begibt sich auf die Spur der spektakularen Flugwesen und findet Erstaunliches heraus.
Because good territory is a precious resource, fighting and displacing competitors are part of the natural struggle.
De Anda believes the ancient Maya built a structure at the surface that caught the rays the same way. In the current TV series Cupcake Wars, dueling recipes feature ingredients like sweet tea and chocolate seltzer. Archaeologists have recorded the remains of more than a hundred people, usually shrouded by the water’s primordial darkness.
Oral probiotics designed to boost the population of species that outcompete pathogenic ones could help prevent or reverse dental disease. Eine Dokumentation, die den Zuschauer mit neuester 3D-Technologie und CGI zuruck in vergangene Zeiten fuhrt und dabei einige Mysterien der Wissenschaft entschlusselt. Packaged as a whole-grain health food in the late 1800s, cereal began to evolve in the 1920s into sugar-coated flakes, pops, and puffs. Ylgili yasaya gore, site yonetiminin hukuka aykyry icerikleri kontrol etme yukumlulu?u yoktur. Kommen Sie mit auf eine gro?artige Reise durch uberwaltigende Landschaften, vom Big Bend National Park in Texas uber Lyme Regis in Gro?britannien bis zu entlegenen Provinz Liaoning in China. Telif hakkyna konu olan eserlerin yasal olmayan bir bicimde payla?yldy?yny ve yasal haklarynyn ci?nendi?ini du?unen hak sahipleri veya meslek birlikleri, [email protected] mail adresinden bize ula?abilirler. Buraya ula?an talep ve ?ikayetler Hukuk Mu?avirimiz tarafyndan incelenecek, ?ikayet yerinde goruldu?u takdirde ihlal oldu?u du?unulen icerikler sitemizden kaldyrylacaktyr.

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