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Zombie hay xac s?ng la d?ch b?nh khi?n loai ngu?i c?m th?y ghe r?n nh?t no con nguy hi?m hon b?t ki m?t lo?i b?nh nao va cai ch?t s? bao trum l?y t?t c? cac vung d?t v?i m?t t?c d? chong m?t, t?i sao u? M?t cu?n nh?t ky v?i ten g?i Zombie Diary da du?c tim th?y ghi l?i m?t giai do?n l?ch s? v? m?t th? gi?i dau kh? va chim trong ch?t choc nhu th? nao, do chinh la nam 2013 sau Cong Nguyen d?i d?ch xac s?ng motok l?n n?a l?i bung phat va bao trum toan c?u.
Zombie Diary cho Android s? dua b?n tr? l?i th?i ki den t?i nh?t trong l?ch s? nhan lo?i va d? co th? thanh v? anh hung du?c c? th? gi?i ton vinh thi ch?c h?n b?n bi?t cong vi?c c?a minh la gi r?i. B?n du?c cang nhi?u zombie ngu?i choi cang thu v? du?c nhi?u ti?n vang cung tinh th?, di?u do s? giup b?n m? khoa nh?ng kh?u sung hay vu khi h? tr? khac nhau trong m?i cu?c chi?n nh?m khong b? th?t b?i trong tay be lu thay ma. Trang b? va s? d?ng hon 24 lo?i sung khac nhau cung cac lo?i vu khi khac nh?m tang cu?ng s?c m?nh. Co th? tham gia choi v?i 5 vai tro cung nh?ng d?c tinh khac nhau va d?c bi?t la hoan thi?n 5 k? nang c?a b?n than. Tro choi du?c b? tr? v?i 4 b?n d? trong tro choi va 3 meches d? giup ngu?i choi co th? tr? thanh v? anh hung c?a th? gi?i.

Ch? d? nhi?m v? khac nhau cung hang tram lo?i zombie s? mang d?n nh?ng tr?n chi?n d?y h?p d?n. Ki?m th?t nhi?u ti?n thu?ng cung cac tinh th? khac nhau trong m?i tr?n d?u nh?m m? khoa nhi?u vu khi hon.
Everything happened as described in motion pictures - suddenly an unknown virus drew the bulk of the citizens of brutal and hungry dead, who eats with gusto all the survivors. Mau tanh, b?u tr?i den t?i bao trum ? kh?p m?i noi va du?ng nhu luc do s? s?ng tu?ng ch?ng nhu da b? d?p t?t tren hanh tinh nay, nh?ng th? con sot l?i ch? la d?ng d? nat cung hang tri?u zombies khac nhau. D?ng ng?n ng?i b?t c? di?u gi hay s? d?ng tri thong minh cung long dung c?m c?a b?n than d? khong t? bi?n minh gi?ng v?i nh?ng cai xac s?ng xung quanh. Take the powerful weapons and go out to the streets in order to clear them from this horrible deadly scourge. Nhung m?t anh sang da le loi xu?t hi?n khi b?n chinh la ngu?i con l?i duy nh?t tren Trai D?t, hay c?m sung va d?ng len chi?n d?u d? gianh l?i s? s?ng.

It is clear that the plot zauryad and to holes erased, but that does not mean that the play is not interesting.
All games on Android, which are available at our site have been found freely distributed on the Internet and are for informational purposes only. As per my opinion Android Mobile Zone is the first place where most of the latest ringtones are uploaded.
Free to download option available and almost all contents are free to access, It's becoming more and more popular in 2014.

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