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One week later, a magnitude 7 earthquake destroyed Port au Prince, killing hundreds of thousands of people and devastating the economy of Haiti.
An Oregon State University release quotes Yeats to say that the clock is ticking on many other earthquake faults throughout the world, and though he did not “predict” the Haiti earthquake, he can point to other places that could face the same fate. In his book, Yeats notes that the greatest migration in human history is of people moving from rural areas to “megacities” in the developing world. Yeats cites as an example Caracas, Venezuela, which has an earthquake plate-boundary fault north of the city. He outlines some of these areas in a new book called Active Faults of the World, published by Cambridge University Press. People have flocked to these mega-cities where multi-level housing and businesses are rapidly built, and often poorly constructed and poorly inspected. In 1812 a major quake shook Caracas and other Venezuelan cities and killed an estimated 10,000 people — about 10 percent of the population at that time.
When many of these locations last had a major earthquake, their population was small and a majority of the people was living in one-story dwellings, limiting the loss of life. Today, the population of Caracas is nearly 3 million, but government decision-makers are “not placing earthquake hazards high on their list of priorities,” Yeats said, despite the presence of knowledgeable local experts.

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