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Lynn Goldsmith began her career at Electra Records, making the first promotional films for such musical artists as The Doors. Aarons, Slim Arbus, Diane Arnold, Eve Avedon, Richard Bailey, David Beato, Felice Beaton, Cecil Beckman, Janette Benson, Harry Bergman, Robert Brassai Cahun, Claude Claxton, William Close, Chuck Colomb, Denise Comte, Michel Cooper, Michael Corbijn, Anton Cunningham, Imogen Deakin, John Dean, Loomis Depara, Jean Dudognon, Georges Duffy, Brian Feingersh, Ed Fink, Larry Galella, Ron Glinn, Burt Goldin, Nan Goldsmith, Lynn Gorgoni, Gianfranco Greene, Milton H.

And surely such a proximity benefitted the making of cool anecdotes such as this time when during a photo session, in 1981, with Keith Richards, Lynn Goldsmith passed out because of the fumes from the guitarist’s joints.

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