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The cheese sandwich's journey begins when it is taken into the mouth, this process is ingestion. Do you wish to hear your customer or client saying " I appreciate your exceptional customer service and commitment to deliver world class quality and information security in your transactions !!! Expect the unexpected and plan for it with an ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). Whilst in the mouth, the large particles are broken down into much smaller particles, by chewing, which also mixes the food with saliva which contains a carbohydrase enzyme.
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The reason why the food goes down the oesophagus rather than the windpipe is that a flap called the epiglottis drops over the windpipe stopping the sandwich particles from getting into the lungs.
The oesophagus links the mouth and the stomach together, so the particles of the cheese sandwich enter the stomach organ next, where the food mixes with a protease enzyme which digests protein.

Professional sportsmen and women need a diet high in carbohydrates because they are active and need energy. It has a low pH, and the enzymes produced by the stomach work best in acidic conditions.The food empties from the stomach into the duodenum where it is mixed with enzymes and salts produced by the liver and enzymes made in the pancreas.
The pancreas secretes three main enzyme types: protease enzymes, carbohydrase enzymes and also lipase enzymes run into the duodenum at the top the small intestine, where it continues its journey.
The fats in the sandwich, which are in the butter and the cheese, are also used for energy.
If there is too much fat it will store up and become obvious to other people that too much is stored.
The small intestine produces more enzymes to further digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates.Around the oesophagus and throughout the small intestine (duodenum and the 20ft long ileum) are circular muscles which press the sandwich particles along in a contacting and relaxing motion, so the food gets pressed along. The way these muscles get exercised is not just by normal foods going down and the muscles pressing the particles along.
They become stronger by fibre going down and because fibre is difficult to digest the muscles have to press hard and like any other muscles in the human body, they become stronger when they are worked on.In the small intestine are millions of villi. These are small, but visible to the human eye, finger like structures which line the small intestine and are perfect for absorbing the food.

The main reason why villi are so good at absorbing food is that they have a thin layer of outer cells, which act as a cell, called micro-villi. In the small intestine the food is absorbed through the gut wall into the blood, which takes it around the body to wherever the particles are needed. The job of the enzymes in the small intestine is also to break down the foods.Chemical digestion, under the control of enzymes throughout the digestive system, takes up to twenty four hours to complete, depending on what the is being digested. Mechanical digestion on the other hand is done mostly in the mouth (where the teeth are biting down the cheese sandwich into much smaller pieces), but also in the stomach which churns food through muscular action. Only particles which have been chemically digested are able to pass through into the blood through the cell wall.
The rectum stores the waste products and non-digestible food and completes the re-absorption of water.

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