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The Earth's magnetic field, which protects the planet from solar radiation, has grown weaker over the past six months, according to satellite data. However, the field has strengthened in other areas since January, including over the southern Indian Ocean.Scientists are unsure why the magnetic field is weakening, but one reason could be that the magnetic poles are preparing to flip, Swarm mission manager Rune Floberghagen told Live Science.
The latest measurements, made by magnetometers on board the three Swarm satellites confirm the movement of magnetic North towards Siberia.a€?Such a flip is not instantaneous, it would take many hundreds if not a few thousand years. Changes in the strength of the Eartha€™s magnetic field are normal, but satellites have shown that it is weakening more rapidly than in the past.
Scientists are not sure why the magnetic field is weakening, but one reason could be that the magnetic poles are about to flip.
This is a snapshot of the main magnetic field at Earth's surface as of June 2014, based on Swarm data. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
American and Canadian scientists have reported in the latest issue of Science that the magnetic field of our planet is at least 4 billion years old, up from the previous estimate of 3.45 billion years. An artist’s depiction of Earth’s magnetic field deflecting high-energy protons from the Sun around 4 billion years ago. Earth’s magnetic field is generated in its liquid iron core, and this so-called geodynamo requires a regular release of heat from the planet to operate. Today, that heat release is aided by plate tectonics, which efficiently transfers heat from the Earth’s deep interior to its surface.
Given the importance of the magnetic field, scientists have been trying to determine when it first arose, which could, in turn, provide clues as to when plate tectonics got started and how the planet was able to remain habitable. The new results are based on the record of magnetic field strength fixed within magnetite found within zircon crystals collected from the Jack Hills of Western Australia.
The zircons were formed over more than a billion years and have come to rest in an ancient sedimentary deposit.
The ancient zircons are tiny (0.2 mm) and measuring their magnetization is a technological challenge. The team of geophysicists, led by Dr John Tarduno from the University of Rochester, used a unique superconducting quantum interference device, or SQUID magnetometer, that provides a sensitivity ten times greater than comparable instruments. But in order for today’s magnetic intensity readings of the magnetite to reveal the actual conditions of that era, the scientists needed to make sure the magnetite within the zircon remained pristine from the time of formation.
Of particular concern was a period some 2.6 billion years ago during which temperatures in the rocks of the Jack Hills reached 887 degrees Fahrenheit (475 degrees Celsius). Under those conditions, it was possible that the magnetic information recorded in the zircons would have been erased and replaced by a new, younger recording of Earth’s magnetic field. Instead, the team found that the minerals revealed varying magnetic directions, convincing him that the intensity measurements recorded in the samples were indeed as old as 4 billion years. The intensity measurements reveal a great deal about the presence of a geodynamo at the Earth’s core. Scientists believe that Mars had an active geodynamo when that planet was formed, but that it died off after 4 billion years. Concerning the North Pole or the Fact that the North Pole had been literally wandering and would hit SIBERIA in 2019 following the predicition of the current Animation done by the Animation of the result showed by the ESA swarm Satellites imagery. Magnetic North continues to move towards Siberia where a large magma rise under the crust has been occurring for the past three decades.
The European Space Agency?s (ESA) Swarm space mission has begun mapping one of the most mysterious aspects of our planet: Earth?s magnetic field.
This animation shows changes in Earth?s magnetic field from January to June 2014 as measured by the ESA?s Swarm trio of satellites. The data collected by the Swarm satellites will help scientists better grasp how our magnetic field works, how it is affected by solar activity, and why large tracts of it is weakening. The ESA says field can be thought of as a huge bubble, protecting us from cosmic radiation and charged particles that bombard Earth in ?solar winds?.
Without it, those particles would hammer away at the atmosphere, leaving Earth much like Mars. The North Pole is also moving, a fact which has been known for over a century, though with swarm, direction and fluctuations can be accurately measured. The agency says the field is particularly weak over the South Atlantic Ocean ? known as the South Atlantic Anomaly. Many experts believe this weakening heralds the earth?s magnetic fields reversal, where the north becomes south and south becomes north. All of the observed changes are based on the magnetic signals which originate in the Earth?s core.
Apart from understanding out world better, scientists believe measurements obtained by Swarm will have a number of real world applications, including improving the accuracy of navigation systems, advanced earthquake prediction and better efficiency in drilling for natural resources. We are voyagers in the vast expanse, tasked with learning all that we can learn and experiencing all that we can experience and then to return to the Creator, become ONE and move on to the next level. It's my opinion that the shift in conscience is the same as the shift in the earth's poles. The north magnetic pole is moving 60km a year toward Russia, which means they?re stealing it.
So in the end we have now confirmation well scientifically confirmation that something is surely happening down there. July 2014 ? GEOLOGY - Earth?s magnetic field is a protective shield for our planet from cosmic radiation, but it?s also somewhat of a mystery ? scientists aren?t sure why it moves and changes in intensity.
A- We are in the Photon Belt since 1996 so that 20 years in the Photon Belt for our planet now. What it does meant for the Planet is that like the name does say it the Photon Belt is made of Photon and those are simply hitting the Earth since that time and by this heating the Earth Core. B- The Heath and changes into the Earth cores is leading to increase of volcanic activities, earthquake and those strange sound we are hearing now. C- The fact that the magnetic field are weakening gradually those last year is a sign that the Magnetic Pole Reversal is unterway and the planet is preparing for a MAGNETIC POLE REVERSAL NOW and not in 1000000 years as the geologists tend to believe it. This is showing a nice little map of the frequency of those sound and where they have been heard in the USA. To understand this go to my post nr 117 in the Geology Changes and see that video below: and since its ultrasound its something that we are only able to hear when its really loud. Earth's magnetic field, which protects the planet from huge blasts of deadly solar radiation, has been weakening over the past six months, according to data collected by a European Space Agency (ESA) satellite array called Swarm. The biggest weak spots in the magnetic field ? which extends 370,000 miles (600,000 kilometers) above the planet's surface ? have sprung up over the Western Hemisphere, while the field has strengthened over areas like the southern Indian Ocean, according to the magnetometers onboard the Swarm satellites ? three separate satellites floating in tandem. The scientists who conducted the study are still unsure why the magnetic field is weakening, but one likely reason is that Earth's magnetic poles are getting ready to flip, said Rune Floberghagen, the ESA's Swarm mission manager. Floberghagen hopes that more data from Swarm will shed light on why the field is weakening faster now. Still, there is no evidence that a weakened magnetic field would result in a doomsday for Earth. Earth's magnetic field acts like a giant invisible bubble that shields the planet from the dangerous cosmic radiation spewing from the sun in the form of solar winds. The movement of the molten metal is why some areas of the magnetic field strengthen while others weaken, Florberghagen said.
The Swarm satellites not only pick up signals coming from the Earth's magnetic field, but also from its core, mantle, crust and oceans.
These first results from Swarm were presented at the Third Swarm Science Meeting in Denmark on June 19. Earth?s magnetic north and south poles have flip-flopped many times in our planet?s history.Last time was around 780,000 years ago. These findings have revived the assumption that we would not be far from a reversal of the magnetic poles. The process of geomagnetic reversal is still a mystery to geophysicists and this makes it even more scary! Earth's magnetic field shields the planet from charged particles streaming from the sun, keeping it from becoming a barren, Mars-like rock. By relying on insights gleaned from previous work, as well as data collected over nearly four centuries, an international team of scientists has been able to provide a model that accounts for the western drift of the magnetic field on one side of the planet.
The magnetic field that encases the planet is caused by interactions deep inside Earth's core. The field surrounding the Earth changes over time, with shifts occurring most prominently in low latitudes in the Western Hemisphere.
Gravity aligns the inner core and the mantle, the layer between the core and the outer crust, forcing liquid metal in the outer core into enormous rotating vortexes known as gyres. The team concluded that the core was not growing evenly, but instead seemed to be cooling at different rates, with the solid material changing differentially across the core.
This broken-up cooling causes an uneven buoyancy release from the outer core, which distorts the gyre as it reaches the core's surface. An artist's impression of the magnetic fields of Venus, Earth and Mars interacting with charged particles streaming from the sun.
To create such a detailed model, Aubert relied not only on modern satellite readings, but also on data collected centuries ago, some by scientists famous for other exploits. The long-term scope of these observations is important because the core convection changes about every century. Understanding how the Earth's core and magnetic field have changed in the past can help scientists to understand its future evolution. This understanding could also help planetary scientists to learn more about planets other than Earth. By analyzing minerals dating back before and after the Earth’s mysterious pole reversals, the researchers were able to see a pattern.

Not much has been known about this weak spot, because space-based telescopes and satellites have not been able to measure it.
Above: potential energy plots for arrangements of 4 charges - 2 positive charges (red centres) and 2 negative charges (blue centres) of equal magnitude. On the bottom-left are two positive charges in RGB, illustrating a common equipotential, in green, enclosing both charges.On the bottom-right a positive charge (red centre) is shown opposite a negative charge (blue centre) of equal magnitude.
The charged particles in this plot will tend to move so as to occupy regions of low potential - the  two particles of like charge (above left) are essentially sitting on a 'hill' and will tend to 'roll-away' or move apart from one-another. The plots shown on this page do not plot the force, nor the field strength, since these are vector fields and we would have to indicate direction as well as magnitude, so, for simplicity, we have plotted the electric potential, phi, given by equation 5. Electric Force on Moving ChargesIf we have a beam of moving charges, such as a beam of electrons (each of which has a mass M and negative charge of magnitude q) moving between two charged metal plates, then the beam will be deflected toward the plate of opposite charge (opposite charges attract!). The Magnetic ForceMagnetism has some similarities to the electric force and the two are intimately connected. Motion of Charged Particles in Magnetic FieldsTo calculate the trajectory of a charged particle moving in a magnetic field, we need a coordinate system for our vectors! An example of a magnetic field is illustrated below: electric charge (taken as positive by convention, though in reality it is the negative electrons which move in the opposite direction) flowing in an electrical wire as shown by the blue arrow generates a magnetic field which loops around the wire in the direction shown (red circular arrows). The radius of gyration, the radius of the helix, is given by r; P is the period (time taken) for the electron to complete one revolution of the helix and dx is the distance moved along the x-axis during one complete turn. When the field-lines converge towards the poles, this indicates a strengthening of the magnetic field in this region. Scientists have previously estimated that the Eartha€™s magnetic field is weakening at five per cent every century, but now they believe it could be diminishing 10 times as fast.This means that the flip could occur sooner than the 2,000 years already predicted, according to experts who presented their findings at the Third Swarm Science Meeting in Denmark. The measurements are dominated by the magnetic contribution from Earth's core (about 95%) while the contributions from other sources (the mantle, crust, oceans, ionosphere and magnetosphere) make up the rest. But the time of origin of plate tectonics is hotly debated, with some researchers arguing that Earth lacked a magnetic field during its youth. As a result, if the magnetic information in the zircons had been erased and re-recorded, the magnetic directions would have all been identical,” Dr Tarduno said.
Our measurements, however, support some previous geochemical measurements on ancient zircons that suggest an age of 4.4 billion years,” Dr Tarduno said.
This new picture reinforces the concept that the Earth's magnetic poles are building up to a switch. The satellites, launched in November, are equipped with several instruments, including cutting edge magnetometers that measure field strength and direction. The first high-definition measurements from Swarm have also shown what appear to be weakening regions within the core-generated magnetic field over the western hemisphere, while parts of the southern Indian Ocean show strengthening fields. Many glitches or ?hiccups? are caused by this anomaly, as satellites are exposed to strong radiation over this area. Over the coming months, scientists will analyze the data to better understand the magnetic contributions from other sources, namely the mantle, crust, oceans, ionosphere and magnetosphere. With an increasing number of recent Earthquakes and unexplainable storms in diverse places, one has to wonder what are the reasons for these tremendous changes within our Earth. And now the first set of high-resolution results from Esa?s three-satellite Swarm constellation reveal that the field is actually getting weaker, albeit by a small amount. Its had nothing to go with all those explications and military base or the crash of some UFO. Once every few hundred thousand years the magnetic poles flip so that a compass would point south instead of north. The field exists because Earth has a giant ball of iron at its core surrounded by an outer layer of molten metal.
When the boiling in one area of the outer core slows down, fewer currents of charged particles are released, and the magnetic field over the surface weakens.
Scientists at the ESA hope to use the data to make navigation systems that rely on the magnetic field, such as aircraft instruments, more accurate, improve earthquake predictions and pinpoint areas below the planet's surface that are rich in natural resources. Based on new data, Earth?s magnetic reversal might happen earlier than anyone magnetic reversalGeophysicists who study the magnetic field have long thought that the poles may be getting ready to switch again. According to the head of Swarm, the Norwegian Rune Floberghagen: ?Such a reversal is not instantaneous . According to a new international study published in the November in Geophysical Journal International, Earth?s magnetic reversal can occur in less time than it takes a man to live and die.
The field, LiveScience notes, protects us from solar radiation.Such polar flips remain somewhat mysterious, but they're linked to the movement of iron at the planet's center. As the flowing iron generates electric currents, the electromagnetic field is constantly changing.
For more than 300 years, scientists have recorded a westward-drifting feature in the field that models have been unable to explain.
The inner core is solid, while the outer core features flowing liquid iron, which generates currents that in turn lead to magnetic fields. The fast-moving magnetic patches that occur near the equator drift approximately 10 miles (20 kilometers) per year.
These gyres can reach as large as 1,700 miles (2,700 km) deep within the mantle, while smaller gyres occur closer to the surface. Since the magnetic field shields Earth from harmful solar radiation, which could strip the planet of its protective atmosphere, it is important to understand how it changes and will change over time.
She loves all things space and astronomy-related, and enjoys the opportunity to learn more. On this scale green represents zero potential, such as the points at which the negative and positive charge potentials cancel. On this RGB scale green illustrates values close to zero, where the positive and negative potentials cancel one-another.Remember electric charge comes in two 'flavours' - negative (-) and positive and like charges (- and - or + and +) repel whereas opposite charges (- and + or + and -) attract!
The particles of opposite charges, above right, will tend to be attracted to the region of low potential between them - unlike charges attract!Electric charges are surrounded by electric fields which exert forces on other nearby electric charges. Like the electric force, magnetism appears to have two 'flavours' - opposite poles of two bar magnets (north and south magnetic poles) will attract each other,  whilst like poles repel. The trajectory is plotted below using parametric equations (parameter t) with the radius of the helix in the y(t) direction. According to classical physics, an accelerating charged particle (remember that in physics acceleration can be a change in speed or a change in direction) emits electromagnetic radiation ('light') as photons (particles of light). The Earth acts like a giant bar magnet - it has a magnetic north pole (near to its geometric South Pole) and a magnetic south pole (near to its geometric North Pole).
This causes the gyrating particles to gyrate in smaller orbits (radius of orbit, r is inversely proportional to B) and in such a non-uniform magnetic field the speed of the particles along the field-lines does change - it slows down (the right-hand rule indicates a force acting against the path of the helix). Measurements made over the past six months confirm the general trend of the field?s weakening, with the most dramatic declines over the Western Hemisphere. While changes in magnetic field strength are part of this normal flipping cycle, data from Swarm have shown the field is starting to weaken faster than in the past. Changes in the core's temperature and Earth's rotation boil and swirl the liquid metal around in the outer core, creating magnetic field lines. Scientists think fluctuations in the magnetic field could help identify where continental plates are shifting and help predict earthquakes.
Last June, the European Space Agency (ESA) presented the first results of its Swarm mission, a constellation of three small satellites launched in November 2013, which examines in detail the Earth?s magnetic field.
That movement is occasionally disrupted for reasons that aren't clear; this leads to weakening of the magnetic field, and, in some cases, a reversal of the poles. These changes are driven by intense regions of activity in the core, the cause of which scientists have been at a loss to explain. As these gyres are concentrated at low latitudes, core convection expels them and pushes them westward, the model shows.
The RGB scale shows the highest charge region in red, the lowest in blue and the algorithm used highlights the contours (equipotentials).On the top-right, two positive charges are shown in an orange-blue scale. The electric force, F, is the product of the electric charge, q, and the electric field strength, E (equation 1 below).
Moving electric charge generates a magnetic field and a magnetic field will accelerate moving electric charges. Distance dx depends on the x-component of velocity (this is the velocity component parallel to B and this does not change) and if this is zero, then the particle traces a stationary circle. Magnetic field lines connect these two poles in large hoops which collectively form a doughnut-shaped (toroidal or torus-shaped) magnetic field around the Earth, which diminishes in strength as we travel away from the Earth's surface into space.
However, magnetic fields cannot alter the total speed of particles, as they cannot change the particles' kinetic energy, thus as the particles move slower and slower in the direction of the field line, they move faster and faster in their circular orbits.
Over the last 20 million years, the poles have reversed on average about every 200,000 to 300,000 years.
Many accredited scientist have attested that a guaranteed pole shifting would occur within our lifetime.
Launched in November 2013, Swarm is providing unprecedented insights into the complex workings of Earth?s magnetic field, which safeguards us from the bombarding cosmic radiation and charged particles. I suppose that some scientists working on Earth Core do know the truth but are either bound to silence by their government agency they are working for and not telling the truth. Previously, researchers estimated the field was weakening about 5 percent per century, but the new data revealed the field is actually weakening at 5 percent per decade, or 10 times faster than thought. The first measurement results showed that the magnetic field ? what protects our planet from charged particles emitted by the Sun ? was eroding quickly , losing 5% of its intensity in a decade (TEN TIMES FASTER THAN PREVIOUSLY PREDICTED). When the huts were ceremoniously burned they preserved minerals from that point, creating a geological record. The electric field strength is then force per unit of charge (equation 2) meaning the force experienced on a unit test-charge placed in the electric field due to a second, central charge. One key difference is that the magnetic force is the vector cross-product between velocity of the charged particle and the magnetic field strength, B, multiplied by the electric charge (equation 6) - compare this with equation 1 for the electric force.

This emission of radiation causes the gyrating particle to lose energy - it slows down and so the radius of the orbit decreases (the frequency remains unchanged) and in reality the radius of the spiral diminishes as the particle moves - the helix spirals down.
Eventually, the particles execute tiny stationary orbits at high speed and stop moving along the field-line and then their path reverses. But the last pole reversal was 780,000 years ago, so Earth is long overdue for a pole change. With this being one of the most significant events that humanity could ever experience, you can?t help but to wonder why the mainstream media NEVER speaks of this.
In some areas, such as the southern Indian Ocean, the magnetic field has strengthened since January ? although the overall trend is a weakening.
As such, rather than the full flip occurring in about 2,000 years, as was predicted, the new data suggest it could happen sooner. If we are dealing with stationary charges (electrostatics) then the electric force between two such point charges is also called the Coulomb force. This vector cross-product means that the force acts in a direction which is at right-angles (perpendicular) to the direction of movement of the particle (given by the velocity vector) and the magnetic field. The blue line represents the Earth's axis of spin, on which lie its geometric poles, and the magnetic field is tilted about 12 degrees relative to this spin-axis (though the field drifts and its angle of tilt changes noticeably every year).Magnetic field lines point from magnetic north to magnetic south - they have to be assigned direction, since the trajectory followed by electrically charged particles (the helices as illustrated above) depends on this direction. In the Van Allen belts, the particles oscillate back-and-forth between the poles once every 0.1-3 seconds!In addition to bouncing back-and-forth between the polar regions, the particles also drift in longitude (the field strength diminishes with distance from the Earth and eventually the field-lines become too weak to confine the particles which can then move from one field-line to another. If scientists have spent MILLIONS of tax payer dollars on the research of Magnetic Pole Shifts, we should be able to get some decent mainstream attention and answers on their findings. The latest measurements also confirm the movement of magnetic North towards Siberia.These changes are based on the magnetic signals stemming from Earth?s core. As part of TACAMO, military aircraft use VLF radio waves to send instructions to submarines: Because of their large wavelengths, VLF can diffract around large obstacles like mountains and buildings, propagate around the globe using the Earth?s ionosphere and penetrate seawater to a depth of almost 40 meters, making them ideal for one-way communication with subs. Korean athletes stage event longing for missing Kim• 5 actors who wrote books that are actually goodNewser is a USA TODAY content partner providing general news, commentary and coverage from around the Web.
The strength of the force decreases by an inverse-square law, meaning that as distance from the source charge is doubled, the force drops to a quarter of its strength. If both electric and magnetic forces act upon a particle, then the total force is given by the Lorentz force law (equation 7). The radiation emitted is also known as cyclotron radiation.Note also, that if the sign of the electric charge on the particle is changed, then the sense of the helix is changed. Electric field lines similarly have direction - radiating out from a positive charge and inwards to a negative charge (so a positive test charge will follow the field lines).
High-energy protons drift westward around the Earth every 0.1 s and lower-energy electrons drift eastward, circling the Earth once every 1 to 10 hours.
In this Youtube you will be presented with clear and concise facts explaining recent information released by the European Space Agency. Over the coming months, scientists will analyze the data to unravel the magnetic contributions from other sources, namely the mantle, crust, oceans, ionosphere and magnetosphere. And VLF, like other low-frequency electromagnetic waves, have been shown to have a direct impact on biological functions. Looking along the helix from the origin the direction of B (positive x-axis in this case) a negatively charged particle is seen to spiral clockwise whilst a positively charged particle spirals anti-clockwise.
One key difference, however, is that although it is easy to have a single electric charge, positive or negative, it is very hard, if not impossible, to have a single isolated magnetic pole (a monopole) and with a few possible extreme exceptions, a magnetic north is always accompanied by a magnetic south (a dipole).The presence of the Earth's magnetic field is thought to be due to electric charges flowing in the Earth's outer core, which appears to be a metallic liquid. These velocities are quite fantastic!The AuroraeThe inner radiation belt interacts with the Earth's upper atmosphere - lower energy electrons drop-out and collide with air molecules, exciting and ionising the molecules. The Youtuber that presents this information is well versed with knowledge of Magnetic Pole Shifts.
This will provide new insight into many natural processes, from those occurring deep inside our planet, to space weather triggered by solar activity. Epsilon-zero, the curly 'e' with the zero subscript, is the permittivity of free space ( = 8.854 x 10^-12 C^2N^-1m^-2) or the ease with which the electric field traverses a vacuum and its value depends on the choice of units. In this way, the sign of the electric charge on the particle can be determined by analysing its path in a particle detector (such as a bubble chamber).Cyclotron radiation is seen in the magnetospheres of some planets where charged particles get trapped as they spiral along the planet's magnetic field, and also in stars, like the Sun and some neutron stars in X-ray pulsars. Rotation of the Earth sets up currents of moving charges inside this outer core and these charges generate a magnetic field.
As the molecules de-excite they emit the excess-energy they gained in the collision as photons of light - the frequency and colour of the photons depends upon the element excited (mostly nitrogen or oxygen) and the flickering curtains of light produced in the upper atmosphere are known as the aurora borealis, or northern lights in northern latitudes, and the aurora australis, or southern lights, in southern latitudes.
The idea of a mysterious noise driving people to suicide has given birth to all kinds of pseudoscientific conjecture, making the phenomenon a favorite for conspiracy junkies who suspect foul play by some malicious government scheme (or UFOs, obviously). The r-hat is a unit vector - force has magnitude and direction and this unit-vector indicates the direction of the force, which depends on the sign of the charge. If the field is sufficiently strong, then the charges will be confined by it, as they gyrate along the magnetic field lines, and the field is reinforced and achieves a fairly stable pattern - this is the electromagnetic dynamo theory.There is an additional complication to the shape of the Earth's magnetic field further from the surface - it gets distorted by the Solar wind and in the lee-side it is drawn out into a comet-shaped tail as it ploughs against the wind. The World Hum, a site devoted to exploring the ?mysterious phenomenon being heard by thousands around the world,? is riddled with byzantine entries about UFOs crashing in Siberia. The total force due to a collection of charges is equal to the spatial summation of the contributions to the force of each individual charge (equation 4). This kind of radiation is often beamed in the direction of particle motion and has non-thermal characteristics.
The Solar wind influences the aurorae - if the Solar wind increases in strength then it may supply more electrons to the Van Allen belts and it may also disturb the magnetic field, causing electrons to be dumped from the inner belt into the atmosphere - both effects will increase the aurorae.The Nature of Magnetism - it's all relative!Magnetism and electric phenomena are intimately connected, and yet it seems easier intuitively to understand electric charges and their electrical interactions than to conceptualise magnetism. Synchrotron radiation is emitted by many quasar nuclei - the nuclei of active galaxies that are thought to contain supermassive black holes (at the very least they do contain very strange objects!). Some of these particles leak through the magnetopause and become trapped in the Earth's magnetic field - gyrating along the magnetic field lines.
Glen MacPherson, a lecturer at the University of British Columbia, knows how insane it sounds. These particles will gyrate around the arc of a field-line, travelling away from one pole and toward the other. Charged particles trapped in the intense magnetic fields associated with black holes become accelerated to speeds approaching that of light! This is fine where the magnetic field-lines are more or less parallel to one-another, as above the equator (a so-called uniform magnetic field) but towards the poles, the field-lines converge and get squeezed together. This is why you don?t put that stuff in the microwave.?The federally funded investigation into the Windsor Hum and the serious examination of Kohlhase?s research by Connecticut authorities may serve as a beacon of hope for Hum investigators like MacPherson, Moir, Novak and Kohlhase. Particles gyrating along the field-lines into these regions experience another phenomenon - they are reflected to travel back along the field-lines in the opposite direction from which they came.
State-funded tests on Hum-affected regions may yield data that could lead to a real-world solution, rather than conspiracy theories. Thus they bounce around between northern and southern latitudes, traveling as far poleward as they can before they are reflected, gyrating as they go.
Bring the two wires near to each other - how will the magnetic fields interact?If the wires are parallel (side-by-side) and their currents flow in the same direction, then the wires will become attracted to one-another. Until then, developing a unified picture of the Hum is exactly what MacPherson wants to accomplish in British Columbia. Reverse the direction of flow of current in one of the two wires, so that the two currents flow in opposite directions, and the wires will repel one-another - like currents attract, unlike currents repel. By providing one destination for Hum data and testimony, he?s hoping that professional and independent researchers will use the collected data to help develop and execute experiments that could help identify the source of their local Hum.
But until someone funds and conducts rigorous tests in an affected region, says Moir, people will continue to use the Hum as an excuse to blame modern technology, from mobile phones to telecom towers to the digital radio bands used by law enforcement. Imagine the electrons flowing from left to right along the wire and now imagine an electron outside the wire and flowing in the same direction and with the same speed as the electrons in the wire.
And that aura of pseudoscientific insanity surrounding the Hum has made the job of independent researchers more challenging. This is like two wires with like currents - the electron will be attracted toward the wire. As opposite charges attract, and the electron is negatively charged, it as if the wire had somehow gained a net positive charge! Wires are made of metal, and metal atoms are electrically neutral - metals consist of a sea of delocalised electrons bathing a lattice of positive ions, but overall the net charge is zero.
The wire still has a zero net electric charge!If the external electron is 'seeing' more positive charge in the wire, then it as if the number of positive ions (atom cores) per unit length of wire had somehow increased! This could happen if the wire shrank and became shorter without effecting the flowing electrons - this would increase the density of positive ions in the wire, without increasing the total number - more positive charges cannot appear since electric charge is conserved - the net charge on the wire must remain zero and does so!
That's because length is relative!From the point of view of the electrons moving along, it is the wire that appears to be moving past them in the opposite direction.
According to the Theory of Special Relativity moving objects become shorter in the direction of their motion.
However, motion is relative - to the electrons the wire is moving and so the wire shrinks, but to the wire the electrons are moving and so they shrink and become closer together. Thus the electron 'sees' the wire shrink and increase its positive charge density and so the electron is attracted toward the wire by the electric force of attraction.
The wire 'sees' the distance between the electrons shorten, increasing electron charge density and the positive wire is attracted to this apparent increase in negative charge by the electric force. The end result is that the wire and electron are attracted to one-another (but since the wire is much heavier it moves less and an experimenter in the lab will see the electron move toward the wire).The conclusion is surprising - electricity and magnetism are manifestations of the same fundamental force, the electromagnetic force, as seen from different points of view!

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